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Are you ready to fill the boots of the last man standing? Duty Hill is an extremely challenging military shooting game for older kids and teens where you play the role of the sole surviving soldier on top of a hill under attack. You control the higher ground in the middle of this battle, but you have to defend your position against wave after wave of enemy soldiers. Needless to say, accuracy is the key to success. If you don’t bring these bad guys down fast, they will overpower you in seconds. It’s time to become an expert marksman, and defend your ground to the very end!

This addicting point-and-click war action game employs a certain element of strategy. You must carefully choose which enemies to take out first, giving yourself enough time to reload and eliminate the rest. There is no room for error. If you keep missing your targets, sooner or later the enemy will bring you down. You’ll need super quick reactions, as you have to quickly change the point of attack numerous times during each wave. Good hand eye coordination and observation skills are very important, as you have to spot enemy soldiers approaching from all angles. Ok, it’s time to fulfill your destiny and become a true Hero Soldier and Legend.

How to Play: Your soldier is situated on the right of the game screen – at the top of a hill overlooking an abandoned field. Enemy soldiers approach from the left, and you have to eliminate them before they reach your position and shoot you down. Aim using your computer mouse or touchpad, and Left Click to fire. Each enemy soldier has a little Health Bar that appears above them once they get hit. Usually, it takes 3 or 4 hits from a normal pistol or machine gun to eliminate one of them.

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  1. Best game ever by far
    sniper is also by far the best



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