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This page lists the newest strategy games recently added to the Learn4Good Games Area, where children and Big Kids play games online for free. Enjoy some of the best online strategy games in one place – from fun easy-to-play games to more challenging thinking puzzles.

Have you got the football brain, tactical know-how, mental toughness and dogged determination required to be a top soccer manager (head coach)? Football Challenger is a highly-challenging, in-depth sports management simulation game where you take control of a competitive soccer team, and must choose the formations, tactics, and players for each game. While you don't get to actually control your individual players in the thick of the action on the field, you do have an eagle-eyed, overhead view of the soccer match, and must make important mid-game decisions to try and affect the outcome. Simply, be the Boss!

Reasons to play this fun, virtual football manager game: If you sometimes shout at your TV screen to complain and exclaim that you could do a far better job than the manager of your favorite soccer or sports team, then here is your chance to prove it! Test and exercise your managerial prowess, analytical thinking and decision-making skills, your strategic judgment, and stamina as you take over the day-to-day running of a pro soccer football team. See if you can lead your side to glory at the end of the season!

Strategy to win: Just like in real life soccer management, there are many facets and different important objectives in this cool simulation game. You must try to identify the best formation for your team, make important substitutions at key moments in each match, and alter your tactics at a moment’s notice (a late goal may be required – and you might need to go ALL OUT ATTACK!). Good decision making skills are essential as well as the ability to learn from your mistakes; even the best managers on the planet don't get it right every week!

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Play a fun, old-school, copybook-style, Tic-tac-toe game online – with single and two player modes! Tic Tac Toe: Paper is a straight-forward, online version of this classic game concept where you race against a computer opponent or a friend to get three Xs or Os in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row on a small 3X3 space grid.

Reasons to play this online puzzle game: Follow in the footsteps of parents and grandparents globally who likely played this legendary doodling game (also known as Xs and Os, Naughts and Crosses) in classrooms back in their school days - during break of course! Test and exercise your analytical thinking skills and tactical awareness as you try to trick your opponent with fast-paced play and/or unpredictable moves.

Strategy to win: A high concentration level, great patience and perseverance are all very important skills in Tic Tac Toe. Often, games end in a tie, so you need to be constantly changing up your style, and flexible in your strategy – Don't make the same moves each time. Wear down your opponent with solid, well-thought-out play!

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Play a very challenging, high-intensity, futuristic tower defense game for older kids / teens where you are in charge of defending your server from waves of attacking viruses (geometric shapes). VR Defender Y3K is an innovative, interactive, space-age battle strategy game with cool retro-style graphics where you must defend a super computer's firewall from constant attack by enemy viruses. As Chief Network Security Engineer, you must methodically place virtual turret guns along the network path in order to stop the waves of viruses before they penetrate your firewall.

Background info: The year is 3000, and a hi-tech software company has employed you to defeat the hundreds of viruses that plan to attack their server. However, due to sudden budget cuts, you must raise your own virtual income for further weapons by collecting bounties from each virus that you eliminate.

Reasons to play this cool, strategy-based survival game: Exercise your strategic decision-making skills and tactical battle skills as you carefully and meticulously build turrets in defensively-advantageous positions along the pathway. Experienced fans of tower defense games should enjoy the challenging, fast-paced action here.

Strategy to win: A cool head is important here, as is the leadership skill to see the ‘bigger picture’. Measured, clinical placing of turrets is the best strategy. It's all well and good to have turret guns placed where the enemy first appears but what if they break through your initial defenses? So choose your defense placements wisely!

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Orbitron is a fun and addicting, old-school space invaders arcade-style game for kids, teens and family that combines accurate mouse control and reaction skills, tower defense strategy, alien shooting, and a clever use of upgrades and defensive buildings. As Chief Orbit Protector, you are in charge of constructing Tetris block-like defensive walls, eliminating enemies, and keeping your ‘orbit’ (base) safe from wave after wave of enemy attacks.

Reasons to play this fast-paced, online arcade game: Put your reaction speed and strategy skills to the test! Fans of classic space invaders games should enjoy the retro game interface and action here. However, there is also a more modern, futuristic aspect to the game. This is far from a simple, one-dimensional shooting challenge – You also have to construct protective barriers and use good strategy to survive the constant onslaught from enemy alien spacecraft.

Strategy to win: You really need to exhibit fast reactions, sharp hand-eye coordination, and smart observation skills here. Accurate mouse and keyboard control skills are also important. Your decision-making and battle strategy skills need to be hot and ‘on point’! When and where you place defensive measures is the key to you going ‘deep’ into the levels here.

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Fureyes: Base Defense is a challenging, fast-paced, real-time tower defense-based strategy game where you must protect your base from attack by one-eyed creatures called Fureyes. Although perhaps cute and cuddly in appearance, these cheeky little guys are out on a mission to destroy your base!

Reasons to play this high-octane, defense tactics-based game: For fans of classic tower defense games, Fureyes: Base Defense has the added challenge that the Fureyes don't just attack along one path – They have different entry points around the 360 degree play area (with your base positioned in the center). This provides a stern test of your battle strategy skills! Can you cover all angles, and you prove yourself to be a master tactician in the face of overwhelming pressure and high numbers of invading enemy forces?

Strategy to win: A cool head is as essential here as in any battle! In defense, you must use good strategy, well-placed turret guns, and accurate magic spells to eliminate the invaders. Even though you face wave after wave of Fureyes, you must calmly make your decisions about where and when to place your turrets. Use special moves to your advantage – Wait until the perfect moment to strike in order to eliminate as many bad guys as possible in one swoop!

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A game for beginner to advanced level solitaire players to enjoy! Six Peaks Solitaire is a challenging, virtual card game and number sequence activity for kids, teens and adults alike where your goal is to eliminate all of the cards from a large grid by matching them to a ‘Base’ card in a numerical sequence. For those of you not familiar with the concept: If your Base card is a 9, you can eliminate any visible 8s or 10s from the grid, and so on. And for those of you who thought tri-peak solitaire was tricky – get ready to face double the difficulty level!

Reasons to play this fun card game: Seasoned solitaire aficionados should enjoy the highly-stimulating action – this is no walk in the park compared to many online solitaire games. Beginner solitaire players should hopefully pick up the rules quite quickly but finding a good strategy for success might be a bit trickier! This could be a good game for elementary school students learning how to spot number sequences and to help exercise and improve hand-eye coordination.

Strategy to win: Very good observation skills are naturally important as you try to pick out possible sequences. Strategy is also essential here – You often need to be thinking one or two steps ahead, and which cards you might target in your next couple of moves. There is no time limit, but there are extra points on offer for solitaire speedsters!

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Gallantly defend your treasure maps and ship from plundering, futuristic robots by using your dual swords and dual pistols in this high-octane, tower defense pirate game! Steam Pirate is a very challenging, Flash action game for older kids / teens where you must survive wave after wave of marauding robot thieves who attempt to steal valuable map scrolls from your ship in 20 increasingly-difficult levels! The scurvy robots must be kept at bay by a mixture of well-placed turret guns, and your own swift and accurate sword and gun attacks.

Reasons to play this addicting strategy defense game: Exercise your tactical battle skills and determination as you set up key defense mechanisms against your invading robotic opponents. Fans of classic tower defense strategy games should enjoy the high-pressure action.

Strategy to win: Excellent coordination skills, fast reactions and reflexes are absolutely essential here as you dash around the game screen, eliminating robots as fast as you possibly can. Shrewd strategy is also key – You must cunningly place your turret guns in advantageous positions to slow the fearsome robots down. Decision-making skills also come into play as you choose which items and weapons to upgrade in between levels.

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Trio Tic Tac Toe is a fun, tough and addicting X and O game to play against the computer in 8 different difficulty levels, or with a friend in 2 Player mode. Here, each player is limited to just three pieces, and must continue to move these pieces around the grid while trying to score three in a row or thwart their opponent. Tic Tac Toe online has never been so tricky!

Reasons to play this innovative version of Tic Tac Toe: With a maximum of 6 filled spaces on the grid at any one time, this cool online version demands a lot more interesting tactical play compared to the classic Tic Tac Toe format. Young and older players alike, and experienced strategy puzzle aficionados should enjoy the challenging action here. Can you become an expert Tic Tac Toe player?

Strategy to win: Good analytical thinking skills are very important here, especially if taking on one of the more difficult computer levels. This is a much more tactical thinking-based version of Tic Tac Toe than versions you may have played before. Instead of looking to score three in a row with the knowledge that you may have an unlimited number of Xs or Os to use, here you must be more forward-thinking and cautious with your moves. You have to be more defensive-minded also - not to open up an extra space for your opponent (computer or friend) to exploit if you are removing one of your earlier moves.

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Sand Trap is a challenging, interactive maze-based puzzle game for bright elementary school students through high school teens where you must carefully rotate a large maze structure in order to maneuver sufficient granules of sand into a bucket at the bottom of the play area. Playable on Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and PC, you must use gravity, analytical and creative thinking skills, strategy, resource management, patience, great determination and fast reactions to maneuver the rotating maze and sand into advantageous positions.

This difficult visual brainteaser and gravity-based puzzle encourages players to ‘think outside the box’ as they use the various contours and features of the maze structure to methodically shift the sand in the optimal direction. The game also definitely rewards those who avoid wasting resources. So, are you ready to put your problem-solving skills and patience to the test?

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Hex Wars is a turn-based, 1-player strategy game (very similar to the classic territory game ‘Risk’) where you play against the computer, and must use your turn to conquer adjacent enemy territories, with the overall goal of dominating the entire map. With 12 territories and 4 ‘armies’ at the start of the game, you use savvy battle strategy and good decision making skills to overpower your computer enemies, and slowly muscle into their territories.

Playable on Android mobile phone, tablet device, notebook, laptop and desktop, this interactive brain teaser and game of chance requires simple math skills, good observation, deep thinking, strategy, a cool head, and the vision to see the ‘bigger picture’. An element of luck is also important in tight territory battles, but the player who makes the best tactical decisions should almost always come out on top overall. Enjoy the strategic action!

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Play a challenging Connect 4-style, interactive puzzle game where you drop disc-shaped jewels into a grid to create matching rows of four! Playable against the computer or in 2 Player mode against a friend or family member, Greedy Gnomes is a fun, online 4-in-a-row game based on the classic tic-tac-toe-based activity also known as Plot Four, Four Up, and Captain's Mistress around the world). Your goal is to ‘connect’ four of your own gem discs in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row!

This tricky puzzler requires sharp concentration and observation skills, vigilance, smart analytical thinking and strategy as you attempt to stack the gems in a way that forces your opponent into a mistake (oversight). Happy connecting!

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In this funny tower defense game, the tables have well and truly turned, with the little piggies playing the role of the bad guys on the march, and the wolves playing as the good soldiers out to stop them! Bad Wolfs is a tower defense-based strategy game where you must carefully position wolf soldiers along a pathway to stop a marching horde of rebellious pigs from reaching their destination (the house). As the strategic leader of the wolf pack, you must deploy your canine troops to advantageous positions along the road, and hope that they eliminate the oncoming pig waves before it's too late!

This fast-paced defense game is available to play on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop. Smart decision making skills and good tactical awareness are vital attributes here. You must identify weak spots in your defensive line, and act quickly to rectify your problems. A sense of urgency is really important here – You must quickly train your wolves, and alter their positions at a moment's notice!

The quirky language and poor grammar used by the game developers adds to the wacky nature and atmosphere of the game in our view. The game name - Bad Wolfs should be read with a light-hearted mindset. So then, are you ready to protect your lair from the pig invasion?

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Are you an avid armchair football fan? For an alternative intense experience, immerse yourself in one of the most in-depth, American football simulation games online! Here, you have the unique opportunity to call the offensive, defensive, and special team plays, and carry them out yourself (the true football fan's dream!).

4th and Goal 2015 is an awesome, skill and strategy-based football Flash game where you control a team in either a playoff tournament, or a once-off Championship match. You play multiple roles: the head coach, defensive coordinator, offensive director, quarter back, running back, defensive line backer, kicker, and more! You are in full control of your virtual team, and can set it up to attack and defend in whatever way you like!

The cool eagle-eye / overhead view gives you a great perspective of the action, and allows you to make in-game decisions with authority. As well as tactical nous, you also require focus, good keyboard control and hand-eye coordination, as well as fast reaction speed! Right then, now's your time to earn the limelight!

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Mine Solver is a straight-forward yet challenging, maze-based, brainteaser puzzle game where you must logically push all special blue marble gem stones (jewels) onto outlined target areas in order to progress. The catch is that one wrong move could result in a gem becoming ‘unmovable’ in a corner of the narrow, confined maze areas.

Good logic and analytical thinking skills are extremely important here; you must strategically plan out your moves. Trial and error also plays a big part in overall success. Ok Mine Solver, let's see your problem-solving skills in action!

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Finding yourself in the mist of a very hostile environment, you must sneak around to find the key card that helps you to escape the simulation zone. Stealth 3D is an extremely-challenging, survival and escape-based action adventure game for teens where you play the role of a teen sleuth who has stumbled across this secret environment while on a tour.

Set in a dark, futuristic-style industrial complex, you must creep around the high security facility undetected, exhibiting the silky skills of a top-class spy while searching for the all-important key card for the exit lift! Avoid the security cameras, evade the robot guards, and somehow make it all the way to the elevator at the end of the level.

This really interesting and tricky 3D RPG simulation game and thinking puzzle requires bravery, good analytical problem-solving skills, smart decision-making skills and savvy keyboard-tapping (one false move and the alarm sounds!). Outrunning the guards is not an option – you MUST use STEALTH! This is your opportunity to test your James Bond-style traits in a high-intensity environment. Good luck!

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Battle Recruits is a fun, medieval-style, tower attack-based strategy arcade game where your hero character must race around a confined battlefield, gather up randomly-spawning soldiers, and then unleash your new army upon enemy strongholds when you decide the time is right to commence battle. As Chief Hero Commander (loyal to the King), you command all ranks of soldiers to follow your lead. Then, when you feel like you have sufficient firepower at your disposal, you can send your minions into action.

Background info: The once-peaceful kingdom of Targath has been overrun by the forces of the evil witch Mordella. A small band of hero fighters, loyal to the peace-loving wizard King (and controlled by you), have vowed to re-take this magical land for the good of all its people!

Battle Recruits requires smart strategy, quick reactions and good keyboard tapping skills. You need to choose a tactful moment to strike against the enemy, and you be quick to change direction and the point of attack at a moment’s thought. The fate of an entire realm is in your hands Commander. Can you lead us to glory?

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Protect your kingdom from invading armies in this epic tower defense extravaganza! Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is an awesome online battle strategy game for teens where you must valiantly defend your base against marching hordes of enemies by building protective towers along the pathway. As the Chief Commander of the Kingdom’s defensive forces, you must make the tough tactical decisions regarding the strategic positioning of your troops, the types of towers you want to build, and when to go on an all-out offensive against the oncoming waves of invaders. Set in a medieval, Lord of the Rings-style realm, you have to contend with general grunt infantry units as well as powerful wizards, humongous trolls, and more otherworldly creatures intent on the destruction of your peaceful Kingdom.
Mentally, you need to be strong on the strategy side of warfare. Your troops must be carefully positioned in key areas, and you need to have a solid mix of defensive towers (A variety of attacking options is the key to defeating the various different opponents). You must also use your initiative to take out enemies with special destructive moves designated for the Chief Commander alone. Physically, you need to exhibit smart reaction skills and fast mouse-clicking as you attempt to quickly rebuild fallen towers. Your Kingdom needs you! And, defeat is simply not an option!

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Tower defense game experts required! There are 50 waves of boats about to hammer your defenses. The big question is – can you hold out? Boat Invasion is an intense, immersive and very challenging tower defense-based strategy game where you play as the last line of Resistance against hordes of invading sail boats. Acting as the Supreme Defense Commander, you have to carefully position powerful turret guns along the riverbank in order to defend your acreage against wave after wave of invaders threatening to wreak devastation upon your once peaceful land.

Good strategy is the absolute cornerstone of a successful defensive unit. You have to be instinctively able to identify any possible weak spots, and then reduce the risk of the enemy breaking through by acting quickly to place new turrets in the correct positions. As well as the steel-like mental fortitude required (top concentration & discipline), you also need to be ready to rock and roll with super-quick mouse movements and slick decisive action. Go Defense!

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Ready.... Quack! Set.... Quack! GO.... Quack! Duck Life 3 is a fun upgrade, strategy and skill-based racing game where your challenging goal is to coach a cute little duckling into a masterful, multi-talented athlete! In this entertaining and wildly-eccentric sequel in the fun Duck Life series, you must slowly increase your duck’s running, climbing, swimming, and flying skills through good performances in 4 different mini-games that act as rigorous training sessions (while testing your own quick reactions with deft keyboard tapping). Once your determined ducky is ready to take on the big boys, you can enter him in increasingly-testing competitive tournament races.

Just as in real-life fitness and athletics training, you cannot expect instant results. You cannot actually control your little prodigy during competitive action, and this puts even more emphasis on quality training! Really hard work, absolute dogged determination, excellent strategy, and quality preparation are the key ingredients here to unlocking your humble duck’s potential. Finally, your dexterous keyboard tapping skills and quick reflexes are tested to the max during the 4 taxing mini-games. OK, let’s get coaching, and good luck!

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Interested in a blockbusting RTS-style battle strategy game in the same high-intensity mold as Age of Defense, Age of War, Goodgame Empire? In Age of Defense, you play the role of the supreme Hero Commander of the ‘Light Forces’, and must defend your empire, and destroy your enemy's castle during an epic medieval-style battle featuring magical creatures, dragons, orcs, archers, swordsmen, and the rest.

Set on an iconic ‘three corridor’ battlefield, you must command your own chosen ‘Hero’ as well as your allied forces against the oncoming hordes of enemies that make up the ‘Dark Forces’ army. Supreme victory is only achieved once all of the Dark Forces warriors and buildings have been destroyed. Gripping and intense, this amazingly in-depth medieval battle adventure nods approvingly at Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Age of Empires. Prepare to be absorbed by hours of sword-wielding action as you mount a serious challenge to become a strategic command legend! Excellent decision making and a good grasp of battle management techniques are key attributes required here. Bravery and tactful attacking maneuvers are rewarded – but don’t get carried away with a ‘gung-ho’ approach. The enemy is resourceful and resilient, and you will have to break it down slowly but surely!

The ground shakes as the enemy forces approach… You can just about hear their snarling cries above the sound of clanking weapons… This is it; the last great battle of our time… The air is electric with tension… The Forces of Light need a Hero to stand up and lead the charge… All eyes turn to you… But, are you up to this immense task?...

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