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It’s time to do what every rugby fan has always wanted to do – run out onto the pitch and attempt to score a great try (similar to a touchdown)! In Rugger Bugger, a funny online sports game for teens and grownups, you control an eccentric rugby supporter who has decided to take the game into his own hands, literally! He has run onto the field, grabbed the ball, and now he’s heading for the try-line!

In this addicting and challenging arcade-style game, you must use all of your dodging skills to help Rugger avoid big, angry rugby players who are trying to tackle him to the ground. To complete the game, get the running rugby fan to the end of the field and score a try. You’ll need to have quick reactions to succeed in your quest for glory. Earn points, knock over referees and collect Power-Ups along the way to give you an extra boost. To repel the furious rugby players, Rugger uses his Fartometer Gas. This makes the rugby players fall back and gives him an extra burst of speed.

Rugger’s ultimate goal is to score a try at the end of the pitch (field) – then to perform his own version of the famous New Zealand Haka Warrior dance. Sensitive gamers beware though – His version of the dance is a lot more controversial than the real Haka! Think you’ve got what it takes to get Rugger over the line? Well Rugby Master, you have to TRY!

How to Play: At the start of the game, Rugger has already jumped onto the field and is on the run. You have to control him, and avoid being tackled by the angry rugby players who want their play ball back. Your goal is to get Rugger to the end of the rugby pitch without being tackled. To do this, you must use both your computer keyboard and computer mouse. Rugger runs automatically, but you have to move him up and down with your Arrow Keys (or mouse) to avoid the oncoming rugby players.

To increase his speed, left click on your computer mouse to use the Fartometer Gas. This takes out the players that are chasing him and gives Rugger a boost of speed. The Fartometer level increases as Rugger progresses. The further he runs, the more points you score. To increase your score, collect Power-ups (pies and drinks) along the way. Referees are also trying to stop Rugger. Simply barge into them to knock them over and score bonus points. If you get Rugger to the end of the field, he scores a Try and performs his Haka dance (not for the faint-hearted!)

Tip: Hit one ball off the other to get double scores. The higher you hit the ball, the higher you score!

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