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Sewer Run is an awesome adrenaline-pumping 3D online skateboarding game (that requires Adobe Shockwave Player to play) where you can perform tricks along the city sewer network while skating high speed downhill, and use power ups as you hurtle down! This is a great playground to host illegal mountain-board races! The powerups can be collected while passing along the sewer network of pipes and steep canal walls, and in most cases they are in a hard to reach places – at the top of the jump or the wall.

Gain speed and skate though the trampoline or the wall side to reach the powerups. You can collect only one at a time and it is best to use it immediately after you have got it. There are several types of powerups – explosive balls, super speed and others. Press Spacebar on your computer keyboard to use the powerup and see what it does for you.

It is ok to lob an explosive ball at your opponent and to knock him off the skateboard in this full-dirt “no holds barred” racing competition. You are gunning for the first place prize and every stepping-stone is permitted here to get you there in the finish – first place. Tear it Up Dude!

How to Play: Choose and customize your character, your skateboard and get ready to roll like a Daredevil at head spinning speeds down some of the worlds longest open sewer runs. Steer your way down the water canal using the arrow keys on your computer keyboard. The “Up” arrow key activates boost once you have it collected. Press your “Z” or “X” key to perform a trick while in the air (You will earn an extra boost after performing the trick successfully). The “Down” arrow key slows you down and it is not recommended to use it unless you feel you really need to and cannot face the pain. Note: If the game does not load for you on opening this page, try installing the newest Adobe Shockwave Player and any required addons.

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5 comments on “Sewer Run”

  1. cant play it cause it says it cant load the plug in for adobe

    1. Hello Scott,

      Get Adobe Shockwave plugin installed correctly on your browser in order to play the game

  2. need more tricks

    1. not enough trax or boards

  3. go for the bomb so you can get in first place



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