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The Green Mission is a funny and addicting physics-based skill game for kids where the goal is to fling Buddy The Blob at your enemies’ tomatoes! Your mission is simple: Launch Buddy to make tomatoes green, then catch him back again. You play the role of a farmer and think your tomatoes are the best in the world, but your nemesis farmer across the street keeps winning all of the tomato awards! So you’ve hatched a cunning plan – to turn his tomatoes green!

To do this, you need Buddy the Blob. Buddy is a radioactive blob that turns tomatoes green when he goes anywhere near them! Your goal is to throw Buddy at the tomatoes, then catch him again. Buddy only has 3 lives; He loses one if he touches a tomato and he loses them all if you don’t catch him in his jar. There are 30 fun levels to play, so let’s get flinging! Happy mischief making.

How to Play: You’ve snuck into the competing farmer’s tomato store – and now it’s time to turn his tomatoes green! To throw Buddy, use your computer mouse to aim his jar, and left click to launch. Hold down the left mouse button to increase the power of your throw, then release it to fling Buddy into the air toward the tomatoes. If he turns them from red to green, catch him back in the jar to move on to the next level. As long as you catch him in the jar, you can launch him as many times as you like. But if he touches the tomatoes, he loses one of his 3 lives. Once he loses all of his 3 lives, you have to start the level again.

Tip: To make Buddy go even higher, left click anywhere on the game screen while he is in the air. This will give him a double jump boost and he will go higher and higher. If you double click while he’s in the air, he’ll make a splash and the tomatoes will turn green more easily.

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