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Amira Language School, Brussels:
Amira Language School is a large, friendly school for adults located near the European institutions. Established in 1983, Amira is one of the most experienced language schools in the city. We are highly professional with a large programme of French courses for the international community in Brussels. We also partner certain Belgian public institutions (Actiris,..) and give private lessons and immersion courses in French, English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian & German. The programmes are built around 12 progressive modules in accord with the common framework of levels for language teaching established by the Council of Europe.

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This year, Brussels and Amira Language School’s French Intensive Groups (8 students max. per group) are full of highly qualified, energetic people in their 20’s & 30’s.

They come from all points of Europe and beyond with a complete focus on improving their language skills and employment prospects. Amira’s teachers are equally determined that their students will succeed.

Central Location in Brussels:

Photo of French Courses in Brussels, BelgiumAmira Language School is located on rue du Trône, in the European quarter, just by Trône metro and the bus stops in rue du Luxembourg. Free underground bicycle parking: the garage entrance is around the corner at 8 rue du Commerce.

Trains from / to Gare du Luxembourg (7 mins walk) Public Car Parking at Arts-Loi and Toison d’Or (5 mins walk). Late afternoon and evening parking on the street is relatively easy around Sq de Meeûs. In the area you will find: Sq de Meeûs / European Parliament / shops / cafés / restaurants /cinemas / parks…

Educational Philosophy:
Caring, friendly and creative with an emphasis on oral communication. The programmes are built around 12 progressive modules in accord with the common framework of levels for language teaching established by the Council of Europe.

In particular, Amira has a Step by Step method which allows you to start the lessons at any moment in the year at the exact appropriate level and make consistent progress with students of a similar level in a motivated group. Amira offers small, lively groups of maximum 8 students.

Amira French Courses:
Emphasis is on oral communication with culturally stimulating courses entirely in the language of study; balance between structure and spontaneous expression; range of activities from the avant-garde to the traditional.

We offer Beginners French (European Reference Level A1), Intermediate French (A2), Higher - Advanced French (B1 - B2), French Proficiency (C1 - C2), Intensive French Courses, Individual French Immersion Courses intended for one or two students, Twice Weekly French Groups, Business French, Private Lessons and In-Company Courses.

Our French courses run all year round, with many groups and levels in parallel. This means that you can start a programme of any duration whenever you want.

From the moment of decision, you are on the way to learn French. At Amira, it is very practical and flexible. In each short group cycle you cover half a Council of Europe level.

Amira's French Group Formats:

Image of French Courses in Brussels, Belgium• Each daily intensive group cycle is 40 hours over 3 weeks (July-August over 2 weeks). Lower levels are in the mornings, higher levels are in the afternoons. Six to seven group cycles will take around 5 months.

• Each twice weekly evening group cycle of 7 weeks is 31h30m in 14 sessions of 2h15m, from 7 pm to 9.15 pm on Mondays & Wednesdays or Tuesdays & Thursdays. There are 6 consecutive group cycles in a year for all levels.

• Each twice weekly morning group cycle of 5 weeks is 40 hours in 10 sessions of 4 hours, from 9.30 am to 1 pm on Mondays & Thursdays or Tuesdays & Fridays. There are 7 consecutive group cycles in a year for lower levels.

Amira has been a pioneer of quality management for language schools, starting with ISO9001 in 1995, and again several times with ISO9001 and “Q*For” certification.

As a result, Amira has been selected as a partner of certain Belgian public institutions, for example the Brussels employment office (Actiris) - and gives private lessons to job seekers in French, Dutch, English and German.

Students working in Belgium also can use “VDAB” government subsidised training cheques (opleidingscheques) to pay for their courses at the school.

Our Approach / Our Teachers:

Photos of Amira Language School, BrusselsSince 1983, Amira has helped thousands of newcomers to Brussels enter a new language world. Whatever is the language and your present knowledge, the important point is that you are here with all your vigour and motivation.

At Amira, you will enjoy an exploration which is uniquely you in new words, while you acquire the clear and elegant patterns of the best speakers.

At Amira, the words ‘lively’ and ‘non-academic’ fit easily with ‘step by step’ and ‘structure’. This is the art and the science of professional language teaching. It is this skill with which we respond to your practical and educational needs, interweaving a natural approach to culture.

Our experienced and enthusiastic teachers will give you confidence as you develop your own natural feel for the new idioms. With such top teachers, super methods and in comfortable classrooms, you will be using the language all through your course.

Immersions can be the most profitable experience. Teachers love them. Students have an immediate sense of progress and results. They are the best.

Student Testimonials:

Picture of French Courses in Brussels, Belgium"I completed two French intensive course at Amira and I am very satisfied with the result, i.e. my capability to speak. The courses are very efficient and fun due to the excellent teachers and the small groups."
- Ramona, Germany

"I really liked the intensive course I took at your school. The length of the course was perfect and the learning method was great. I learnt a lot during my days at Amira. I am looking forward to join Amira again and keep learning French as soon as I come back to Brussels. Thank you for your great work."
- Victoria, Spain

"Relation quality-price is the best, very good teacher"
-  Antonio, Spain

"Instructor was very well organized and office staff very responsive to emails"

-  Louise, USA

"Excellent, small groups work very well, quality of teacher is very good"
-  Yvonne, Ireland

"Good learning material, perfect number of students in the group, high homogeneity, good working atmosphere"
-  Ole, Germany

"Excellent curriculum avec bon professeur, bon résultats pour les étudiants"

-  Tarun, India

"Bien structuré et préparé, donne à les étudiants un haut parcours des études"
-  Sara, Italy

"Sympa, professionnelle, bon niveau des enseignants, très compétents"

-  Maciej, Poland

"Good explanations , friendly, toutes les compétences, feedback by email"

-  Katinka, Holland

"Cours amusants, profs bien préparés, atmosphère calme et tranquille"

-  Ciara, Italy

"Supportive teachers, full concentration on students, homely environment"
-  Parminder, India

"Interactive, friendly, well prepared teachers, useful exercices"
-  Szabina, Hungary

"Reacts quickly to many questions, good location, good choice of course"
-  Zuzana, Slovenia

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