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247 Bombs – A fun bomb-blasting game where your task is to defeat your enemy on each level (blow them up) within a time limit. You then proceed to the next level. Collect bonuses along your way to help you. To do this, you need to blow up the brown destructible boxes and collect the contents inside some of them. Don’t get blown up along your way!

How to Play: Use the Left, Right, Up and Down arrow keys on your computer keyboard as controls to move. Use the Spacebar to plant or drop a bomb (if you have the required bonus). The ‘P’ key is used to pause the game.

Game objects include an indestructible block, a destructible block (this can be blown up with a bomb), an ice block (this allows the player to slide through the iced cell), a teleport (this carries the player to another part of the level) and a fire (this spreads the explosion in all directions). Bonuses can be collected throughout the game. These include an additional bomb, an item that speeds the player up, and an item which extends the blasting radius of a bomb. Also, there are icons that allow the player to kick the bombs, freeze the enemy and an icon which makes the player invulnerable for a while. You need to defeat the enemy before the time runs out on each level (The timer is located in the bottom right corner of the game screen).

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