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Galleon Fight is an easy-to-play cannon shooting game for kids where you have to destroy all of the enemy ships in an open-sea battle in order to stop a full-on invasion of your country. You are the commander of the last surviving ship. Once you destroy all of the ships, you complete the level as a hero. This is a super-simple and lots-of-fun skill game. Enjoy Admiral!

How to Play: OK, your aim is to blast all of the enemy ships out of the water, and also try and shoot the floating treasure chests to earn extra virtual money ($100 dollars!). After each battle, you can buy upgrades for your ship to increase its health and build up your armory and weapons. There are 15 explosive levels to get through. On some levels, you can see the bow of the first enemy ship. On other levels, you can’t see the enemy at all – so your first attempt will be a blind shot.

You simply have to guess where the enemy ships are located. Once you take your first shot, the game screen pans over, and you can see where all of the enemy ships are located. You and the enemy now take turns firing at each other. To pass each level, you need to eliminate all of the enemy ships. If you fail to sink all the enemy ships, you can keep repeating the level until you succeed! After each level, you can use the money you earned for upgrades.

OK, ready for some fun and feisty cannon blasting action? Use your computer mouse to aim your cannon – Left Click on it – hold to set the cannon power – and then release to fire. You can see your Health Bar and the Level you are on at the top of the playing area. Your opponent’s health bar is displayed above his ship. Let the battle commence!

Tip: Note the angle and power of each shot you make. If you hit a ship, use the same angle and power over and over again until that ship is destroyed. Good luck Skipper!

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