Online word scramble games free for kids to play without download: Word unscramble game for PC, Mac, Ipad for children (girls, boys), teens/ youth on the internet. Anagram games, fun thinking/ mind games, problem solving rebus puzzle, spelling practice activities for middle school/ high school students.
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Word Fission is an educational word and spelling skill game where you have to quickly unscramble words to keep a rocket ship in the air. Scientists have developed an amazing new type of energy called Word Fission which they can use to fly futuristic spacecraft through the power of words and letters! Keep unscrambling words as fast as you can, as each time you successfully unscramble a word, more energy flows into your rocket ship and you continue to fly through the air.

As the game progresses, the words become longer and more complex, so this is a real test of your brain power. This fun word puzzle activity should help to exercise and improve your spelling skills and vocabulary, as there is an endless amount of words to be unscrambled. It will also exercise your quick reactions, as the clock is ticking, and you have to keep on your toes if you want to keep your rocket in the air. Ready for blast off? Let’s get unscrambling, we need rocket fuel!

How to Play: When your rocket blasts off, you can see its Energy Bar slowly ticking down in the center of the game screen. Just above this, is a scrambled word of three or more letters. To move the letters around, Left Click and drag them using your computer mouse. Drop one letter on top of another to swap them around to form a valid word. For example, you might have the letters A-R-I. Here, you would swap the letters I and R to form the word AIR.

Once you spell the word correctly, the word glows white and quickly disappears, and the energy bar increases slightly. If you are stuck on a word, hit Spacebar on your computer keyboard to skip it. You have an unlimited amount of skips, but be careful, because your Energy Bar keeps declining. Once it goes empty, it’s the end of the flight and your rocket falls out of the sky.

As your rocket stays in the air, the words become longer and more difficult. In the top right hand corner of the game area, you can see how far the Rocket has traveled. This corresponds to how much virtual income you generate during each flight. Use this income to purchase upgrades at the end of each level. You can purchase speedier rocket ships, simpler word generators and bigger energy bars.

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