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Find strategy computer games & thinking puzzles for children, teens & Big Kids. We believe that we have put some of the best strategy games for kids in one place. From classic concepts to newest, from simple to the most challenging. Have fun!

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Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion is a bright & bubbly strategy game for kids and youth where you earn virtual money and points by strategically placing towers around different tracks in order to destroy “Bloons”, that are trying to get to the end of the track. Every time they get passed your towers, and go off the screen - you lose health. If your health reaches zero, it’s game over – bloon victory! In this latest version of the popular tower defense game, you get to use a massive range of weird and wonderful weapons to halt the relentless bloon invasion! This fun-tastic game requires tactical skill and ingenuity along with a mastery of bloon-blasting! Have a go! See if you can handle this colorful and demanding task. Good luck!

This is definitely one of the coolest and most unique tower defense games out there! It has some mind-blowing new features including all those classic towers from the previous versions, along with 8 awesome upgrades each, instead of 4. There are also two brand new (never before seen) tower types to add even more variety to this bloon-bursting adventure! You can now use the tower’s mega-cool “'Super Activated Abilities” to obliterate endless swarms of pesky and persistent little bloons. There are even new types of bloons to deal with, so you need all the firepower you can get your hands on, to survive the onslaught! There are also some fun new tracks with moving parts and tunnels.

Like the earlier versions, there are 3 main game modes: Easy – where stuff is cheap and you have 200 lives and 50 rounds to pass, Medium – where stuff is fairly priced and you have 150 lives and 60 rounds to pass and Hard – where stuff is expensive and you only have 100 lives and 75 rounds to pass. OK, ready for action? Remember, the more Bloons you destroy, the more virtual money you earn, enabling you to buy more weapons to destroy even more of these bloons! Let’s go… get blasting dart monkey!

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Age of War 2 is a challenging online strategy game that comprises the best of two playing styles: Tower defense and all-out attack. Your mission is two-fold: Defend your base (fortress) against the enemy and try to do some damage to their base. To win, you must successfully conquer their fortress. You must control infantry, build up your stronghold, and strategically form a plan of action to attack your enemies' base.

This unusual war game will really get you thinking strategically as you build and develop your defense while sending troops out to attack your opponent. This isn’t the average war-style game, it equally employs both defense and attack elements. It’s also a cool history lesson; As the game progresses, the troops and castles develop through the different Ages – from cavemen, to Egypt, to modern soldiers. Your fortress must be strong enough to survive the onslaught from your enemies, while your army must be diverse and powerful enough to launch a sustained attack on the enemy base.

Your multi-tasking skills will also come into play, as you have to plan out your strategy on both fronts. Earn XP points and virtual Gold coins as you go along to upgrade your army. Improve your fortress with battalion upgrades and send out bigger and better soldiers. Think you’ve got the strategic knowledge to succeed? Let’s see what you’ve got General!

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Prepare to be engrossed in Tanki Online, an awesome free to play, browser-based MMO-shooter & 3D tank game. This superbly realistic action adventure is one of the most popular games on the web at time of posting. Once you sign in to play, you are immediately immersed in a highly interactive multiplayer shooting frenzy in "full-on" battles alongside gamers from all over the world. Take part in explosive tank-based conflicts that can feature anything from one to literally hundreds of players at a time! After joining either a ‘Red’ or ‘Blue’ team, you have to work alongside your colleagues to destroy opposition tanks, capture the enemy flag, collect vital upgrades, and generally help your team toward a supreme victory.

This amazingly in-depth and collaborative online strategy & skill-based war game requires very good decision making ability, and shrewd military tactics. You can either strive to be a real ‘team player’ who cooperates with his/her squad, or you can alternatively decide to be a "lone-wolf" fighter, skulking in the shadows and picking off enemies from afar! Either way, you definitely need super-fast reactions, hawkish observation skills, and nimble keyboard tapping in order to excel here (where the competition is just so fierce!). Choose your battles wisely, build up your reputation, and become one of the world’s most feared and respected Tanki operators! However, will you survive the heat for long enough to wear your medals home with honor?

Important: Because this game has in-play purchasing options to upgrade (which require real money), any child or teen playing this game (for free or otherwise) should first have clearance from your parent, guardian or supervisor to do so (Simply by playing this game, you confirm that you do have that clearance and authorization at this time).

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Shadez (THE BLACK OPERATIONS) is a strategy war-game packed with fun-filled explosive action guaranteed to separate the men from the boys and women from the girls. You play the role of a general of an elite mercenary force. Your goal is to advance and destroy the oncoming enemy before they attack and infiltrate your base. You need to use your expert knowledge of troop deployment, military hardware and air strikes to take out this fearsome and unconventional enemy. This is a Black Operation - a war that nobody wants to know about. If you are successful, you and your men will be rehired for future missions.

Think you can outwit the enemy? Well now, YOU are in command. Let’s see what military strategies and tactics you can bring to the battlefield. And remember, no one gets left behind! OK, so every time you destroy an enemy unit, you earn funds which you use to increase the strength of your army. Every time an enemy unit reaches your base (which is off the game screen to the left), the health of your army is reduced. Once your health reaches zero, your base has been destroyed and it’s game over for you and your men. There are different game levels (from easy to expert) with different types of gameplay and strategy. Good Luck General!

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Online Bloons Tower Defense 3 Game is a strategic tower defense game with simple rules, yet complex tactics, and is a continuation of the Bloons Tower Defense 2 Game. Designed for the whole family, Bloons Tower Defense 3 is especially suitable for those willing to develop their logic and reaction skills. It features improved graphics, lots of new and original tower tracks and weapons to choose from.

The aim of the game is to protect the path to the tower by not letting the balloons pass and attack the tower. First choose the track, then the difficulty level (easy, med, hard). Buy weapons (defenders) from the right side bar and place them on or by the paths to maximize their effectiveness. There are 50 levels for you to master.

Note that the higher the level, the faster the balloons, therefore a strategy of defense, as well as quick thinking and reactions are essential. You earn virtual money by shooting the balloons. Buy super monkeys, darts, cannons, boomerangs, ice balls, road spikes, tack shooters and various other defenders to protect the tower. The items can be sold or upgraded.

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Rolling Fall is a fun physics-based puzzle game for children and grownups where you have to cut chains at the precise moment so that the heavy wrecking balls attached to them can swing or fall loose with gravity and knock the Zombies from the platforms below. It starts off easy but then gets really tricky as the levels progress! This game turns into an addicting brain-teaser of epic proportions. You need to keep your thinking cap on tight! OK Zombie Smasher, do some damage!

Your job is to cut the chains, release the wrecking balls and do-away-with all of the unfortunate Zombies! Timing and strategic planning are essential here. You need to cut the chains at the exact moment so that the wrecking balls swing or come completely loose and knock the Zombies. But Remember, you have to eliminate ALL Zombies from the platforms in order to succeed.

You need to decide which chains to cut first so that you are able to take out of all of these bad guys. If you don’t knock all them off the platforms, you fail the level. There are 40 Zombie-filled levels to cut your way through, and each one offers a new (and increasingly complicated) challenge. The faster you wreck the Zombie party, the more points you will score. Time to swing into action and take them out! Enjoy!

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Castle Wars - Build a giant castle with the help of various bonus-cards in this online card game. Destroy your opponent's castle or build a 100-storey castle yourself in order to win the game. Wards cards are used to perform different actions. Each of the cards has its own action/meaning, such as building, attacking, stealing etc. You have to select a card and use it for your own profit or to damage an opponent. 

Your achievements are shown on the left side of the game screen, and your opponent's – on the right. Go to 'Card Deck' to see what cards are available and choose the number of each card you want to include in the game. Click 'default' and 'use' at the bottom of the page if you want to play the default version of the game with a selected number of cards. Select 1 player or 2 player game to start. Then choose the difficulty level (beginner, experienced) for the battle to begin.

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Bloons Tower Defense 5 is an epic sequel to the hugely popular Bloons Tower Defense series of strategy games where you have to protect your tower by popping the colorful balloons that are rapidly floating along the path toward it. Utilize an array of balloon-popping monkeys, machines and bombs to stop the snaking line of balloons from wreaking havoc on your tower! Bloons TD 5 boasts new and original tracks, fancy new balloon-popping techniques, and a myriad of different types of balloons - all just begging to be popped!

This certainly is a challenging and addicting tower defense game, and a true test of your quick thinking and strategic planning skills, and endurance. Do you have the speed and tactical expertise to position your balloon-popping monkeys in the correct areas to stop the onslaught of balloons while under great pressure? There’s certainly no room for monkeying around here, as the seemingly endless parade of balloons increases in speed and difficulty as you progress. Quick reactions and hand-eye coordination are extremely important here, as you have to respond swiftly if you spot a weakness in your defensive line. Are you ready to ‘pop ‘til you drop? Ok Balloon Buster Extraordinaire, let’s see all that strategic prowess at work! Good luck too!

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Get ready to show off your defensive strategy skills in an epic war adventure full of magical creatures, mythical beasts, and fearsome enemies. Kingdom Rush is an action-packed, tower defense-style strategy game where you have to defend your kingdom against wave after wave of enemy forces by setting up barriers, and strategically organizing your defense. Protect your Realm from hordes of trolls, orcs, evil wizards and other horrible fiends; with a huge arsenal of brave warriors and good wizards of your own!

You play the role of Defense Coordinator General, and have to strategically place towers full of troops at advantageous locations along the road to stop the enemy in their tracks. Upgrade your towers with special powers, rain fire upon your enemies, summon additional troops, recruit elven warriors and face legendary monsters in this addicting and intense medieval fantasy war adventure. Ideal for fans of Lord of the Rings-style themed games, this activity will really test your quick thinking and strategic planning. Have you got the tactical know-how to outsmart your opponents and defend your Kingdom to the bitter end? Get ready to save the day General – your people are counting on you!

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Knight: Orc Assault is a tower defense-style strategy and sword-fighting game for teens where you have to defend your castle against wave after wave of enemy creatures. You play the role of an Elite Knight – the last man standing in a castle fort under siege by ugly green Orcs, Ogres and other terrors. These monsters are intent on destroying your castle, and it’s up to you to stop them. Use cool sword fighting techniques to fend them off, eliminating each of the 50 waves one by one. Equip yourself with awesome weapons, thick armor and sturdy shields.

This online RPG action game will really test and exercise your quick reaction skills, as there are literally hundreds of enemies to fight off. Your strategic planning abilities will also be tested, as you have to build strong defenses, and tactically place barriers to keep these brutes out. Keep upgrading your castle’s defenses to make it a totally impenetrable fortress. Hire mercenary knights to help you in your quest to defeat the gigantic Orc Army. Think you can do it Master Defender? It’s time to make a stand. No Surrender!

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Are you ready for a totally intense war-strategy experience, where your ultimate goal is to conquer the world and build an empire? Hex Empire is an addicting turn-based strategy game slightly similar in theme to the classic board game Risk. You have to lead your armies into war across a hexagon-ally tiled map. Take on three other computer-controlled armies, and try to conquer them all. Step-by-step, town-by-town, you have to lead your chosen country to victory by using clever tactics and cunning war strategies. Build up your armies and overpower your enemies by outflanking, and outsmarting them. Fight on all fronts, from the land and the sea – but make sure to keep your defenses strong. Your decision making skills will be thoroughly tested, as you only have a certain amount of moves to advance your different army regiments in each turn. Have you got the brains, and the nerve, to become the ultimate war tactician? Ok General, it’s time to do battle!

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Long Way is a western-themed tower defense strategy game for kids & teens where you defend your prized cattle herd by placing towers in strategic locations within the game and not letting thieving gangs get anywhere near your ox-fence. Set in the Wild Wild West, this tower defense game involves completing quests, recruiting cowboys and buying various items - all to defend your precious bulls! It includes tons of enemies, upgrades, and challenging bosses.

This fun-filled action game can get darn hectic, as the nasty invaders approach in huge numbers, trying to get to your oblivious livestock. You need to protect them at all costs! Be prepared! This is an all-out-war that requires planning, cunning and ruthlessness! Get the picture, Cowboy? Well let’s get to work then!

Ok, this is the score: Bandits want to steal your bulls. Don’t let them reach your pasture. If you lose all of your bulls, the battle will be lost! Use cowboys to defend your pasture. You earn virtual money every time you take out a bandit. With this money you earn, you can hire more cowboys. You can then go on to upgrade your cowboys when you can afford it. In order to speed up the game, once you have eliminated all of the bandits, click on START with your computer mouse (in the bottom right corner of the game screen) and a new wave of bad bandits will arrive on the scene straight away - ready for a shooting spree! Be warned – each new wave is even more furious than the last! OK, Bandit Blaster, get shootin, darn it! YEE-HAW!

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Epic War 2 is a cool sequel to the hugely popular fantasy war/tower-defense strategy game, Epic War. Combining the best elements of defensive and attacking medieval army battles (Middle Earth-style), this epic adventure is set in a world of Lord of the Rings and World of Warcraft-style characters such as Orcs, Wizards, Goblins, Dragons, and other supernatural creatures. In Epic War II, you play the role of the Army General and Arrow Shooter, and have to quickly advance your troops across the land, ruthlessly destroying enemy castles along the way.

This battle-filled fantasy adventure game requires shrewd tactical nous and strategy planning, as you have to set up your army to defend as well as attack. March across foreign lands to reclaim your kingdom from the rebel invaders, and crush all opposition in your wake. Are you ready to unsheathe your sword, sharpen your arrows, and strap on your armor? Good, see you on the battlefield then, O' Great Medieval Warrior!

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Bloons Tower Defense 4 is a colorful strategy game for kids & teens where you have to prevent an onslaught of bright bouncy “bloons” from reaching their intended destination – your tower, using your cunning and skill. Mostly, this involves blowing them up, throwing spikes at them, firing boomerangs and other fun stuff! This lively and unique tower defense game requires good planning skills and offers hours of addicting entertainment! Have a blast!

You have 6 tracks you can choose (from beginner to expert), and your mission is to stop as many bloons as possible before they get to the end of the track! Don’t let them pass. You have three game modes to choose from: Easy – where stuff is cheap to buy and you have 200 lives; Medium – where stuff is fairly priced and you have 150 lives; Hard – where stuff is expensive and you only have 100 lives. You have various weapons in your arsenal and you need to strategically place them around the tracks for maximum bloon blasting destruction! Stop them in their tracks!

One of the things that makes Bloons Tower Defense 4 unique (apart from the colorful cartoon graphics) is the sheer diversity of weapons available. You can use surface-to-air missile launchers and planes, which hover over the game area, along with a wide variety of power ups to get the job done. OK, so let’s going! The more bloons you blast - the more virtual money you earn – enabling you to buy/sell more weapons to blast more boons! It’s non-stop bubbly bloon bursting fun and enjoyment. Good luck!

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Zone of War comprises the best of two worlds - the element of strategy building and development and the fun factor of a very intense war zone action game with 14 hectic levels. The idea is very simple; you are in charge of a fortress defense area and you are a first class Private. If you win a battle, you earn a promotion from Sergeant all the way up to an army General. But it takes several intense battles to get even reach the rank of Lieutenant! You can see your rank in the “Achievements” menu section. You have two machine guns – small and heavy. The smaller one has a faster turn and is mostly fit to defeat infantry troops. The heavy gun can be upgraded after every battle. Each battle you win earns you 3 points that can be used to upgrade your heavy gun. Good luck Soldier!

Upgrade Definitions: Damage – how much damage each of your shots create, Firespeed – how fast your guns shoot, Defense – how immune your fortress is to opponent attacks, and Mobility – how fast your guns can be turned one or the other direction. You can see Repair Base there as well (1 point is used for a full repair).

Tips: Keep one eye on the top left corner blue bar. It displays how much damage has been done to your fortress. It is a good idea to repair it once the bar is less than half blue, or else your defense system may get too weak during an attack and cause you to lose the battle. Try to upgrade your Damage and Firespeed in the beginning and then start sharing upgrade points for defense and mobility as the enemy attack gets heavier. This will save you from wasting precious points on “Base” repair in the beginning. Once the battle begins, concentrate on defeating heavy tanks and helicopters first as they inflict most of the damage on you. When the attack is getting too heavy for you, and you need some extra backup – you may call in Air Support by pressing the Spacebar button on your keyboard (There are 14 levels of play but air support can only be used 3 times in total).

Controls: To start shooting – left click and hold your computer mouse left button. The shooting direction is controlled using your mouse but don’t move it around too fast as your guns have a lag and cannot turn quickly. Aim by moving your mouse gradually from one target to the other. However, your small machine gun can turn very fast, and therefore you have a chance to take care of oncoming infantry while defeating the tanks at the same time. To call in Air Support, press Spacebar. If you need a break or to pause the game, press the Esc or 'P' key on your keyboard. Click the 'Resume' button to continue the battle.

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Are you ready for an immersive virtual experience where you transport yourself back to the time of World War II, and find the weight of world history on your shoulders? Endless War: Defense is a top tower-defense-style game and intense battle strategy challenge where you play the role of Commander of a defensive battalion in either the U.S./Allies, German, or Soviet armies during a series of heated WWII conflicts. Combine strong defense with all-out attack as you attempt to fend off wave after wave of enemy forces on a stark and unforgiving European battlefield.

This adrenaline-pumping war tactics game is all about "your" cunning battle strategy. Do you have sufficient trenches, turrets, troops and anti-tank firepower to repel the enemy? Or will your defenses be broken down by the sheer force of the onslaught? Utilize shrewd tactical know-how, masterful multi-tasking skills, fast mouse-clicking maneuvers, and combat-hardened experience to ensure that you come out victorious in this epic battle royale. The future of world power is resting on your important decision making skills Commander! Can you take the immense pressure?

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Imperium is an epic, in-depth resource management and empire building strategy simulation game where you build a medieval-style civilization from the roots - and slowly mold it into a feared and powerful empire! Reminiscent of classic society construction games such as Age of Empires, you have to strategically develop your kingdom by cultivating the land, managing crops, building an army, producing armaments, and finally waging war to claim the entire Dogland Realm for your own!

This highly entertaining and interactive medieval adventure is extremely detailed, and requires a great deal of patience, dogged determination, and plenty of skill at managing resources and stocks. Although the game is set in a relatively primitive environment, you can still learn some very valuable modern-life skills such as good money management, and the ability to make quick decisions under pressure. The pride and prestige of controlling a dominant medieval empire is right at your fingertips! Have you got the ruthless organizational authority to seize the day? Happy Empire building!

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The enemy is marching toward your base, General… and as the old battle saying goes; attack is the best form of defense! Grid Command is an intense and challenging tower defense-style strategy game where you have to build gun turrets, blockades and other powerful defenses to stop wave after wave of enemy vehicles, tanks and aircraft from destroying your military base. Strategically place explosive weaponry to blast the enemy off your doorstep, and protect your base from both ground and air attacks.

This all-action war adventure will keep you right on the edge of your seat, as you frantically try to build defensive measures to deflect and destroy the enemy. Strategic planning is vitally important – you can build blocking walls as well as gun turrets – so choose your defenses wisely. The gameplay is similar to the classic Bloons Tower Defense games – albeit this game has a lot more firepower! Have you got the shrewd tactical nous, quick thinking skills, and combat endurance to hold out against the odds? We believe in you to defend your station!

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Ok Commander - Hell’s Gate has been opened, and evil has swept across the continents once again. It’s time to gather a new army - and strike back! Epic War 5: Hell’s Gate is a stunning sequel in the popular Epic War series of combat strategy games for teens, set in a fantasy world full of wizards, elves, orcs, and more. Command battalions of supernatural creatures against the dark forces in this awesome RPG battle adventure. Take back the land for good, and vanquish your enemies for once and for all!

Your strategic thinking abilities are tested to the max in this virtual battlefield challenge. You must use good military tactics, and make shrewd decisions to ensure victory in each battle. Unlike previous Epic War titles, there is little or no defensive element to the action. Attack is the best form of defense, as the old saying goes! March your troops across difficult terrain, and take on waves of enemy creatures on their own ground. Upgrade your fantastical armies as you progress, and assemble a battalion that truly is a force to be reckoned with! Ready to lead your troops, Oh Great Conqueror? It’s time to lead from the front – Charge!

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Arrrr! you ready to become the toughest pirate of the Seven Seas? Treasure of Cutlass Reef is a challenging pirate-ship battle strategy game where you have to command a pirate warship and sink enemy boats to plunder for gold. Strategically fire your cannons at oncoming ships, and send your pirates on board to fight and steal gold that can be used to upgrade your ship’s defenses. Purchase more cannons, faster moving ships and extra pirates at the end of each battle.

There is also a skill element to this game, as your ship is particularly tough to maneuver and you have to position it perfectly in order to have a good chance of sinking your opponents. The seas are dangerous, and enemy ships just keep on coming, so you’ll have to be accurate if you want to succeed. Your decision-making has to be just right; If you make one wrong move, you could be sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Are you ready Captain Jack? Arrr Matey! I hear you grunt - It’s time to set sail!

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