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Beat The Wall is an online soccer game (that requires Adobe Shockwave Player to play) for anyone from junior David Beckhams to soccer Moms and day-dreamer Dads! In this free kick football game, you earn points by scoring spectacular goals in a World Cup soccer match. This fun and realistic game offers hours of addicting fun and entertainment online! Can you handle the pressure, as the crowd cheers and the commentary blares over the speakers? You’re right in the spotlight now. Only you can make your country proud!

OK, your “goal” is to send that ball to the back of the net (with style!). Try to beat the wall of players in front of the net, in six progressively harder matches. Remember, you only have 3 attempts to score per match, so make each shot count! Before you shoot, you need to take into account the wind direction, run-up distance, ball lift and curve. The more sensational your goals are – the more points you will earn. Everyone’s watching…the atmosphere is intense! This is your chance to be a global star player and win the crowd over! Good luck Hot Shot!

How to Play: Use the arrow keys on you computer keyboard to aim at the target: (LEFT), (RIGHT), (UP), (DOWN) – Press SPACEBAR to confirm your preference. Keep an eye on the wind – you can see a small flag in the bottom left corner of the game screen. Choose the run-up (power of shot) with the (UP) and (DOWN) arrow keys – Press SPACEBAR to confirm. Use the SPACEBAR to confirm the ball’s Curve and Lift.

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