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This page lists the newest sports games to be added recently to the Learn4Good Games Area, where children and Big Kids can play sport online for free. Play football, soccer, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, snowboarding, skateboarding, pool, darts, bowling, curling, air hockey games and more, with your family and friends. Enjoy the action! 

Have you got the football brain, tactical know-how, mental toughness and dogged determination required to be a top soccer manager (head coach)? Football Challenger is a highly-challenging, in-depth sports management simulation game where you take control of a competitive soccer team, and must choose the formations, tactics, and players for each game. While you don't get to actually control your individual players in the thick of the action on the field, you do have an eagle-eyed, overhead view of the soccer match, and must make important mid-game decisions to try and affect the outcome. Simply, be the Boss!

Reasons to play this fun, virtual football manager game: If you sometimes shout at your TV screen to complain and exclaim that you could do a far better job than the manager of your favorite soccer or sports team, then here is your chance to prove it! Test and exercise your managerial prowess, analytical thinking and decision-making skills, your strategic judgment, and stamina as you take over the day-to-day running of a pro soccer football team. See if you can lead your side to glory at the end of the season!

Strategy to win: Just like in real life soccer management, there are many facets and different important objectives in this cool simulation game. You must try to identify the best formation for your team, make important substitutions at key moments in each match, and alter your tactics at a moment’s notice (a late goal may be required – and you might need to go ALL OUT ATTACK!). Good decision making skills are essential as well as the ability to learn from your mistakes; even the best managers on the planet don't get it right every week!

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Play a hard, skill-based mini golf game online! Flop Shot Mini Golf is a challenging putt-putt golf game and physic-based puzzler for kids, teens and adults where you must try to get the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible on 9 tough, obstacle-filled holes.

Reasons to play this tricky and addicting crazy golf game: Discover your inner putting master using the contours of each level to your advantage. Test and exercise your strategy, judgement and predication skills, mouse control, patience and determination as you attempt to plot your way through each barrier-filled hole.

Strategy to win: Use sharp analytical thinking and visual skills to try to predict where each shot will end up. Good golf putters always visualize their shots before they take a swing, and the same principle applies here. Try to use good ‘course management’ in order to avoid leaving your ball in tricky areas. Sometimes, holing out is impossible from your position, so attempt to execute a good ‘lay-up’ shot to leave yourself in prime position.

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GOOOAAAL! is a quirky and addicting soccer football running, dribbling and shooting simulation game where you must rescue the match for your team by scoring late goals against the clock! Your striker is in possession of the ball, and must dribble all the way to within shooting range (while avoiding tackles) before beating the goalie with a sweet strike! There are different match situations where you might have to come from behind, or get that all-important winning goal to break a tie. Ok hot finisher, let's make that announcer earn his crust and jump out of his seat to shout ‘GOOOAAAL!’.

Reasons to play this fun, soccer-based action game: Unlike many online soccer games where you must choose tactics and execute various passing moves, this is a straight-forward, ‘go for goal’ challenge. The controls and the concept are refreshingly simple. Test and exercise your reaction speed and reflexes as you dodge and weave around defenders who leap into tough, last-ditch tackles to try and stop you bearing down on goal!

Strategy to win: Important skills required in your goal quest include sharp reactions, good keyboard control and nimble finger dexterity. Just like an attacking soccer player in real life, you must be savvy in your movements. Don't just run straight for goal – the alert defenders will have you for supper! Instead, play like a top soccer dribbling star; feint with the ball and change direction as often as necessary.

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Play a high-octane, reactions-based, rugby simulation and survival game with 1 and 2-player options! Try Hard: 2015 Rugby World Cup Combat is a fun and highly-challenging, ball sports-based skill game where you must dodge and weave around opposition players out to smash you with crunching tackles! Your dynamic rugby player duo are involved in an epic survival dash through a plethora of increasingly mean opponents, and must quickly toss the ball between each other to help avoid the heavy collisions!

Reasons to play this exciting and addicting, online rugby game: Test and exercise your reflexes and reaction speed as you attempt to skillfully dodge the many oncoming opponents. You don't have to be a rugby union or league fan to enjoy the fun, fast-paced action on display - This is a funny skill-based running survival game at heart for those who enjoy a chuckle or two!

Strategy to win: Use nimble keyboard control, good observation skills, vigilance and an appetite for good teamwork. Keep an eagle eye out for the fast-approaching defense, and pass the rugby ball deftly and tactfully to avoid getting smashed! You need to be aware of when your runner is getting tired, and needs a brief rest.

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Play a wild and wacky, addicting, online racquet sports and skill-based game (with single player and two player modes) that feels like a quirky combination of tennis, volleyball, air hockey, and pinball! Sports Heads: Tennis Open is a very funny, ball sports simulation game where you must try to defeat your opponent in a hectic and eccentric version of ‘head tennis’. Featuring 1 and 2 player modes, you control a mini bobble head-like tennis player, and must move around the court keeping the ball airborne and skillfully forcing the ball over the net into your opponent's territory. This is tennis as you’ve never seen it before!

Reasons to play this fun, ball sports game: This should prove a good and exiting game for fans of quick-fire, madcap, ricochet ball games. Bring out and express your fun side while simultaneously exercising your competitive edge! Weave and race around the court, create a real racket on court as you play against the computer or with a friend in surprisingly fast-paced games of online head tennis.

Strategy to win: The keys to victory here include a high concentration level, good reaction speed, fast keyboard tapping, and sharp prediction skills to anticipate the path of the dropping tennis ball. Using special power-ups to your advantage is important to give you that competitive edge against your opponent!

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Play 8-Ball pool against a friend or against the computer: Doyu 8-Ball is a slick and easy-to-play pool game for virtual billiard enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys online table sports games requiring good judgement and skill.

Reasons to play this classic American 8-ball pool simulation game: Many virtual pool and snooker games have a clunky, difficult mouse control cue mechanism for shooting – but not Doyu 8-Ball! This is a very smooth and easy-to-play mouse clicking activity which allows good hand-eye coordination, observation and prediction skills, and use of savvy cue spin to come to the fore. Enjoy this game in single player or two player mode.

Strategy to win: The key here is good strategy and deft / steady mouse control. Just like 8-ball pool in real life, you must use canny attacking and defensive strategies to defeat your opponent. Spectacularly potting balls is all well and good – but you must also try to make sure you have good table position for your subsequent shot. Make it difficult for your opponent by putting their balls in awkward positions, and utilizing ‘safety play’ to your advantage.

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Ten Pin Bowling fans – it's time to hit the lanes and get rolling some strikes and spares! Real Bowling is a fun and challenging, mouse-control bowling simulation game for 1 and 2 players. Play a classic solo game of 10 pin bowling or play against a friend in as competitive a match-up as you can make it.

Reasons to play this virtual bowling skill game: Whether you like to bowl in real life or just would like a taste of the indoor action, this cool and realistic version should whet your appetite to see some pins fall! In the fun, turn-based 2-player mode, you can challenge a best friend, family member or classmate to see who's the current bowling boss!

Strategy to win: Just as in real-life, mastering the action and precision of bowling can be very tricky – so your focus and concentration skills must be at their peak. A steady hand, deft wrist and solid mouse control are also important for the smooth bowling action required to score strikes and spares at will. Trial and error is most likely necessary here – You might roll a few ‘gutter balls’ at first, but keep practicing and those pins will start falling in greater numbers!

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Did you know that cats and dogs enjoy playing soccer too? Pet Soccer is a cute, light-hearted, online soccer football simulation game where you play against the computer or a best friend or family member in a quick-fire "3 on 3" virtual soccer match combining wacky football action, goals, gaffes, growls and more! This is definitely no ordinary kick about in the park!

Reasons to play this fun, sports-based skill game: Alongside the sheer novelty of seeing adorable puppies and kittens enthusiastically sprint around after the ball, and compete in a mini soccer match, this fun game challenges and exercises your hand-eye coordination, concentration, reaction speed and endurance skills. A fun 2 Player Mode allows you to play with a friend, classmate or family member in a ‘ruff’ competitive run around down on the park turf!

Strategy to win: Good concentration, keyboard control, nimble finger dexterity, enthusiasm and great determination are required. Naturally, the excitable pets aren't the most reliable, calm passers of the ball, so you need to be always expecting the unexpected as the ball pings and ricochets around the pitch. Ensure your stamina reserves are ready as you prepare for a good jog around full of tongue wagging action!

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Play a fun virtual pool game online against the computer, a friend, classmate, or family member. Billiards Master Pro is an easy-to-play and relaxing 1 and 2 player pool game where you take on the computer or a buddy in a competitive game of classic 8 Ball Pool or Straight Pool. Utilizing eagle-eyed precision and a steady hand, pot the correct balls into the pockets with accurate mouse control and good judgement of angles and momentum.

Reasons to play this cue sports simulation game: If you enjoy billiard-based table games such as pool and snooker in real life or online, this free Flash game with single player & two player modes should provide plenty of fun action. Unlike some online pool games, the aiming and shooting feature of this game is actually quite easy to execute! Unleash your peak concentration level and competitive edge against the computer or a friend.

Strategy to win: Just like in real life - Good concentration and prediction skills, sharp eyesight and hand-eye coordination all play an important part in your arsenal of attributes. Stable wrist and mouse control are very important, as is a basic understanding of shooting angles and shot power. Shoot lightly at first to become familiar with the deftness of touch required.

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Great fun online soccer game! Test your reaction skills in a fast-paced, wacky, soccer-themed, keyboard sports game with 1 and 2-player modes that combines the beautiful game (soccer football) with elements of pinball and air hockey! 1 On 1 Soccer: Brazil is a highly-addicting, table soccer simulation game where you take on the computer or a real-life friend in an action-packed shootout where your aim is to deflect, shoot and ricochet the ball into your rival's net by any means possible!

Reasons to play this high-octane, soccer game: If you enjoy wild, quirky, and fast-paced simulation games that feature a combination of fun sporting concepts, then you're in for a treat here! Although there are only two (1 on 1) players in each match-up, there is huge scope for high-scoring, fun-filled action as the ball bounces and rebounds around the pitch in a frantic, unpredictable manner. As well as taking on the highly-skilled computer player, you can also challenge your best friends and family members to a competitive clash!

Strategy to win: Fast reactions, good keyboard control and hand-eye coordination skills all play a very important part in goal scoring and defense success here. Due to the unpredictability of the rebounding ball, and the sheer intensity of the non-stop footballing action, you need to be 100% ‘in the zone’ to steer your player toward victory.

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Formula Fever is a highly-addicting, Formula 1-style racecar driving game for mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop! This is rubber-burning action in its purest form where you compete in high-octane, 6-car races against powerful computer opponents, and must earn coins to unlock all 12 tracks and 5 awesome new cars. The best thing about racing in Formula Fever is that your car is ALWAYS accelerating! This gives you the opportunity to focus on steering, finding a tight line around corners, and making spectacular overtaking moves!

This fun and easy-to-play, top-down racing game requires sharp reactions, good hand-eye coordination skills, and smart race management under pressure. Do you go all out for the victory? Or do you sacrifice race position to collect coins along the track? With 5 eager computer opponents ready to usurp your position at the top of the podium, every mistake is painfully punished! This means you must be 100% concentrated during each race. One slip, and you could easily find yourself down in last position! So, helmet on, breathing relaxed, and eyes on the road… This is going to be epic!

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Step into the ring for a highly-challenging boxing simulation game for mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop! Ultimate Boxing is a very tricky, one-on-one boxing fight simulator game for older kids / teens where you take on a crafty computer rival. Your goal is very simple: Knock out (KO) your opponent! Utilize your jab punches, left and right hooks, uppercuts, and good defensive blocking technique to overpower your virtual opponent. Then, when the moment is right – send him sleeping to the canvas!

This high-octane, interactive fighting game requires many of the attributes of successful real-life boxers: Smart reactions and reflexes, good hand-eye coordination, fast hand speed, a hard chin, and endless reserves of stamina and courage! Smart strategy and decision making are also vitally important. Going out all guns blazing and throwing wild punches might look cool, but your virtual opponent is far too streetwise to fall for that. You must ‘box clever’ as they say – picking the right time to pounce and punish your rival if he lets his guard down or looks tired. Ok Champ, the day has come! Seconds out – Round 1!

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Play a fast-paced, soccer goal shooting game for mobile phone, tablet device, notebook, laptop and desktop players! Soccer Tastic is an action-packed, soccer football-based skill game where you find yourself one-on-one with the goalkeeper, and must score as many spectacular goals as possible within the 90 second time limit!

Forget those fancy formations and tactical plans! This boils down to a very simple question; Have you got the nerve, poise, and skill to repeatedly put the ball into the back of the net under extreme pressure?

This highly-addicting, online soccer game requires good hand-eye coordination and fast reactions - whether you're using your mouse or finger to shoot the ball goalward. Smashing the ball in the general direction of the net is not sufficient here – You need a certain amount of creativity and guile to know when to change up your shot trajectory, when to bend the ball around the goalie, and how to respond to a saved effort. You're in the Big League now – It's time to step up and show off that striker's instinct you've been dreaming about!

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It's often acknowledged that the hardest job in the game of soccer is putting the ball into the back of the net… Now's your chance to step up, and do just that! Goal Goal Goal is an easy-to-play, fun, reactions-based soccer football game where you must quickly shoot a moving ball past a vigilant goalkeeper, and score as many consecutive goals as possible. You play the role of the deadly soccer striker, and must carefully pick your moments to shoot the ball past the ‘keeper.

Playable on Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, and desktop, this challenging, virtual soccer goal scoring game requires quick reactions, good observation skills, shrewdness, and patience. There's no time limit – so the trick here is to carefully wait for the optimum moment to strike the ball at the goal. Can you become a prolific football forward and world-class goal-scorer? Go for it Hot Shot!

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A fast-paced skateboarding game primarily for android mobile phone and tablet skaters. Skater Dude is a challenging, reactions-based, side-scrolling, skateboarding survival game for mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop where you attempt to stay upright and "on-board" for as long as possible on an endless and highly treacherous, obstacle-filled street. Play the role of a carefree skating enthusiast, and dodge and weave around the multiple hindrances in your path. Rookies beware – there are no second chances here! One slip, and you hit the street with an Ouchh!

This fun, online, action game should provide a thrill for fans of extreme sports games, and any happy-go-lucky player who enjoys a really tricky, reflex-based challenge online. Fast fingers, wrist work and coordination are required especially if you are using a mouse or touchpad. Good observation skills are also vital to avoid upcoming obstacles.

While skateboarders often love to show off spectacular moves, this is Not really the time to try out new stunts! Remaining upright and surviving for as long as possible should keep you on your toes!

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Pool: Hole in One is a very challenging, accuracy-based billiards game where you must shoot ten red balls into a single pocket located in the center of a cool ‘bumper pool-style’ table.

This tricky, interactive cue-sports game requires good observation skills, smooth hand-eye coordination and point-and-click handling, good prediction skills, the ability to judge the correct angles for your shots, and a cool head under pressure. The clock is ticking, and no mistakes are allowed – If your black cue ball falls into the pocket, it's curtains! Are you ready to take on a unique pool playing challenge?

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Let off some steam in Baseball Blast, a fun and mischievous, reactions-based baseball batting game where you get the naughty opportunity to whack baseballs around an urban / city environment, earning points for hitting as many objects, buildings, and cars as possible! You play the role of the cheeky batting star, and must time your swings to perfection to achieve a good connection with the ball. Once it leaves the face of your bat, you can watch the flying ball create some carnage on the streets that earns you points and bonuses!

While we absolutely recommend that you do not try to replicate this virtual activity at home, this is a light-hearted, 1-level baseball batting simulation game with a playful twist. Expert aiming, accuracy, timing, fast reactions and deft mouse-clicking control are the keys to success here (You must tactfully decide when to swing, and where to aim your shot). Sharp observation skills are also important – Can you pick out the high-scoring shots at the right time? Ok Slugger, it's time to try and hit the cheekiest home run of the day!

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It's the Super Bowl! You're the last line of defense, and there's a speedy running back bearing down on the end zone! You'd better put in a big tackle, and Quick!

Super Bowl Defender 2012 is an awesome fun, tough and fast-paced American football simulation game where you must stop running backs from scoring touchdowns by getting in a BIG HIT! With an overhead, eagle-eye view, you either chase down your opponents or stop them head-on (depending on the level).

There are few more impressive sights in American sports than a hard-nosed defender crunching into a running back at pace, and this keyboard-controlled, skill-based Flash game provides no-nonsense, tackle-making action in abundance! Fast reflexes, nifty finger work, utter determination and stamina are really important player attributes here. Ok Champ, it's all on you! But will you perform on the big day at the pinnacle of football?

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Brave running backs are relentless in their quest for gaining extra yardage - driving the offence forward, smashing through tackles, and powerfully taking the ball upfield with huge linebackers in their path. Now, it's time for you to step into the cleats of an offensive running back, get into ‘Beast Mode’, and make reaching the end zone your ultimate goal!

Speed Back is a very challenging, reactions-based American football simulation game where you must dodge and weave around defenders, and reach the end zone to score a touchdown in each increasingly difficult level. Playing the role of a lone running back with no offensive tackles or guards for protection, you must use fast reactions and nimble footwork to evade the oncoming defense, and reach the end zone unscathed.

Sharp observation skills and swift keyboard control is very important as you attempt to power through the mean defense. Good strategy also comes into play as you decide when and where to use your specialized running back skills. The end zone is close… think you can make it?

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Are you an avid armchair football fan? For an alternative intense experience, immerse yourself in one of the most in-depth, American football simulation games online! Here, you have the unique opportunity to call the offensive, defensive, and special team plays, and carry them out yourself (the true football fan's dream!).

4th and Goal 2015 is an awesome, skill and strategy-based football Flash game where you control a team in either a playoff tournament, or a once-off Championship match. You play multiple roles: the head coach, defensive coordinator, offensive director, quarter back, running back, defensive line backer, kicker, and more! You are in full control of your virtual team, and can set it up to attack and defend in whatever way you like!

The cool eagle-eye / overhead view gives you a great perspective of the action, and allows you to make in-game decisions with authority. As well as tactical nous, you also require focus, good keyboard control and hand-eye coordination, as well as fast reaction speed! Right then, now's your time to earn the limelight!

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