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Catch Watermelon is a colorful, skill and risk-based game for kids where you get to throw a watermelon from one funny little friend to another; They sit on pillars above water. These strange-looking characters have sunken-shaped heads which are “perfect” for catching the watermelon. See how far you get in 60 seconds by throwing and catching that large juicy fruit. But try not to drop it, or it’s “Game Over”, and you have created a real mess on screen!

Try to hit a flying Scary Bird with the flight of your throw. Allow the Ravens to taste the delicious watermelon as it sits on your head (a character’s sunken skull) and earn even more points. Win Gold Cups for high scores, long flights, whacking birds and more. This addicting game is really easy to learn and fun to play. Enjoy!

How to Play: Your task in this funny game is to throw a watermelon from friend to friend, while making sure that the big fruit is caught at the other end. You have 60 seconds to throw the melon as far as you can and have your sunken-headed buddies catch it. If you drop the watermelon, it’s curtains. Hit a flying bird with the ripe watermelon to score bonus points. Use your computer mouse to aim, and click your Left mouse button to shoot.

When you achieve a new high score, you can submit it to the leaderboard at the end, and compare with your friends, family members and other gamers. Next time, try to beat them. Tip: To rack up some really high scores, your best plan is to sling the watermelon as far and quickly as you can. This makes the game luck based as you cannot know where the watermelon will land, but you can get some seriously high scores in the thousands!

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