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Sky Fortress is a tower defense game which helps challenge and develop your strategy skills and quick decision making ability. Swarms of rogues and spirits are threatening the borders of the Sky kingdom. Your task is to build a defensive system to repel the invaders within the budget provided.

Sky Fortress is being attacked by various creatures, and not every defense system works against all of them. Attackers may appear in various forms: mechanical or in ghost shapes which can be defeated by a cannon. Some air units (such as “Spirits”) can be defeated with the “Aerial Stone”. Small, worm-like spirits can be defeated with the “Sacred Tower” only. ”Small Mechs” (airplane-like attackers) can be defeated with the “Gutling Gun”. The “Cursed Land” will slow down every attacker for a short period of time.

How to Play: Choose the right type of tower on the construction panel located on the right side of the game screen. You have cannon and aerial towers available at the beginning. Choose one and move the cursor to the vacant Sky place and build a tower there by clicking your left mouse button. Unlock new and more advanced towers by building lower tier towers. You may buy upgrades from the menu below the construction panel to increase tower effectiveness. You may sell towers (to raise funds for more needed ones or to free space for a more effective tower) by clicking the round orange button located at the bottom of the control panel, then clicking on the tower you wish to sell.

Note that most of the towers may defeat attackers of one type. Choosing the right positioning and the type of towers is the key to your success. You can see the next attack details on the right side lower window, and plan your tower building strategy accordingly. You have 2 minutes to prepare for each defensive action. When you are ready click the “START ATTACK” button or press the SPACE key on your keyboard. Think smart General!

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