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War on Paper 2 is a physics-based shooting strategy game that will keep your mind occupied for hours. Find a solution on each level by logically solving the situation. You can proceed to the higher level only after you master the preceding one. You are playing as a yellow tank, whose mission is to destroy all of the enemy soldiers and tanks. You never shoot at any of your enemies directly. You either shoot to flip the bomb switch, or shoot the chain in order to drop a bomb on the enemy. Good luck General!

How to Play: Aim at the object using your computer mouse. Shot power is adjusted by moving your mouse closer or further, and once aimed – left click to shoot. Some switches are yours and some are your enemy’s. You will see that easily when you hit the switch and nothing happens – it means it is not yours. With each new level, you have to consider the situation, find a solution, and solve the problem in order to proceed to the next one.

To replay the game, click the ‘refresh’ icon, located in the left upper corner of the game screen. The faster you finish a level, the more points you earn. However, speed is not of the utmost importance here. It is better to consider each of the steps you take and find the best solution to solve the situation (just like planning for a big battle).

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