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Tower defense-style strategy games are always intense, suspense-filled affairs, but often you are stuck on the sidelines, unable to truly get involved while your troops are engaged in a bitter battle to the end. However, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could actually join in the fighting action? Commando Rush is a challenging and unusual tower defense + RPG shooting game that answers that call! Here, you actually take part in the mission – playing the role of legendary Commando John Rush on the battlefield while also controlling your marching legions of troops, tanks and turrets. Courageously defend your base, and cunningly attack the enemy in a volatile battle royale featuring rapid machine gun fire, huge missile launching turrets, swift bomb dropping aircraft, humongous tank-like bosses, and more!

This breathtaking exhibition of military firepower should be a good fit for fans of both classic online shoot ‘em ups, and typical tower defense activities. You get the best of both worlds; the supper fast-paced action of your own side-scrolling shooting activity - as well as the calculated, strategic gameplay of a conventional tower defense title. You have to exhibit shrewd military battle tactics and overall army decision making while also being mindful of protecting Commando Rush as an individual! Prepare yourself for the future of tower defense games – where you are immersed in the center of the action! Good luck out there on the battlefield Commando!

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Play a fun and frantic, skill-based missile firing game with a sumo wrestling-style rule to win – You must knock your opponents out of the ring to emerge victorious! N3wton is an addicting, arcade-style shooting, aiming and accuracy puzzle game where you must maneuver your character (a white mini tank) through 25 progressively-difficult, action-packed missile battles.

Background info: The premise of this game is based on ‘Newton’s 3rd Law’ – from legendary physicist Sir Isaac Newton: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. This rule governs the laws of this game – each time you hit an opponent with a missile, the opponent is knocked back, depending on the force of your shot.

This difficult to master game combines excellent hand-eye coordination, deft keyboard skills, steady point-and-click mouse control, and a cool head under pressure, especially when you try to eliminate multiple opponents at a time while dodging and weaving around the confined combat arena. Let the battle action commence!

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City Siege 4: Alien Siege is another top episode in the hugely popular City Siege series of fun shoot em up games, and the first to take place on a faraway planet! Take on an army of hostile, gem-carrying plant mutants that are hell-bent on the destruction of the human race. Using a wide range of units, troops, military vehicles and firepower, you have to eliminate all of the alien bad guys in each mission, and free whatever hostages the bothersome bad guys have captured.

This all-action alien adventure contains all the elements of a good battle strategy game; You have to choose when and where to deploy your units, and how best to attack the enemy on the side-scrolling battlefield. Quick reflexes, supreme accuracy, and snap decision making are all important skills as you often have to withstand attacks from all angles. A real sharp-shooter’s delight, City Siege 4: Alien Siege should be a good fit for fans of space alien shoot-em-up + tactical strategy fighting games. OK Commander, it’s time to lead your troops into battle – your planet needs you to bring those hostages home safe and sound. Send these plant aliens packing!

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The Allies are down to their very last fighter plane in the midst of a key World War II air battle… and you just happen to be the last pilot standing… Dogfight is a straight-forward and intense airplane shooting and survival game where you control a nimble Allied fighter plane that must fend off wave after wave of enemy aircraft in a suspense-filled battle royale! You play the role of a courageous pilot who must make a stand to defend the nation against all the odds. Dodge and weave your agile plane through the air, avoid incoming fire, and send those enemy aircraft down in flames!

This flash dogfighting game puts great emphasis on quick reactions, good keyboard tapping speed, and an ability to predict the next movement of your opponents. Accurate missile shooting is an essential skill required in your piloting arsenal here – If you don’t get rid of the first plane or two with aplomb, you’re likely to be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the enemy in the skies. You must remain composed, and know when to attack, and when to take cover if possible! Will your aircraft make it home in one piece?

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Do you ever find yourself in your very own intense game playing bubble – and feel like you have the online shooting skills to take on thousands of annoying enemies at once? If so, we’ve got just the challenge for you! Bubble Tanks 3 is an epic and highly-addicting shoot ‘em up adventure where you control an awesome upgradable ‘bubble tank’ in an incredibly vast and expansive world filled with hundreds of ‘Bubblefields’ (small battlefields full of other hostile tank enemies). Float your way into the record books as you utilize some truly surprising bubble-based firepower! Constantly expand and upgrade your tank in order to contend with equally progressing enemies as you battle to become the Undisputed Bubble Tank Champion.

Bubbles have never been so unbelievably explosive! This innovative online shooting game is reminiscent of classic titles like ‘Space Invaders’ where you come up against nippy opponents that can approach from all angles. The cool ‘free-roam’ aspect of the game means you can plot your own unique pathway through the increasingly tricky battlefields. Explore a vast array of powerful weapons, carefully choose your own unique upgrades, and earn your stripes as a legendary Bubble Tank Commander. Quick reactions, deft keyboard tapping skills, and a knack for surprising the enemy are all key attributes required. Most of all, you need to be ultra vigilant of approaching enemies – don’t let them burst your pretty bubble! Talented and experienced players can even design their very own cool enemies in ‘Enemy Tank Creator’ Mode. Enjoy the fast-paced action!

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Prepare for non-stop, skill-based shooting action at its finest! Cube Tank Arena is an all-action, 3D tank game where you control a powerful 360 degree rotating, cube-shaped tank, and have to eliminate waves of oncoming, similar style enemies. Set on an extremely confined battlefield in the middle of an ocean, there’s no room to hide, and attack is definitely the best form of defense here. Whizz around the narrow battle area, firing missiles at your enemies, dodging their incoming fire, and collecting the gems that they leave behind. You also have to take on humongous ‘Boss’ tanks at the end of each stage!

Instead of complicated missions and intricate plot points, this fun tank shooting adventure simply concentrates on quick-fire arcade-style gameplay. Smart keyboard controls and decisive mouse-clicking movement are the keys to success (you need to become a master tank driver in order to get far in this game). Sharp observation skills are essential as you have to be aware of sneaky opponents approaching from all angles. Good decision making is also important as you decide when and how to upgrade your tank in the midst of the heat of battle. But do you really have the skill, nerve, and determination to pull this off? Or will your tank be left running on empty? Let's find out right now!

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Skilled bow and arrow masters required. Blue Archer 2 is a very challenging aiming and accuracy-based skill game where you must fire arrows at objects in a farmyard environment, and try to reach a pre-determined target number of points before your arrows run out. You play the role of the sharp shooting archer, and must judge the angle, power and trajectory (flight path) of each arrow.

Reasons to play this tricky archery game: Exercise good hand-eye coordination skills and accurate aiming and mouse control as you attempt to score as many points as possible with each shot. See if you've got what it takes to become the next virtual Robin Hood or William Tell!

Strategy to win: Use good judgement with a steady hand, focus, patience, determination, and a willingness to learn from poor mistakes or near misses. You get a numerical reading of the angle and power of each shot, so learning to deftly tweak these numbers to your advantage is very important, especially in later levels. Naturally, hitting smaller objects such as balloons and fruit earns more points than hitting larger items such as haystacks.

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Base Bros. is a crazy, action-packed, teamwork-based, 2 player game that combines aiming and accuracy-based shooting, tower defense, robotic invaders and platform action! You and a best buddy play the roles of the ‘Base Bros’, a brave brotherly duo of pixel-style mini warriors who must defend their base at the bottom of the game screen by eliminating the invading aircraft and robotic enemy soldiers that approach in waves. Utilizing large cannon / turret-style anti-aircraft guns as well as individual hand-held weapons, you must combine your resources and skills to team up and defeat the enemy!

Reasons to play this fun shooting-based arcade game: This game traverses a range of classic genres – meaning it should appeal to fans of classic aiming and accuracy games, space invaders-style challenges, tower defense games, and combat-based platformers. Although it is technically possible to play by yourself, it's much more enjoyable (and a LOT less difficult) if you play alongside a friend or family member. Here, Good Teamwork Rules!

Strategy to win: Your concentration levels must be at max as you contend with wave after wave of enemy aircraft and warriors. Good keyboard control is also vital as you try to stop the invading enemy forces in their tracks. Combining your firepower is essential – You won’t get far without working selflessly as a team! Communication is key – Let each other know when and where you see the next threat!

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Save planet earth from an alien invasion: Galactic Commandos is a cool, teamwork-based platform adventure and alien shooting / defence strategy game where you must guide three ‘hero’ commandos through a series of action-packed levels on a mission to infiltrate an alien spaceship - with the overall goal of saving earth from being conquered. Switch intermittently between ‘Scout’, ‘Shield’, and ‘H.Weap’, and use each hero's unique attributes to eliminate your robot enemies, and to flip switches, solve puzzles, and more.

Fast reactions, smart character management, and good strategy and decision making skills are all vital here to your commando team's success. Use logical thinking to carefully figure out which specific hero should be used for which task. Trial and error is also important – You must learn from your mistakes if you want to progress far into the alien spaceship's depths to win the day!

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Helistorm 2: Re-group is an extremely tricky flying and shoot-em-up action game where you have to fly a Black Hawk-style helicopter, and protect a convoy of trucks from an enemy aircraft attack. You play the role of a daring military pilot , and have to dodge and weave your way around a chaotic war-zone to protect your colleagues from the heavy artillery raining down on them. It’s best to fight fire with fire, so you have to destroy the bad guys before they blow up your trucks.

You are the convoy’s Guardian Angel, and must guide them safely back to the base to become the hero of the hour! This is an extremely tough task however, as the sheer number of enemy aircraft can be overwhelming. You also have to contend with anti-aircraft turret guns which try to bring your chopper down. You’ll need quick reactions and slick piloting skills to succeed here, as enemies keep popping up out of nowhere to strike. Your strategic planning abilities will also come into play, as you have to carefully shoot down other choppers to create a path for your allies to make it home. Are you ready to give it your all, Black-Hawk Hero? Good, it’s time to blast the bad guys!

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City Siege is a highly-entertaining (family friendly) shooting game where you have to build and control units of small combat fighters and use them to eliminate enemy forces, who are trying to take over the city streets. You also have to avoid shooting innocent civilians. This action-packed explosive adventure requires all kinds of cunning combat tactics in order to win – most notably, stealth and deadly determination! You need to think, move and shoot like a top-class trooper! OK Soldier, get to work!

The city has been taken over by a hostile army. Your mission is to obliterate these nasties! At the same time, you need to try and protect innocent civilians. Don’t mess this up! If you hit an innocent bystander, you lose points – so shoot carefully! You also have to rescue VIP’s (Very Important People) from these treacherous and deadly city streets in order to pass levels. You are given a task at the start of each level. These can be varied and involve anything from muggings and suspicious neighbors to car jackings and air traffic trouble. This is suburban warfare and you are right in the center of it (vulnerable but ready for action!).

The enemy is relentless and will show you no mercy. Once they catch sight of you, they shoot and shoot fast! Your stealth skills come into play here. You can sneak up behind them (they have their backs turned) and get the first few shots in. Try and take them out assassin-style! In order to earn virtual cash, hit the gold coins floating in the game screen. You can use this virtual money to hire new units and upgrade them, at the end of each level. OK, it’s up to you – your city is under siege from deadly enemy forces – only you and your brave men can save the day and rescue the people! Have fun!

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Mechanical Commando is an intense, highly-challenging, reactions and shooting-based action game for older kids and teens where you must guide a giant robotic commando (a mech) through a series of long-haul, ground-force combat levels. With the ultimate goal of defeating the ‘boss’ character and then escaping each level before the time runs out, you must use fast keyboard control, accurate mouse-clicking and smart ammunition selection skills to eliminate enemies, and avoid counter fire. There is definitely no room for error in this high-intensity futuristic battle!

Reasons to play this addicting, mech shooter game: Stimulate and exercise your reaction speed, finger dexterity and coordination, observation skills and good strategy application as you dodge and weave through scores of enemy soldiers and similar mechanical commandos to yourself.

Best strategy to win: Keep a cool head! Each level is quite long compared to many battle adventure challenges, so take your time in searching for the big boss. Barreling around the battlefield with no strategic nous is a sure-fire way to get your mech into deep trouble! Instead, you need be more purposeful, direct and swift in your movements. Enter an area full of enemies, give them a rapid burst of missile fire, and then retreat or move to the side as quickly as possible. Keep an eye out for valuable power-ups and health packs too – they could be vital to your mission!

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Granny Strikes Back is an epic, addicting and wacky tower defense-style strategy and shooting game for older kids / teens. Here, you play the role of a reclusive grandma whose home in the woods is under attack from alien snowmen – but little do the icy attackers know! Granny is in fact a highly-skilled, former special agent, and has more firepower, courage and willpower than you could ever imagine!

Background info: After crash-landing on earth, a band of aliens set out to find the unusual fuel needed to restart their ship – raspberry jam. Coincidentally, Granny makes dozens of delicious batches of jam every year, so the aliens summon an army of snowmen to send Granny packing, and steal her jam. Unfortunately for the aliens, this awesome Granny is more than willing to fight back!

Reasons to play this crazy, action-packed adventure: Chances are you won't play a quirkier or funnier tower defense game very often! Just the sight of Granny barreling around her garden firing cannonballs at snowmen is enough to get you hooked! Fans of classic tower defense games and platform adventures should enjoy the fast-paced action and fluid gameplay. Each level features hordes of enemy snowmen and tons of different weapons, defense styles and more.

Strategy to win: This Granny is as nimble-footed as Mario on a top day! Good reflexes and reaction speed are very important as you move quickly around the play area to fend off snowman attackers. Sharp observation skills are also really important – as many levels feature enemies approaching from all angles, and you need to be aware of where the danger is coming from at all times. Smart strategy / decision making skills also come into play as you select which upgrades to purchase in between levels.

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Bubble Fighting Tournament is a wild and wacky hot air balloon flying battle game where your objective is to defeat your opponents by accurately popping their inflatable balloons and/or smashing up their baskets, and ultimately knocking them out of the sky! Featuring madcap balloon battles, a wide range of zany missiles, and crazy airborne action, this is memorable skill-based flying game!

To enjoy success here, you require good keyboard control, accurate mouse clicking, and smart battle strategy (when timing your attacks and knowing when to quickly retreat). Each airborne battle is unique, intense, and a lot of eccentric fun! Can you become the respected King or Queen of the air?

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Bowmaster Target Range is a classic-style, 3D bow and arrow target range shooting game where you must score points by hitting as close to the ‘bull’s eye’ as possible on a colored target. Play solo or against friends and family members (up to 4 players) on four different levels with increasingly tough-to-hit targets.

This light-hearted online bow and arrow skills challenge is all about keeping a steady hand and firing accurate arrows under pressure. Your perception of distance and observation skills are also tested as you try to gauge how much power to use in your shots (The targets vary in distance depending on your choice of level). Add a competitive edge to the game by challenging a friend or family member to play at the same time. Medieval archery hero, William Tell, would surely have been impressed by this 3D target range version! Have we discovered a modern-day William?

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Alien Intruders is modeled on classic spaceship shooting games and is one of the best arcade-style alien shooting games the Learn4Good Games team has encountered. In this newly revamped game, you control a space ship and your task is to protect the Galaxy from alien space invaders. The alien spaceships will shoot at you back and will keep coming closer to you while moving from side to side faster and faster to have you miss them. If you shoot at the alien Mothership (protected by a team of smaller spaceships), it will drop some valuable weaponry which you have to collect with your spaceship. Your weaponry will be temporarily upgraded by giving you extreme shooting capabilities. Weapon upgrade is not time-based but instead is limited by the number of shots. Once the limit is reached – your regular weaponry is enabled.

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Gallantly defend your treasure maps and ship from plundering, futuristic robots by using your dual swords and dual pistols in this high-octane, tower defense pirate game! Steam Pirate is a very challenging, Flash action game for older kids / teens where you must survive wave after wave of marauding robot thieves who attempt to steal valuable map scrolls from your ship in 20 increasingly-difficult levels! The scurvy robots must be kept at bay by a mixture of well-placed turret guns, and your own swift and accurate sword and gun attacks.

Reasons to play this addicting strategy defense game: Exercise your tactical battle skills and determination as you set up key defense mechanisms against your invading robotic opponents. Fans of classic tower defense strategy games should enjoy the high-pressure action.

Strategy to win: Excellent coordination skills, fast reactions and reflexes are absolutely essential here as you dash around the game screen, eliminating robots as fast as you possibly can. Shrewd strategy is also key – You must cunningly place your turret guns in advantageous positions to slow the fearsome robots down. Decision-making skills also come into play as you choose which items and weapons to upgrade in between levels.

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Let off some steam in Baseball Blast, a fun and mischievous, reactions-based baseball batting game where you get the naughty opportunity to whack baseballs around an urban / city environment, earning points for hitting as many objects, buildings, and cars as possible! You play the role of the cheeky batting star, and must time your swings to perfection to achieve a good connection with the ball. Once it leaves the face of your bat, you can watch the flying ball create some carnage on the streets that earns you points and bonuses!

While we absolutely recommend that you do not try to replicate this virtual activity at home, this is a light-hearted, 1-level baseball batting simulation game with a playful twist. Expert aiming, accuracy, timing, fast reactions and deft mouse-clicking control are the keys to success here (You must tactfully decide when to swing, and where to aim your shot). Sharp observation skills are also important – Can you pick out the high-scoring shots at the right time? Ok Slugger, it's time to try and hit the cheekiest home run of the day!

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Red Riot is an all-action, jetpack flying and shooting arcade game where you have to complete missions by destroying anti-aircraft tanks, futuristic mini-spaceships, buildings, fuel stocks and more. You play the role of Red Riot – a superhero who flies around on a rocket powered jetpack and has to eliminate everything in his path! Use an array of powerful guns and explosives to blast your way through each mission.

Earn virtual credits that can be used to upgrade your arsenal and increase your health bar at the end of each level. Beware of bad guys; They fire dangerous missiles at you so you’ll need to have fast fingers to avoid them. This addicting side-scrolling game will test your reaction skills as you fly through the air at an awesome speed. Try and cause as much mayhem and destruction as you can! Ready to start the mission? Happy blasting!

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"Urgent message for Agent Zero from the Command Center: The enemy has learned of your whereabouts, and are on route. By the time you read this message, they will literally be on top of you. You must survive for as long as possible until we come to get you out of the battle zone. As you well know by know, this means bullets galore, grenades, explosions, motorcycles, jet-skis, speedboats, helicopters, and a whole load of extras. Agent Zero, we need you to hang in there Old Chap. We are on our way!"

Go Go Agent Zero is an fast paced, action-packed, side-scrolling shoot 'em up platform game for teenagers set in a James Bond movie-style high-speed battle chase! You play the role of Agent Zero, a secret agent character who suddenly find himself thick in the heat of a deadly battle with a horde of pursuing bad guys. You must survive this mad dash for as long as possible by picking up awesome weapons, blasting your enemies while on the run, leaping acrobatically from ledge to ledge, taking control of idle vehicles, and more. Just as in a madcap chase scene in the movies, you could be running full-pelt one minute to escape your nasty pursuants, and then instantaneously find yourself behind the wheel of a slick speedboat in the blink of an eye!

This high-octane, explosion-filled survival adventure is absolutely non-stop, so total concentration at all times is a must. Your quick reflexes and keyboard tapping skills are extremely important here as your Agent character has to sprint, duck, dodge, slide, jump, and shoot – pretty much all at once! Reminiscent of popular fast-paced action games such as Temple Run, this is one wild survival-based ride that should keep you on the edge of your seat! Could you be the next Bond?

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