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Snooping Mr. Clumsy is a tricky and addicting skill game where you have to move quickly to reveal a painting by cutting shapes out of its cover with a magic Orange Orb (ball). Mr. Clumsy has twelve paintings (levels) that tell a quirky story, but they all are covered up by a cover-sheet that you have to remove. Your goal is to cut the mask off the painting.

To remove pieces of the sheet, you must cut them out by zooming across the cover with the Orange Orb. Each time you cut out a valid shape with your Orb, that piece of the cover disappears and you can see more of the painting below. A valid shape that you cut out must have four corners. The clock is ticking, so you’d better get moving!

Beware, because there are nasty Blue Orbs that are out to stop you. If one of them touches the path you are cutting out before it’s completed – you lose a life. Once you lose all of your lives, it’s game over, and you have to start again. You’ll need quick reactions and nifty fingers to succeed in this fast-paced game. Think you’ve got the skills to do it? OK, Good luck then!

How to Play: You control the Orange Orb that starts each level on the outside of the game area. Your goal is to cut out pieces of the sheet that covers the painting below. Use your Arrow Keys to control the Orange Orb. Each time you cut out a valid shape – you see more of the painting underneath. You must do this while avoiding the bad guys – Blue Orbs that are whizzing around the game screen.

If an enemy Orb touches you or the path you are cutting before you reach the edge, you lose a life. To progress, you must reveal the entire painting. Don’t forget, the clock is ticking and you must reveal the entire painting before time runs out. You can pick up Power-ups along the way that give you a time extension.

Tips: Don’t try to cut out huge chunks of the cover-sheet, just do it little by little while the enemy balls are up the other end. Use the protection of the play area borders to avoid the Blue Orbs as you plan your next move.

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