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Flight is a straight-forward, easy to play, fun flight control game with plenty of upgrades and achievements to enjoy. The aim of this game is to throw a paper plane as far as you can, to complete 6 different levels, and travel 1000 meters (or yards) with least amount of “throws” on each level, while collecting as many achievements as possiblel, and upgrading your paper plane at the same time. You will throw your plane across various landscapes – flying over different cities, countries and continents. Ready to travel the world by paper plane? Good, just make sure you dont ‘fold’ under the pressure!

How to Play: Pick the plane up with your left mouse click. Then throw it to the right side of the screen holding the mouse button and dragging the mouse itself, and release it. You will need to have good control over your mouse and wrist in order to throw the plane a good distance. It takes practice! To start, choose to play a New Game or Load Game (where you can continue where you left off on a game). Click on ‘Customize’ to customize your plane (change color and texture). Track your progress at the top of the game screen. 

Upgrade your plane, its power and control by buying various upgrades from the chart. You can upgrade to a lighter model, buy extra throwing power and create a more aerodynamic model, reduce the fuel consumption by 10% or more, resist negative wind effects, and collect cranes and windmills. For example, you can buy an add on, such as a fire engine and then throw your plane, and push Spacebar to activate the fire engine to fly even further. Upgrades are not limited – you can buy a lighter model once, then make it even lighter (but that costs several times more), add more power, and again add even more power (but again at a higher cost).

The cash you collect along your flight path is shown at the bottom of the game screen. There are also various achievements for you to gain, such as collecting 30 space starts in a single flight, flying over a country in 15 days or less, collecting $500 in a single flight etc. Collecting stars will earn you cash. Collecting cranes will give you a bonus multiplier to all the cash you collect for a couple of seconds. Windmills will give your paper plane a last minute boost.

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19 comments on “Flight”

  1. hint: use the upgrades

  2. this is a fun game.. i got frustrated at some parts but yeahh lol :)

  3. just got $767 in one flight

  4. best game

  5. this is the most easiest game to play ever peace out peeps got to play .

  6. awesome but you get sic of it after you have been playing it all day

    like i have been

    1. well dont play it all day play something diffrent

  7. you will be sooo amazed at this game sooo cool

  8. sooo i could play it all day ( if i could)

  9. hi PewDiePie love your videos i all ways wanting to take to you.

  10. lol im the best

  11. i know a glitch that is easy to do and you don’t even need to control it and the plane will keep flying until you want it to stop. and you get a high score.

  12. do you know what glitch it is drake

  13. Thacks pewdiepie

  14. i know a glitch that is easy to do and dont evem control it and it will go endlessand get you a high score.

  15. Does Anyone know that Glitch

  16. I love it bro’s

  17. #beenhere

  18. hint:don’t die


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