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Kids’ Target Shooting Game – Crackshot

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Crackshot is a straight-forward online shooting game for kids where you have to hit a number of targets in the quickest time while using as few bullets as possible. You play the role of Crackshot, a quick-drawing alien sharp-shooter who has adapted well to the Wild-West lifestyle. Your job is to score points by eliminating as many targets as you can in each increasingly difficult level. Score extra points for hitting the smaller targets and increase your score by completing the levels in double-quick time.

Use the angles of the game screen to hit more difficult targets. Blast away objects that stand between you and the targets. You can also use a special ‘Bullet Time’ power-up to slow down the ticking clock. This quick-fire shooting game is all about judgment and accuracy. You’ll need to have an eagle eye and good observational skills to succeed. Ready? Aim! Fire!

How to Play: The objective in each level is simple – eliminate as many targets as you can in as quick a time as possible. You have 12 bullets in each level, and you score extra points for completing the level with bullets to spare. To fire a bullet, aim at a target with your computer mouse and Left Click to shoot. If there is a target that is blocked by a barrier, use the angles of the game screen to hit it. Bullets bounce off the angles of the game area to give you a better chance of hitting your intended target.

Occasionally, some objects block targets completely so you have to shoot them first. Vases explode on impact, and the bullet goes through them. Glass bottles explode when you hit them but stop the bullet in its tracks. Remember to spare your bullets because you score bonus points for the ammo that you have remaining at the end of a level. The level is complete either when you eliminate all targets, or run out of ammo.

To increase your chances of success, use your ‘Bullet-Time’ power-up. This slows both the clock and the bullets down, giving you a better chance of hitting those targets. Hit and hold down the Spacebar on your computer keyboard to activate ‘Bullet Time’. The status bar appears at the bottom of the game screen and eventually runs out. Replenish it by scoring more points.

Tip: The levels are in groups of 3. You must score a certain amount of points to unlock the next 3 levels. Check the menu screen at the end of each level to see how many points you need. If you are still short, you can go back and replay earlier levels to boost your score.

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