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1. EduKick Academic Year Soccer Boarding Schools Abroad
Courses / Programs
EduKick proudly offers soccer players from around the world several innovative soccer training and Spanish language development programs in Madrid, Spain at the EduKick Madrid Soccer School! Our Spanish language immersion soccer development courses allow young soccer players from around the world the opportunity to significantly build upon their existing soccer skills and knowledge, experience Spanish culture and develop their Spanish language proficiency. All Spanish programs are co-ed but the 'Elite' soccer programs are qualify only soccer development camps for players 14 years and above.
Insertion into an affiliated Spanish High School. Soccer training sessions are in the afternoons/evenings and the participating players will compete on the weekends playing in "friendly" matches when possible.
2. Caxton College - British Day and Boarding School
Courses / Programs
Caxton College is an independent British co-educational, day and boarding school in Spain for pupils between the ages of 1 to 18 years. It was founded in 1987 thanks to the initiative of a Valencian family. The school is accredited by both the English and Spanish education authorities. The school is purpose built and stands in 26,000 m2 in the village of Pu├žol just 20 km north of Valencia on the east coast of Spain. It is located halfway between the mountains and the sea, with a mild Mediterranean climate and extraordinary light. It is an open, multicultural school - a community without barriers where students from different continents come together creating an understanding and tolerant atmosphere.
Playgroup and Foundation stage, Primary (year 1 to year 6), Secondary (year 7 to year 11), The sixth form (year 12 and 13).
3. NACE Boarding Schools, Barcelona
Courses / Programs
NACE Boarding Schools provides bi-lingual spanish / english academic boarding programs to international students ages 10-17. Participants can stay for a full-term (semester), half-term, or enroll in one of our Summer courses.

Based in the Agora International School, just 30 minutes from Barcelona, our students have the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience which will enhance them, not only in their personal and academic life, but could reshape their future.

As well as fostering the academic advantages of being bilingual, our program provides an opportunity to foster social abilities, get to know other people from other cultures, with other languages etc. and enable them to understand and respect other ways of thinking.
Bi-lingual Spanish / English Academic Boarding Programs:
- for international students ages 10-17

- Full-term (Full Semester) Course
- Half-term (Half Semester) Course
- Summer Boarding Program

Students follow the national Secondary Education curriculum in a bilingual manner in both Spanish and English.
Updated: 2014-10-07
Updated: 2014-10-07
4. King's College Madrid
Courses / Programs
King's College is a co-educational day and boarding school for children from the age of 18 months to 18 years. Founded in 1969, King's College is the largest British school in Spain and the first to have had full UK accreditation through the Independent Schools Inspectorate. It is a modern purpose-built school set in a 12 acre site, surrounded by countryside but well connected to Madrid. With 1,450 pupils of 38 nationalities, the school has a complement of over 100 fully qualified teachers. King's College Residence offers recently refurbished boarding facilities for boys and girls over the age of 11, and has a capacity for up to 60 pupils. All academic staff have British qualifications, except the Spanish teachers and some who teach modern languages.
Secondary School: Up to the age of 16 pupils follow the English National curriculum and are entered for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 SATs. Pupils are prepared for (I)GCSE and GCE A Levels and a wide range of subjects are offered at both levels. Spanish Bachillerato studies and preparation for Spanish university entrance examinations are optional.
5. Travel Sport Camp - Madrid
Courses / Programs
Currently, Travel Sport Camp and its affiliate EduKick, host schools and camps in 11 different countries on four continents and continues to grow on a global scale. Travel Sport Camp offers year-long or 1/2 year-long boarding programs to both boys and girls from 16 years and older, in Madrid at University of Madrid's Complutense Campustown, Clegio Concertado Arula, & sports training at Polideportivo Municipal Dehasa Boyal.

All our participants will have an opportunity to develop their language & athletic skills considerably, over an extended period of time, and gain valuable and important sport experience while simultaneously immersed in the study of the Spanish culture and language.
Year-Long or 1/2 Year-Long Academic Basketball, Handball, Table & Paddle Tennis, Tennis, and Volleyball Programs. For boys and girls from 16 years and older, through a Full-time High School or University academic program.

All ability levels are welcome and no prior sports or foreign language experience is necessary. All levels of Spanish speakers are accepted, from elementary up to native speaker.
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