18 Wheeler games/ truck driving and parking games online for free to play: 18 Wheeler 3, a big heavy truck game for kids (boys, girls), teens, youth on the internet without download. Truck driving simulation games, fun car games, cool 3D racing games, awesome bike games for PC, Mac, iPad.
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18 Wheeler 3 is a challenging truck driving and parking game where you have to first pick up a large trailer and then park your massive 18 Wheeler truck under various different (and increasingly difficult) circumstances. If you are a truck enthusiast or have ever wondered how they manage to park these huge monsters, try this game! It requires precision driving skills and endless patience to succeed and provides a huge sense of satisfaction if you do!

OK truckster, your mission is to complete all the on-screen tasks without crashing or damaging the truck. The more you crash, the more you damage your truck’s health. If your truck’s health reaches zero, it is game over. Bill, “The Man” will give you all information you need to get going. He’ll even give you a map of the pick-up and delivery points. Just follow the on-screen arrow to get to the right place and get the task done. Don’t screw this up! You want to earn money don’t you?

How To Play: Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control the truck: Up Arrow = Forward; Down Arrow = Stop/Reverse; Left & Right Arrows = Steer. Press Spacebar to continue. Good luck and drive carefully!

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  1. i hate this game

    1. Y?

      1. ya mean L 6 is crap



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