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Immerse yourself in a truly epic shoot ‘em up adventure where you customize your very own soldier to become an integral part of an elite ‘black ops’ team on a series of action-packed missions. Strikeforce Heroes 2 is an awesome online shooting and military strategy game where you and your squad of highly-trained combat warriors undertake high-stakes assignments where you have to eliminate enemy forces all over the globe (and even in outer space!). You can modify your soldier’s attributes, and make him excel as an ‘Engineer’, a ‘Sniper’, a ‘General’, a ‘Mercenary, or a ‘Juggernaut’. Each specific type of soldier gives you the chance to experiment with different characteristics, features and weapons.

This highly-detailed and exciting warfare game requires deft keyboard tapping skills and expert mouse clicking abilities as you journey through a variety of difficult terrains and tricky missions. Explore a vast array of powerful weapons, plan your own unique battle strategies, and rise through the ranks to become a vital member of one of the world’s most feared and sought-after military squads. Amateurs beware – this is a highly professional team of soldiers. Only the most skilled players need apply! Now, have “you” got what it takes to join the Strikeforce Heroes?

How to Play: (Note: On some browsers, when you first click ‘Play’, the screen might say ‘rendering…please wait’ for a few seconds. After that, you may have to click ‘Play’ once again, and the game will load). There are three distinct Game Modes: Campaign, Challenges, and Custom Game. Campaign Mode features 15 increasingly challenging ‘missions’ where you have to eliminate a set amount of enemy combatants to progress. Challenges Mode has 15 different missions, but these are on an extremely difficult setting, and are only recommended for highly-skilled and experienced players. Custom Game Mode is a once-off, free-for-all level where you can choose your own game format, number of enemies, terrain, weapons etc. Ideally, you should play the first ‘Tutorial’ level on Campaign Mode in order to get to grips with the controls.

The controls are exactly the same for all Game Modes. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to maneuver your soldier: Up Arrow / W / Spacebar = Jump; Down Arrow / S = Crouch; Left & Right Arrows / A & D = Move. To use your weapon, aim using your mouse cursor; and Left Click to shoot. Press the Q or Shift Keys to switch between weapons. Reload your weapon by pressing the R Key (your ammo is indicated in the bottom right corner of the game screen). In the bottom left corner, your ‘Health’ number is indicated next to the Green Cross icon. Once this amount reaches zero, your opponents score an elimination of you, but you ‘Respawn’ after a few seconds.

Your goal in each level is to eliminate a specific amount of enemy soldiers (this amount is shown on the level select screen before you begin). Your team have blue nametags above their heads, while the enemy forces have orange nametags above theirs. You can see how many opponents your team has eliminated in the top left corner of the game screen (your team’s score is indicated by the blue bar, the enemy’s score is the orange bar). Go Soldier!

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153 comments on “Strikeforce Heroes 2”


  2. AWESOME!!!


    1. not

    2. i would so boss you son

      1. you won’t

      2. i’ll boss you by level 13 or 14 boy

      3. i’ll boss u all

  4. I like this game and i’m good at it too

  5. this game is cool i beat the game

  6. ohohohohohohohohohoh so cool.

    this is why we were made to live, eat sleep play video games.

    1. agreed :)

      1. this is like cod except 3rd person and funner and better cod should add classes like they did but if porkchops were perfect we wouldnt have hotdogs.

    2. I agree brotha :D



      1. Oh yeah I have all of my players on level 100 and they can all kill someone in one shot! so beat that.

    2. I love it, i love it, i love it!!!1

      1. thanks for loving it i love you!!!

  8. I love this game and you know your OP when you get several 1hit kill in a row against tanks


    1. I LOVE IT!!! IM OP

      1. NOT!!!

        1. it is better then that motorbike that you have
          see !!!HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

          1. HEHEHEHEHE??? what is that all about

      2. good on you for liking it i loe you

    2. you should get Strikeforce Heroes 3 (i they have it)

      1. It is not available to us yet. We will have to wait a bit

  10. got old to me


  11. this my favorite it games my name would be avant

  12. I finied the game

  13. it saves!! unlike the other one

    1. yoo why cant u play online

    2. Best game ever!!!

  14. iv gota sheep canon too
    i reckon that they are the best

    1. dudes when i would get back from school i would play

      1. best game ever!!

    2. lol

    3. I owned like five of the upgraded level of sheep cannons, it was awesome.

  15. cool game!!!

    1. hi how do u save it ??#love this game

  16. nick name notch rules

  17. cool game ever


  19. I love this game!!!!!

  20. so cool its the best

  21. cool

  22. awesome

    1. I agree

  23. love this game

    1. best

  24. i did beat it on insane everyone on level 50 wen u play it

  25. sure

  26. im on level 34

  27. This is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. it wont let me play

  29. this game rules the website or the internet you choose<3<3<3

  30. level 11 is very hard

  31. KINGYSIC then insane will be easy if you did it on hard

  32. i unlocked every thing then played everythig on hard

  33. yea pro_killa

  34. btw anyone need help with mods or special people???I would be glad to help

  35. and lvl 50 on all classes

  36. :D I know all mods and special people

  37. Very addicting game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. KINGYSIC your on level 50 for all characters??

  39. hat these boys play me in secertbuilderts

  40. I know some different name codes, here they are:
    Justin: Changes look and face
    GlobeX Leader: You become the globex leader

    These are the only ones I know, sorry!
    Hope these help!!!

  41. im on level 50

  42. i know how to save it but not there

  43. i can’t get my save game the file dose not sonw up

  44. Hmm anyone know how to get the party mod?
    any kinds of mod??

  45. i just went 113 kills with 0 deaths in capture the flag with all 15 scores #likeabeast

  46. how do u get the second secret achivement????? i want to know, i dont have the time to look it up but can u?????

  47. play it, it is amazing

  48. is this a good game? not sure if I will play it.

  49. im on level 111


  50. best. game. ever

    1. guys best game ever

  51. A cheat is go to the first mission and dont break the generator and then go back and go inside and you will see the party mod

  52. ikr this games the best im level 18

  53. just went 50 and 0 on gun game

  54. luv this game, fav on the site, go SFH2, da best

  55. three words for this game: best game ever

  56. This is cool

  57. Anyone On Level 50 For All Characters????????

  58. this game is awesome done!

  59. i luv this game :)

  60. Anyone On Level 50?? This Game Needs To be and Online Game Also Like Player Vs Player


    Please Make A Strike Force Hero 3 That u can play pvp with other online players…

    That would be the coolest game ever

    Would be awesome

  61. love the game

  62. This game is nice Made it to Level 50 on all the Characters and unlocked most of the camos and got the collest guns..i wonder if there will be any Strikeforce Heros 3? Well just gonna say this is a nice pc game ive played so far keep it up!!

    1. there has to be a 3rd or they suck at squels

  63. no you cant play with other people

  64. best game ever, boy

  65. this game live

  66. This is the best game on the website

  67. I love it

  68. now I am death come and get me

  69. i like this game i played it alot

  70. I agree

  71. i beat the game in one day

  72. i love the special weapons, i got sheep cannon and dooty launcher

  73. i love the general

  74. AWSOME

  75. this game is the best

  76. i think the 1st one is slightly better though

  77. that isnt even a level it doesnt go that high

  78. I love the sniper to because I got the DSR .50 sniper

  79. love this game level 30

  80. a great game.

  81. I’m on level 23

  82. Best game ever lv10 though i have an awesome minigun

  83. love this game play it at school

  84. So? , When Is The 3rd One Coming?

  85. What do you mean?

  86. A few times I got the Globex Leader on my team or the enemy team :D

  87. i love the sniper class well i guess because im a great sniper

  88. Best shotgun is the judgement.

  89. Best sniper rifle is the intervention.

  90. you go to the bottom left corner of screen save

  91. make a profile

  92. love the snipers and first blood I can type the first blood ==[===/

  93. this game is awesome

  94. this game is the best on lm on level 20

  95. This Game Is actually Fun I really don’t play this game so i’m on level 11 but i can tell that when u get on a higher level you can get better weapons..

  96. save a backup as far as i know thats the only way

  97. Beat this game every 30 min. or so on insane!

  98. this game is turnt :)


  100. I know how to get all of the secret badges.

  101. There is no level 100.

  102. To save, you have to sign in before you click on the game link.

  103. I’m unkillable and my level is 27 my nick name is KILLER

  104. This game is AWESOME IM NEW SO IM ON LVL 10

  105. IM a boss at all the cool games on learn4good

    1. nnoo i am

  106. How do you save?

  107. it is like a computer version of cod i like it my sniper is so op

  108. it will not save my game at all can sumone plz tell me


    i can type a katana!


  110. awesome game ever

  111. I cant wait till I get to level 50

  112. level 100

  113. level 31

  114. im on lvl 50

  115. This is a really fun game. Lvl 30


  117. im on level 25

  118. no not yet

  119. anyone know any cheats?

  120. this is the best website game i have ever played

  121. awsome


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