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Horse Race – This show jumping game requires Adobe Shockwave Player to play. This is not a horse racing game, but actually is a very good 3D horse-riding and show jumping action game where you get to compete in a very realistic show-jumping competition. The combination of cool graphics and authentic gameplay means that this is definitely one of the best horse riding games to play online. You play the role of the equestrian rider, and have to guide your horse around a tough show-jumping course consisting of 15 hurdles in an outdoor circuit (arena).

You must try your best not to knock over any of the hurdles (obstacles) as you go along; This is very tricky, and requires patience, practice, and the horse-handling skills of a champion jockey to succeed. If you knock a hurdle over, you concede penalty points. Try to complete the course with as few penalty points as possible. In this challenging equestrian game, your timing has to be just right to make a clean jump without knocking down any of the hurdles. Think you’ve got what it takes to become the Show Jumping Champ? Saddle up then, Partner!

How to Play: Note: In order to play this game, you must have Adobe Shockwave Player installed on your computer. Then, the game will open immediately. Use your computer keyboard to control your horse; Use the Arrow Keys to guide her and Spacebar to jump. To set her off on a trot, press the Up Arrow. Keep hitting the Up Arrow to get her to gallop. Use the Left and Right Arrows to steer. To slow her down, hit the Down Arrow. You have to jump over each of the hurdles in a certain order.

Every time you complete a jump, your next target hurdle is indicated by a Gold Arrow hovering above it. At the bottom of the game screen, a Compass Arrow directs you to the next hurdle. To make your horse jump – use Spacebar. As you hold down Spacebar, a power meter increases. Once you release Spacebar, your horse jumps as high as the power meter indicates. Try to release Spacebar when the power meter is at the very top to ensure a really high jump.

You can’t just stride up to a hurdle and jump over it; You need to have some galloping momentum if you want to jump it clearly. If you hit a hurdle and knock it down, you are penalized 4 penalty points. The goal is to complete the course with as few penalty points as possible. Good luck!

Tip: Although the clock is ticking, there is no in-built time limit in this game (although you can compare your times or challenge your friends to be faster than you). If you want, stop your horse and steady yourself before progressing to the next hurdle.

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