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This page lists the newest skill games recently added to the Learn4Good Games Area, where children and teens can play games online for free. Enjoy some of the best online skill games in one place with your friends and family – from easy-to-play games to more challenging exercises.

Play an addicting reflex game! Rektagon is a very hard, fast-paced, reaction skills and survival game for kids, teens and grownups where you must quickly and repeatedly move your character to a safe area, avoiding surrounding walls that close in at an increasingly-high speed. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, you must constantly adjust your position to avoid the enclosing walls in six similar-yet-awesome mini game modes.

Reasons to play this highly challenging reactions-based game: Test and exercise your observation skills, mouse control and hand-eye coordination skills, and sharp reflexes as you quickly zoom your character around the game zone in a crazy dash for survival every few seconds. Accept the difficult challenge of trying to unlock all six mini game modes (the 6th is really tough!). Also enjoy the cool retro soundtrack and classic 8-bit sound effects of this super arcade challenge.

Best strategy: Acceptance that trial and error is absolutely the key to progressing as far as you can, and setting new record scores. You must learn from your mistakes, and be flexible and persistent enough to change up your strategy and technique if needed!

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Play a fast-paced, old-style platformer game of survival where you simply run, run, run! Mr Runner is a very tricky platform and momentum-based action game played against the clock. Here, you must guide the lightning-fast Mr Runner through a series of volcanic platform levels, building up momentum with high speed running and accurate leaps between ledges. Collect coins along the journey, and try to win a gold medal for speed.

Reasons to play this arcade game: If you're looking for a good, hard, stimulating test of your reactions, observation and anticipation skills, and high-speed decision making ability, you've landed in the right place! The super quick nature of Mr Runner means that one tiny slip can prove disastrous; meaning that you must exercise a high concentration level throughout.

Best strategy to win: A really cool head with excellent coordination and reaction skills are required if you want to go deep into this high-octane game. Trial and error also plays a big part as you attempt to learn from your mistakes, and get a clean run through each obstacle-filled challenge. Persist until you succeed!

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Play a fun and addicting ‘crazy golf’ challenge on your Android mobile phone, Android tablet, notebook, laptop or PC! Mini Putt: Gem Forest is a highly interactive putt-putt golf game for kids, teens and mini-golf loving grownups (who cannot get to their most beloved outdoor golf course to tee off) where you must get the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible - just as in real-life golf. Featuring two wacky 9-hole mini golf courses, you may also collect as many colorful gem stones as you can for each hole to increase your overall points score.

This tricky, virtual mini-golf simulation game doubles as a fun skill and physics-style puzzle because you must smartly and efficiently use shot power, angles, trajectory and momentum to your advantage. Good hand-eye coordination and observation skills are also really important as you attempt to navigate through the tough obstacle-filled levels; just like in real putt-putt golf, you must contend with a range of tricky hazards such as dog-leg shaped holes, water hazards, sand traps, and more!

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Split Ball is a difficult, timing skills-based arcade game and ‘territory eliminating’ challenge. Here, you must use expert timing to ‘cut off’ sections of the game screen – area by area until you eliminate at least 75% of the grid. The catch is that you must ensure that your grid-eroding ‘split’ moves are not hampered by the bouncing balls that whizz around to thwart your efforts.

Playable on Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and PC, this fast-paced, online action game and visual puzzle requires a high concentration level, sharp spatial anticipation skills, good strategy, excellent timing, great patience and endless tenacity. There's a risk-reward element to the game – and you can choose to conservatively erase small amounts of the screen area, or try to erase large swathes of the grid with one fell swoop! The choice and strategy is yours!

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Play a highly-challenging, side-scrolling survival game on PC, laptop, notebook, android tablet or android mobile phone. Dangerous Dan: Legends of the Seven Seas is a momentum and reactions-based, treasure adventure diving game where you must guide a brave underwater explorer safely through a series of dangerous, obstacle-filled treasure hunts. Utilizing fast reactions, good observation and coordination skills, you must dodge and weave around snapping fish, rocket-propelled torpedoes, and huge underwater mines. This is no certainly leisurely dip in the local pool!

Fans of classic, difficult, side-scrolling games such as Helicopter and Flappy Birds should be comfortable playing this fun concept. Anticipation of and reaction to the upcoming obstacles is key to a clear run through the water. Trial and error and great patience are important here as you get used to the somewhat tricky ascending and descending controls. We'd wish you a 'safe journey' through the depths – but that’s just not going to happen! Good luck down there!

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Back in the early 1970's an electronic ‘pong’ game was one of the first ever arcade video games released to the world. Fast forward more than 40 years, and we've got a madcap, futuristic version of that classic arcade game for you to grips with!

Ultimate Ping is a very fast and addicting, reactions-based skill game where you must keep a rebounding ball in play using two ping-pong style paddles at the edge of the game screen. This is a continuous, mouse-movement-based survival challenge where no errors are accepted. The ball increases in speed as you progress, meaning that you concentration level must be at 100% to survive for longer than a minute or so.

Really good reflexes and hand-eye coordination, deft mouse control, and natural anticipation skills are all vitally important here. This game could be used as a fun, quick reaction skills improving game for kids, as well as a challenging online reaction time activity for adults & seniors. Enjoy the pinging action!

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Play a fun and frantic, skill-based missile firing game with a sumo wrestling-style rule to win – You must knock your opponents out of the ring to emerge victorious! N3wton is an addicting, arcade-style shooting, aiming and accuracy puzzle game where you must maneuver your character (a white mini tank) through 25 progressively-difficult, action-packed missile battles.

Background info: The premise of this game is based on ‘Newton’s 3rd Law’ – from legendary physicist Sir Isaac Newton: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. This rule governs the laws of this game – each time you hit an opponent with a missile, the opponent is knocked back, depending on the force of your shot.

This difficult to master game combines excellent hand-eye coordination, deft keyboard skills, steady point-and-click mouse control, and a cool head under pressure, especially when you try to eliminate multiple opponents at a time while dodging and weaving around the confined combat arena. Let the battle action commence!

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Tiger Golf is an very challenging, wacky, physics and timing-based putt-putt golf game where you must hit a ball into the hole on 18 of the most perplexing, obstacle-filled, platform-based mini-holes you've likely encountered. The cute cartoon tiger character has his paws full trying to make his way around this tremendously-tricky course featuring obstacles and hindrances which include springboards, bouncy wooden logs, teleporting machines, undulating hills, and lots of other scorecard-ruining hazards!

Despite the difficulty, this is very much a fun and addicting crazy golf puzzle game, and it requires a fair appreciation for angles, power and trajectory. Keeping good control of your bouncing golf ball is not easy! Accurate and tactful mouse-control is the key to success; timing your shots can often be just as important as the power / direction. Trial and error and plenty of practice is vital in mastering any golf skill and course (and believe us when we say that mistakes will be made!). Will you learn and improve on your highest score?

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Is traffic control a job for you? Traffic Challenge is a difficult, point and click, road management and timing-based game for kids, teens and grownups where your task is to keep traffic flowing and to avoid crashes by strategically changing the traffic light display at busy road intersections. Utilizing good awareness and impeccable timing, you must allow traffic to pass through intersections at regular intervals. You cannot allow traffic to ‘back up’, and you must let an allocated number of vehicles through before the clock runs out! Make no mistake, traffic control is a high-pressure challenge!

Featuring real-life road simulation issues such as emergency vehicles, rush hour traffic, aggressive drivers and more, this traffic manager game is a stern test of your concentration skills, cool-headedness and reactions. You must make quick decisions and strategic judgments under pressure, and use sharp analytical problem solving skills for a quick-fire solution to the rapid traffic build up situation. So, you've been given you the green light to become a top traffic controller. But, should you instead have simply been given a straight red?

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Play an intense online game that exercises and tests your mental and physical attributes: Challenge Circle is a very hard, timing and reaction speed-based skill game where you must use really fast mouse-clicking action to navigate a constantly-moving green ball through a tricky obstacle course made of adjacent circles. Here, you must take great care not to get caught in the wrong side of a circle outline (border) or to collide with obstacles.

Excellent hand-eye coordination, good analytical thinking skills, strategy, and a cool head under pressure are essential skills required for success. Prepare to be tested to your limits in this unique maze-style puzzle challenge!

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Take care everyday to eat food that is good for you, and that fits your dietary needs! Animals should also follow the same basic principle, right? And anyone feeding animals should be continuously vigilant and caring! If you are happy to agree with all of that, then try your hand at Fast Feed, a high-speed and slightly crazy keyboard or mouse-controlled game where you have to carefully feed pieces of suitable food to the mouths of a hungry fox and sheep at high speed. ‘Foxy’ likes to eat chicken legs; ‘Sheep’ enjoys four-leaf clovers, and both animals are absolutely ravenous today!

Your job is to shift the descending morsels of food into their mouths at pace before the fast-reducing ‘Hunger Bar’ runs out. However, if you give either animal the wrong food, the poor animal becomes instantly ill, and you get fired from your food serving role – so be "very careful" and attentive with your button-pushing!

This really wacky yet fun online skill-based game requires good hand-eye coordination, high concentration, and smart reaction speed. The tasty treats arrive from the top of the game screen at high-speed, so you must react just as quickly in order to quench the insatiable hunger of your fox and sheep buddies! Happy feeding time!

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Techno Golf is a fun physics-based and futuristic, golf-like game where you must putt high-tech steel golf balls into two portal ‘holes’ in 20 challenging, obstacle-filled levels. You play the role of a prototype golfing robot, and must use good visual and hand-eye coordination skills, and mouse control action to achieve the optimum power and trajectory to get the balls as far as and into the portal areas in each level.

This interactive, physics-based, problem-solving puzzler is certainly no leisurely stroll around the local pitch n' putt course. Here, you are faced with numerous, challenging obstacles and mechanical hindrances. This is a game of skill, and Shrewd judgment of the correct power to apply to each swing of your club requires plenty of old-school trial and error, as consistent accuracy is only achieved through constant, dedicated practice and learning (just like in real golf or any other sport or discipline). Ok Robo-Golfer, are we going to see your name at the top of the Techno Golf circuit leaderboard in the near future?

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Test your skills in a tricky platform and jumping-based arcade game featuring cool notebook-style animation! Doodle: Jumping Ball is an arrow key-controlled game where you must use a constantly bouncing ball to collect all of the available stars in each level.

Featuring a fun, old-timey soundtrack in the background, and challenging pinball-style gameplay, this quirky, addicting arcade action game requires very good hand-eye coordination and reaction speed to keep control of your continuously jumping ball. Spiky obstacles, hard-to-reach ledges, and the physical effect of gravity all must be overcome; one little mistake, and it's curtains for your little ball! Can you bounce your way to ultimate success?

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Bubbles is a challenging, 1-level, survival-based game of skill where you must collect bubbles underwater while avoiding spiky objects at the same time. The goal here is to gradually increase the mass of your main bubble, through deftly dodging and weaving at pace around the top-to-bottom scrolling game screen. How big can you grow your bubble before it is popped by a spike?

Excellent hand-eye coordination and reaction speed are very important attributes required here as you attempt to avoid those spiky hindrances at all cost. Also, as your main bubble increases in size, be mindful of its increasingly-sluggish movement. This becomes a test of your adaptability, and your in-game strategy and survival skills. Enjoy the bubble growing action!

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Hextris is an interesting and very difficult problem solving challenge and reaction time skill-based game for older kids, teens & grownups where you must match 3 or more same-colored blocks by catching them as they fall onto a rotatable hexagon. Differently colored blocks both descend and approach from the outer rim of your hexagonal (5-sided) grid. Your job is to quickly and carefully rotate your hexagon so that the falling blocks land in advantageous positions – creating matches of three or more adjacent same-colored blocks in a group (In a group of 3, one of the blocks must touch the other two).

This really clever and fast-paced, Tetris-inspired, matching puzzle requires very good color and hand-eye coordination, decision making and reaction speed skills as you rapidly rotate your hexagon to your advantage. A cool head under intense pressure is also very important here as you swiftly try organize same-colored blocks into ideal placements on the grid. This is arcade-style, block-falling game play as you've possibly never experienced it before! Enjoy the challenge!

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Soccer Trick Shot Players Required! This really is Success or Bust! Super Soccer Star is a fun aiming and accuracy skill-based "one-shot" game on each level with a cool soccer football trickshot theme. Utilizing your computer mouse combined with a basic understanding of angles and trajectory, you must shoot a soccer ball into a goal (in 1 shot) under extreme pressure. Add in a whole host of static and moving obstacles, and you've got yourself a truly tricky ball shooting challenge!

This stimulating sports-themed online activity requires good wrist and mouse-control, and expert timing. It's also a tough physics-based puzzle as you must also consider possible kinetic and potential energy, angles and trajectory in order to somehow get the ball into the net. See you out on the field, Trickshot Master!

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Trapped Ball is a challenging, hand-eye coordination skills-based maze game for kids, adults & seniors where you must guide a heavy yellow ball through a series of treacherous, obstacle-filled mazes. Reaching the Exit Portal in each level is made difficult by the tricky labyrinth-like environment, outer walls with spikes, constantly-moving enemies, and more unusual hindrances.

This tricky maze adventure puzzle requires good observation and visual perception skills, slick keyboard control and excellent timing; deciding when exactly to move your ball! Patience and great determination are also essential attributes required here. You don't have to complete each level at a hectic pace! Keeping it simple, slow and steady often wins the race!

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The crowd cannot watch… Your heart pounds… Just 12 yards between you and glory… "PEEEEP", the referee’s whistle blows… up you step! Soccer football's ultimate pressure showdown; the penalty shootout – is the perfect way to sort the less-skilled ball strikers from the real pros. But have you ultimately got the steely nerve to succeed at penalty kicks?

Kick Off is a challenging, point-and-click, soccer penalty game where you take on the computer in a series of tournament-style penalty shootout competitions where the first team to score 5 goals is the winner. You play the roles of penalty taker and goalkeeper for your chosen international side, so there is no escape – the buck stops with you!

This fun, high-intensity, mouse control football game requires good decision making skills, and excellent reflexes and hand-eye coordination. You pick your spot when shooting at goal, and try to guess which way the computer opponent's shot will go.

Just like a real-life penalty shootout, an ability to function under immense pressure is also important. It is often said that penalties are like a lottery – but others know that those players with the strongest nerve have the best chance of scoring! Good luck Shootout Superstar!

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Experience volleyball like you've never done before! Madpet Volleybomb is a wacky, volleyball-based skill game where you must use smart reflexes and keyboard reaction speed to knock a ticking time bomb (instead of a ball) over the net in a high-intensity game of "volleybomb" - playing against the computer or a friend! With eccentric cartoon creatures as the stars of the show, you earn points by ensuring that the bouncy bomb explodes on your opponent's side of the court.

This fun and unusual ball sports simulation game (with rules much like a very eccentric version of badminton or tennis) requires good decision making, fast reflexes and hand-eye coordination, and smart prediction skills to best deal with the bomb each time it arrives on your side of the net. As in volleyball in real-life, this is an all-action game where you have no time to dawdle! Simply get that bomb over the net as fast as you can!

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Car Yard is a fun, reflex-based, car chase adventure game where you must quickly click on the correct icon or arrow in order to survive for as long as possible in the perilous car yard – and further your cute car's epic journey to escape. You play the role of a little red car that desperately wants to avoid ending up in the junk yard, and must use fast mouse-clicking and reaction skills to evade the many obstacles and enemies that try to hasten your transformation into scrap metal!

This impressive and unusual side-scrolling, "choose your own destiny"-style survival game requires fast brain, hand and eye coordination, and wrist reaction speed. You only have a very limited amount of time to choose which action to take in each scenario, and to then instantaneously point and click on the options in the correct sequence in order to survive. Ok Escape Artist, we're all rooting for you!

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