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This page lists the newest shooting games including fast-action zombie shooting games & space alien shooting games to be added recently to the Learn4Good Games Area, where Big Kids can play online games for free.

Save planet earth from an alien invasion: Galactic Commandos is a cool, teamwork-based platform adventure and alien shooting / defence strategy game where you must guide three ‘hero’ commandos through a series of action-packed levels on a mission to infiltrate an alien spaceship - with the overall goal of saving earth from being conquered. Switch intermittently between ‘Scout’, ‘Shield’, and ‘H.Weap’, and use each hero's unique attributes to eliminate your robot enemies, and to flip switches, solve puzzles, and more.

Fast reactions, smart character management, and good strategy and decision making skills are all vital here to your commando team's success. Use logical thinking to carefully figure out which specific hero should be used for which task. Trial and error is also important – You must learn from your mistakes if you want to progress far into the alien spaceship's depths to win the day!

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How accurate and fast are you at slicing through flying fruit to score points? Fruit Break is a light-hearted, virtual fruit slicing action game where you have one minute to score as many points as you can by expertly slicing through scores of watermelons, apples and lemons that are launched into the air across the game screen. Slice to your heart's content – but beware of the sneaky bombs! Cutting through those bad explosives reduces your score!

Playable on mobile phone, tablet device, notebook, laptop and desktop, this fun and fast-paced, aiming and accuracy arcade-style challenge requires good hand-eye coordination / ninja-esque mouse or finger control, sharp observation skills, and very fast reactions. Are you ready for one minute of free-for-all, fruit slashing mayhem? Let's just hope you don't run out of juice before time is up!

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Lux Ahoy is a light-hearted and wacky, aiming and accuracy-based shooting and nautical battle game – playable on Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and PC. Here, you play the role of a colorful cartoon pirate ship captain, and must accurately launch cannonball missiles at your opponent on the opposite side of the battle zone. Your goal is to sink your rival's ship before he sinks yours, and collect the golden treasure reward!

This action strategy game requires precise, tactful mouse clicking / finger tapping, and an appreciation for the effect of gravity on objects. Good decision making is key – You must choose whether the time is right to strike at your opponent, or whether you should first clear away obstacles and hindrances. "Ok Cap'n, arrr you ready t' show us yer missile firing know how?"

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Turret Turmoil is a challenging, aiming & shooting-based tower defense game where you must use a lone turret gun to keep out advancing waves of robotic enemies and military droids. In this intense survival action game for Android mobile phone, Android tablet, notebook, laptop or PC, you are absolutely the last line of defense. Utilizing quick reactions and nifty finger-work, you must keep the opposition forces at bay with pinpoint missile strikes, armor-piercing bullets, and other weapons from your arsenal.

This is no friendly, weekend practice drill! Your base is suddenly under concentrated attack, and needs you (in full combat mode) to take up the tough turret operator post, and save the day for your country! Good concentration skills and strategy are important as you identify the main threats to your base. You've got to be ‘in the zone’ with your military tactics - one tiny slip, and the enemy could break through and overwhelm you. So, have you got the courage, skill, and tenacity to take on this enemy invasion single-handed?

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Create pandemonium on the streets! Play a crazy, reactions-based driving and shooting game and survival challenge all rolled into one! Burnin' Rubber is a high-octane, explosion-filled car game where your goal is to survive for as long as possible, and destroy as many other vehicles as you can along the way! Anything goes – you have free reign to destroy any cars, vans or trucks that have the audacity to be in your path of destruction across the 4-laned highway!

Playable on android mobile phone and tablet, notebook, laptop and PC, this crazy driving game requires really smart reactions, good hand-eye coordination skills and high concentration levels. Quickly dodging and weaving around vehicles and barriers that you haven't destroyed is the key to survival.

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A fun, quick-fire, action game where you shoot as many flying pumpkins as you can without letting any escape from view! Pumpkin Smasher is an addicting, Halloween-themed, reactions, aiming and accuracy-based challenge where you must quickly click or tap on as many moving targets (flying pumpkins / jack-o-lanterns) as you can before they drop out of the play zone.

Playable on Android mobile phone or tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PCs, this straight-forward, online clay pigeon shooting-style game requires sharp reflexes, excellent hand-eye coordination skills, and super-quick decision making. If you let just one pumpkin pass you by, you lose! So go all out Hotshot and zap those pumpkins!

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Hit the target to free your family and friends! Fruit War is a challenging, aiming and accuracy-based problem solving game where you must free members of the imprisoned grape family by firing long stalks of bamboo at awkwardly-positioned cages.

Background info: Jealous of the increasing popularity of the Grapes; the Banana, Strawberry and Pineapple Gangs have captured all but one of the grapes in the town! This lone ranger must now free his fruity brothers and sisters with accurate, javelin-style bamboo sticks. The cage (your target) breaks open if the sharp end of the bamboo makes contact with the outer wall of the cage!

Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and PC, this fun and tricky, creative puzzle-style activity requires lots of trial and error as well as a basic understanding of power and trajectory to predict the path of your flying bamboo projectile. Good hand-eye coordination, great patience and tenacity are also important traits required. So, are you ready to stand up for the good of all grape-kind?

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Pool: Hole in One is a very challenging, accuracy-based billiards game where you must shoot ten red balls into a single pocket located in the center of a cool ‘bumper pool-style’ table.

This tricky, interactive cue-sports game requires good observation skills, smooth hand-eye coordination and point-and-click handling, good prediction skills, the ability to judge the correct angles for your shots, and a cool head under pressure. The clock is ticking, and no mistakes are allowed – If your black cue ball falls into the pocket, it's curtains! Are you ready to take on a unique pool playing challenge?

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Let off some steam in Baseball Blast, a fun and mischievous, reactions-based baseball batting game where you get the naughty opportunity to whack baseballs around an urban / city environment, earning points for hitting as many objects, buildings, and cars as possible! You play the role of the cheeky batting star, and must time your swings to perfection to achieve a good connection with the ball. Once it leaves the face of your bat, you can watch the flying ball create some carnage on the streets that earns you points and bonuses!

While we absolutely recommend that you do not try to replicate this virtual activity at home, this is a light-hearted, 1-level baseball batting simulation game with a playful twist. Expert aiming, accuracy, timing, fast reactions and deft mouse-clicking control are the keys to success here (You must tactfully decide when to swing, and where to aim your shot). Sharp observation skills are also important – Can you pick out the high-scoring shots at the right time? Ok Slugger, it's time to try and hit the cheekiest home run of the day!

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Play a fun and frantic, skill-based missile firing game with a sumo wrestling-style rule to win – You must knock your opponents out of the ring to emerge victorious! N3wton is an addicting, arcade-style shooting, aiming and accuracy puzzle game where you must maneuver your character (a white mini tank) through 25 progressively-difficult, action-packed missile battles.

Background info: The premise of this game is based on ‘Newton’s 3rd Law’ – from legendary physicist Sir Isaac Newton: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. This rule governs the laws of this game – each time you hit an opponent with a missile, the opponent is knocked back, depending on the force of your shot.

This difficult to master game combines excellent hand-eye coordination, deft keyboard skills, steady point-and-click mouse control, and a cool head under pressure, especially when you try to eliminate multiple opponents at a time while dodging and weaving around the confined combat arena. Let the battle action commence!

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Play an atmospheric, underwater tower defense strategy game: The Aquatory: Menace From the Deep is a challenging, aiming, accuracy and timing-based sea battle simulation game where you must drop bombs, torpedoes and missiles onto enemy submarines in order to stop them from reaching your base. As Captain of the last remaining defensive battleship in the fleet, you have an opportune view of the advancing enemy vessels below, and must time your attacks to perfection.

Tactful point-and-click mouse control is the key to your success in this tricky, maritime tower defense and shooting skill activity. Good battle strategy and positioning plays a big part here! You must quickly figure out the best weapons to use in each situation, and what the best upgrades to purchase are. We need a Navel Commander with the cool-headedness, sense of urgency and tactical nous to stop the enemy. Are you that person?

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Bubble Fighting Tournament is a wild and wacky hot air balloon flying battle game where your objective is to defeat your opponents by accurately popping their inflatable balloons and/or smashing up their baskets, and ultimately knocking them out of the sky! Featuring madcap balloon battles, a wide range of zany missiles, and crazy airborne action, this is memorable skill-based flying game!

To enjoy success here, you require good keyboard control, accurate mouse clicking, and smart battle strategy (when timing your attacks and knowing when to quickly retreat). Each airborne battle is unique, intense, and a lot of eccentric fun! Can you become the respected King or Queen of the air?

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Play an intense, retro shoot'em up Flash game: BitShift is a challenging, side-scrolling, 1980s space invaders-style, action arcade game that requires very fast reaction speed, good hand-eye coordination, accurate shooting, and super survival skills. Here, you take on wave after wave of dangerous enemy spacecraft, and must dodge and weave around the game screen, avoiding fire, increasing shield power, and eliminating enemies when and where possible.

Good battle strategy is the key to success as you rapidly decide upon the best plan of action to destroy each wave of your pesky opponents. Your survival largely rests on your ability to preserve your energy, and keep your spacecraft from harm. Have you got the cool-headedness, deftness, daring and cunning to become a galactic space pilot legend for centuries to come?

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Clash N' Slash is an intense and addicting, multi-level planet defense / alien blasting game where you must defend your homeland against waves of huge enemy spacecraft approaching from all angles. As the last pilot standing from your fleet of defensive ships, it's up to you alone to quickly orbit around the planet, fending off attacks from on-coming spacecraft.

Featuring more than 60 levels, 19 weapons, 17 power ups, and huge bosses, this point-and-click, space invaders shooting arcade game requires really fast reaction speed and accurate mouse control skills under pressure. Your planet needs you, Captain!

A version of the Clash N' Slash game is also available to purchase and download. Please see this page.

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Boom Boom Bloon is a challenging, physics-based, cannon-shooting puzzle game for elementary school kids through high school teens. Here, you must safely free up and allow all happy orange balloons to float up and away harm-free from a confined area, while also eliminating (bursting) all of the angry blue balloons. You must carefully and clinically do this through highly accurate cannonball shots that remove obstacles, create openings, unhook chains, propel objects, and more.

This fun, skill-based, mouse-clicking arcade game requires good observation and concentration levels, good strategy, timing, and smart cannon firing skills. If your timing is even a tiny bit off, you can easily burst the wrong balloon! Ok Cannon Commander, let’s see what you can achieve!

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Air Strike Unity 3D is an awesome, immersive military plane flying simulation and shooting game for teens and grownups where you play the role of an attack pilot with a mission to destroy all enemy aircraft and warships. You’ve got no back-up, and you are effectively the last pilot standing. Fortunately, your fighter military plane is stocked with an unlimited number of rockets and bombs, and pulling the trigger is as easy as pressing a button (Spacebar). However, hitting your intended target is a very difficult challenge!

The cool 3D graphics in this intense dogfight action game make for an authentic sky battle experience, and should appeal to fans of high-octane fighter jet / air and sea battle games. Air Strike Unity 3D requires a really cool head for combat, good keyboard control (flying skills), and accurate shooting. Smart decision making skills is also very important – do you go straight for the enemy Master Ship, or first pick off some of the smaller vessels? Go Lieutenant!

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Bowmaster Target Range is a classic-style, 3D bow and arrow target range shooting game where you must score points by hitting as close to the ‘bull’s eye’ as possible on a colored target. Play solo or against friends and family members (up to 4 players) on four different levels with increasingly tough-to-hit targets.

This light-hearted online bow and arrow skills challenge is all about keeping a steady hand and firing accurate arrows under pressure. Your perception of distance and observation skills are also tested as you try to gauge how much power to use in your shots (The targets vary in distance depending on your choice of level). Add a competitive edge to the game by challenging a friend or family member to play at the same time. Medieval archery hero, William Tell, would surely have been impressed by this 3D target range version! Have we discovered a modern-day William?

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Orange Jet Fighter is an extremely-challenging yet cool 3D fighter pilot simulation game where you must call on all of your skills, wits and determination to complete really tricky combat flying missions and defeat hostile aircraft in a powerful orange jet plane. You play the role of the Allied Forces’ Chief Pilot, and are called into action whenever suspect aircraft are spotted in the area. When dealing with these ‘hostiles’, your objective is clear: Shoot to destroy!

This very intense, virtual fighter jet flying game requires expert mouse movement and keyboard controls. With awesome 3D graphics and super-tough piloting controls, you really feel immersed in the thick of the action! So strap yourself in, and get ready for a crazy, high-octane battle in the sky! Good luck up there Top Gun - We're banking on you to defend our nation!

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Test your combat flying skills and nerve in a highly challenging fighter pilot RPG: Air War 3D is a difficult and intense online flying and shooting game for older kids / teens where you must guide a missile-firing military aircraft into a chaotic free-roam air battle for an all-out dogfight, and try to survive for as long as possible. Score as many enemy plane eliminations as you can before your armor runs out, or you crash to the ground.

This all-action flying war game requires good observation skills, very steady mouse control, sharp reactions on your keyboard, and accurate shooting. Attack and defense are essential in equal measure in the sky. You must dodge and weave to avoid enemy fire while also placing yourself into good attacking positions. The awesome 3D graphics and authentic gameplay make for an edge-of-your-seat experience! How long can you survive in this frenzied air battle?

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River Raider is an action-packed, Rambo-style online platform "shoot 'em up" game for teens where you have to single-handedly make your way upstream along an enemy-controlled river (where you battle to survive as best as you can), and fight it out with a Boss character or machine once you reach the end of the river. You play the role of a lone military commando, and must utilize the empty tanks and boats along the riverbank to eliminate enemy troops (stationed on the riverbank and in boats in the water), and slowly gain ground upstream. This high-octane Flash battle action game requires accurate shooting, fast reactions, and the ability to plot the quickest yet safest route through the enemy troop-infested waters. Ok Captain, let’s see what you’re made of!

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