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The Railway Robot’s Road Trip – In this fun railway line simulation arcade game, you must help little Railway Robot Robbie (our robo-boy) reach the love of his life – Robot Roberta (our robo-girl). However, everything is not as easy or straight-forward as it may first appear. They are separated by a great distance, and our robo-boy has to overcome various obstacles in order to reach his great love. Help him by switching and rotating the parts of the railway to get him through as fast as you can.

Your play is not timed, but you earn points for any clocks you manage to collect within a certain period of time. You also earn points for the coins collected (icons with high voltage signs). Bonus points are awarded when you collect all the clocks and coins available. Beware of and try to avoid the bad-guy cops. You should also avoid becoming trapped in the black and yellow striped elevators.

How to Play: Left click on Railway Robot Robbie with your computer mouse to get started. When you see the button next to the red arrow – click on it to rotate or slide the parts of the railway. The robot can only go through the yellow dotted railroads, so you have to connect them well.  Railway Robot Robbie travels only in the direction red arrow is pointing. If you need Robbie to go backwards – you have to rotate the railway to get the red arrow pointing in the direction required. Slide through the railway until you reach the ‘Exit’ sign to complete the level. Do not go back to where you started from as that will mean you fail the level. If you are trapped or cannot find the way out – click on ‘Restart’ icon located in the left bottom corner of the game screen.

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