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Play fun truck driving games & parking games for children, teens & Big Kids for free on – Truck driver simulation games, Drivers Ed parking games, mountain rescue/ offroad games, and more. Create a favorite play list to play on your own or with friends & family. Enjoy!

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Monster Stunts Show is a light-hearted and unusual driving game for kids & teens where you have to perform awesome and outrageous flips, stunts and tricks with a huge Bigfoot 4x4-style monster truck on a series of madcap obstacle courses! Monster trucks are humongous, powerful vehicles usually associated with the metal-crushing, car-smashing mayhem of a spectacular outdoor show where the bigger truck squashes smaller vehicles in a demonstration of its pure power! However, we're here to show you that monster trucks are not just about smashing and crushing! It’s time to shake your preconceptions as we showcase more versatile, flexible, and majestic attributes of a special monster truck!

This eccentric driving activity lets you take the wheel of one of the most colossal man-made vehicles – and make it do some pretty neat tricks! Score points for fancy flips and terrific tumbles as you work your way through 8 increasingly challenging obstacle courses designed to test your monster trucking imagination! Create your own unique driving style and bring something never-seen-before to the monster truck world! It’s time to turn monster trucking on its head – literally! Happy flipping!

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Mountain Rescue Driver Game - Do you possess or can you master the skills needed for dangerous mountain rescue driving? In this action-packed, 1-player mountain rescue game, you play the role of a mountain rescue truck driver. Your aim is to drive your monster truck across the mountain in order to get the injured person (your passenger) to the nearest medical center as fast as you can. The objective of the game is to reach the medical center safely in the shortest time possible to achieve a high score, and move on to the next level.

You will encounter lots of obstacles and hazards along the way that you need to overcome quickly in order to save time. The faster you reach the medical center, the higher your points total. It is essential to think logically and try to plan your moves ahead. Drive carefully and try not to crash on the dangerous mountain slopes! Watch out for the rolling barrels and falling boxes!!

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Drivers Ed Direct Parking is an entertaining car parking game for all the family on the internet, where you have to try and park a car as accurately as possible in the shortest amount of time without crashing. It sounds simple but it can be downright challenging trying to navigate the car into some of these tight and often awkward parking spaces. This online driving game is a test of your skill, accuracy and patience – a good way to practice for both beginner and advanced drivers. Have a go! See if you can master the illustrious art of car parking online. Just don’t crash (cars cost money) and watch out for your wing mirrors! Good luck Parking-King!

OK, your job is to park – and park with passion. You need to park the car in the place indicated “Park here” at the start of each level. Try and do this without hitting any other objects or cars and try and get the car into the parking space as accurately as possible. You can take as long as you like, and replay the level as many times as you need. Try and get faster and more accurate each time. You can see your time and accuracy as you park. Remember, parking a car is an essential part of everyday life for a high percentage of adults and some students. It can be deceptively difficult but once you solve the niggling logistics, you’ll be a superhero amongst your friends! Always drive carefully!

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Fancy yourself as a top-class trucker? Think you could handle a tricky, off-road track to carefully carry and deliver a heavy load? If so, then this is definitely the game for you! Garbage Truck is a fun online truck driving game where your goal is to beat the clock and deliver the garbage on time. It’s definitely not easy though, you'll need plenty of patience and delicate balancing skills. You only have one minute to make the trip and the track is bumpy and hilly!

Plus, your garbage is not secured, and you have to make sure it stays on the back of your truck by keeping the truck steady! You receive various loads, from TVs to crates, and you must deliver them to the dump as fast as possible. But be careful, because if you go to fast you might lose some of your cargo (this is not good). Luckily for you, your truck has a special Nitro booster that helps to propel it up those steep hills.

Collect virtual gold coins as you go along; these can be used to purchase better equipment in the Truck Shop at the end of each level. You have total control of the truck and can balance it to make sure it’s at the right angle to go up and down a slope. Try to avoid a hard landing when careering down a mountain, you might pop a tire, which means game over! Are you ready to become a Top Trucker? Let’s put the pedal to the metal!

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Online parking simulation games usually involve maneuvering cars and trucks into tight parking lot spaces. Well, how about we step it up a notch - and see whether or not you've got the nerve and skills required to park a huge commercial 747 jet! Park It 3D: Airplanes is an immensely challenging and engrossing piloting / parking simulation activity where you have to carefully guide a massive airliner from the runway to the airport boarding gate without crashing into any objects. As well as the challenge of steering the plane through the winding obstacle course, you also have to reach your destination before the clock runs out!

This cool Unity-based 3D airplane game centers around pinpoint keyboard tapping. Remember, this isn’t a delicate little Ferrari at your fingertips - it’s a giant commercial jet, so you really need to be vigilant and crafty in your movements. One single degree of error in the wrong direction could result in disaster! Also, while you have to be 100% focused on avoiding collisions, you need to be conscious that you are playing against the clock! So, speed is also important. Good luck Captain!

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Hot driving skills required: Taxi Parking Sim is a very challenging driving & parking simulation game where you must complete 12 increasingly difficult parking tasks in order to make the grade as a quality taxi cab driver. You play the role of a trainee yellow cab driver, and have to navigate through narrow streets, clogged car parks, tricky obstacle courses and more on your quest to be certified as a quality cabbie. There are no fancy tricks, power-ups, or shortcuts – This is simply a stern test of your virtual driving capabilities.

Your taxi cab reacts very sensitively to even the slightest keyboard touch, and this means that you need to be on tip-top finger-tapping form in order to progress. There is literally no room for error – One tiny mistake, and you have failed, no matter what! Although there is no clock timer, you will likely still feel under pressure. Expert focus, unerring concentration, great patience and determination are all really important skills required here as you try to inch your way toward the final parking spot. Ok Cabbie, it’s time to prove your worth behind the wheel!

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Put your heavy equipment vehicle driving skills to the test in this tricky 3D earthmover truck parking challenge! Digger Parking Sim is a realistic online parking simulation game where you have to maneuver a large yellow digger into a parking space in each level. The catch is that most levels are littered with construction and excavation-themed obstacles (crates, cinder-blocks, barrels etc), and you also have to contend with numerous tight squeezes, sharp corners, and awkwardly-positioned parking slots. Authentic 3D graphics and realistic vehicle movement make this a fun and addicting driving activity with attitude. Enjoy!

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Flintstones Truck is a fun driving game for young children where you have to deliver as many gifts (presents) as you can in a certain amount of time without crashing your truck or dropping too many gifts. This colorful little game requires expert balance and driving skills, along with a kind and caring heart! Think of all the people you’ll make happy! Now get driving and don’t drop anything nice!

You are Fred Flintstone, husband of Wilma Flintstone and father of Pebbles Flintstone. Your mission is get all the gifts to the next upload point before the clock runs out. In order to succeed, you need to drive as fast as you can - and at the same time - as carefully as you can! It’s a tricky balance and requires dedication. First you wait for the gift boxes to be loaded onto your truck - then you drive it to the next upload point. Once you park it correctly at the delivery point, the gifts will automatically be vacuumed up from your truck. You score points based on how many gifts you deliver at the end of the route. If you deliver the right amount of gifts on time, without crashing, you move onto the next level.

The road is prehistoric (rough) and your truck is made of wood and stone. Try not to let too many gifts fall out! Keep your balance and a keen eye on the clock. Time to get moving – make Wilma proud! And remember, Yabba dabba doo NOT forget the gifts!

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Mad Trucker 3 is an intense and crazy truck driving game for children and Big Kids of all ages, where you have to drive a massive truck as far as you can - destroying as much as you can, in order to earn virtual cash (so you can buy upgrades for the truck). Sound like fun? It sure is! This fast-paced explosive driving game is a stress-release like no other. You get to plough through as many vehicles as you can - hitting police cars, helicopters and planes along the way! It’s an action-packed frenzy of speed and destruction that requires expert driving skills and a thirst for devastation! 

OK, your goal (as the mad trucker) is to see if you can drive this big rig down the highway as far as you can, causing as much damage as possible on the way. Make sure you stop for fast food, fuel up and repair your truck during the drive. You need to be careful – you don’t want to cause too much damage to your own truck or you will have to start over. It’s a delicate balance between destroying others and damaging your truck – and destroying others is better! It helps to be in a bad mood to play this game! Remember; you’re mad, bad, determined and dangerous. Get trucking! Let off that steam!

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Are you in the mood for a fuel-guzzling, adrenaline-pumping, ground-shaking exhibition of monster trucking madness? Oversize is an awesomely-intense 3D monster truck racing game where you take part in 4 incredibly challenging monster truck racing championships - each with 4 different types of madcap races to overcome. Take part in classic 3-lap races against opponents, grueling time trials, disorienting reverse races, and a tremendously tricky solo checkpoint run. For those unfamiliar with the weird and wonderful world of monster trucking, a monster truck is a humongous, powerful vehicle which usually boasts gigantic oversize wheels, and an enormous suspension underneath a classic pick-up truck’s body.

This exhilarating powerhouse of a truck racing game should be a hit with fans of extravagant, extreme vehicles with an awesome amount of horsepower. You need to drive this beastly machine with finesse, shrewdness, and the utmost care to keep this massive metal monster under control. It’s easy to get carried away with the majesty of the truck, and forget that there is a racing championship to be won, so keep that competitive gene showing at all times! Good luck out there on the dirt track, and try not to crash!

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If you thought car parking games were tough, try your hand at driving a large, lumbering tractor! Maneuvering this agricultural beast into narrow spots sure is no easy job! Tractor Parking 3D is a frantic farmyard driving game where you have little room for error as you try to guide an virtual tractor into a designated parking space in each level. Sharp corners, winding bends, and troublesome rock obstacles all stand in your way as you attempt to carefully and methodically inch the big vehicle toward the target box.

This fun tractor parking simulation activity relies on deft mouse movement, steady fingers, and 100% concentration. Despite its size, your tractor is surprisingly sensitive to your controls, so be very careful when turning. One little mistake, and your attempt is over! Enjoy the tractor driving challenge!

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Only the most patient and determined will succeed! Chaos Parking is an extremely tricky Flash car parking & skill-based game where you have to negotiate one of the most chaotic, cluttered parking lots imaginable! Your designated parking spot is attractively free of charge, but unfortunately there are dozens of haphazardly-positioned cars, loose wheels, cones, and other obstacles between your initial position and the free space! Needless to say, really good keyboard tapping control is absolutely essential here. Because of the cluttered nature of this particular parking lot, one teeny little mishap will almost certainly result in a crash! Are you ready to squeeze your precious automobile through some incredibly tight spaces? Happy maneuvering, and safe driving!

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Parking Perfection 2 is a fun, challenging car parking game for young children, teens and grownups where you have to park your car in designated spaces, within a certain amount of time, without hitting other vehicles. It requires flawless driving and fastidious parking skills. You need to be a perfectionist to succeed in this game. Any driving standard short of perfection, quite simply won’t do! And remember, you’re up against the clock, so get your skates on – get parking!

OK, your goal is to park perfectly without crashing. At the start of each level, you are given a parking task and you are given a certain amount of time to perform this task. Once you crash (and you just might!), you have to start over. Sorry! You need to keep an eye on the clock to see how much time you have left. Be careful - don’t stare at it or get obsessed with it. Keep your eyes on the road! Once you park properly (and perfectly) in the space required, it’s on to the next level - well done! OK, clocks ticking – time for some breathtaking parking moves!

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The year is 2104, and human beings are still struggling to park their cars! Help! Futuristic Car Parking is a fun parking game for kids and grown-ups where you have to try and park a cool futuristic vehicle as accurately as possible in the shortest amount of time without crashing. You must carefully steer and drive your car into designated parking areas and out of packed car parks. It isn’t as easy as it sounds, as these parking spaces are very tight and often awkward to access.

What makes this game different from other parking games is the awesome futuristic automobiles that you get to drive. This challenging activity requires expert precision skills and a good appreciation of speed, distance and direction. You have to park against the clock too – the faster you park, the more points you score. You can be a beginner or advanced driver – it’s all just good fun! Ok Precision Parker, it’s time to get those approach angles right.

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Parking Perfection 4 is a challenging online car parking game of 10 levels for children, teens and adults where you can practice how to park your car safely and with accuracy. This clever parking game requires expert precision skills and a good appreciation of speed, distance and direction as you carefully steer and drive your car into the designated parking area without crashing. The time it takes you to park is recorded, so the quicker you park, the more points you score. If you collide with other cars,railings or traffic cones, you car gets damaged. Damage to your car is recorded on the Damage Bar at the top of the playing area. If you totally wreck your car, the damage bar hits 100% and it’s game over. Good Luck!

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