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Metàfora, Barcelona:
Founded in 1999, Metàfora is an international art school in Barcelona, on the northeast Mediterranean coast of Spain. Metàfora’s contemporary art activities consist mainly of a full-time studio-arts course, taught in English, called “The International Workshop". Artists and art-students come from a variety of countries, giving the course its distinctive international atmosphere. You can choose to study from 5 weeks to 2 years, depending on your personal goals and ambitions. We also offer art therapy courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

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Levels / Qualifications:

Photo of Contemporary Art School in Barcelona, SpainThe International Workshop consists of different routes or programs, each designed for the individual needs and work-patterns of our student groups, whether the goal is to pursue further training or to start a career as a professional artist. The idea is to provide each participant with the precise tools and experience he/she needs. 

- Route A: Advanced / Postgraduate Diploma in Studio Arts (7-14 months) 
- Route B: Advanced Certificate in Studio Arts (2 academic years)
- Route C: Certificate in Studio Arts (from 1 semester to 1 academic year)
- Route D: Foundation Studies in Studio Arts (1 academic year)

Metàfora's Initial Diploma in Art Therapy can be taken as an integrated part of The International Workshop

Space and Facilities:

Metàfora is housed in an old industrial complex from 1900, part of Barcelona’s disappearing history of old factories and a 10-minute metro-ride from Barcelona's city centre. The International Workshop disposes of two large studio-buildings joined by a courtyard. The space itself charms any artist with its leftovers of many decades of industrial reality, where 20 years of theatre and art making have made their marks in all thinkable ways.

All students on the course get their own individual studio - a space which becomes their "second home" for an academic year or a semester. The entire premises are equipped with Wi-Fi for students who wish to bring their laptop-computers.

Student Profile:

Image of Contemporary Art School in Barcelona, SpainThe International Workshop attracts students with different levels, experience and professional backgrounds, often representing more than 25 nationalities in each group. The minimum age for applicants is 19 years. There is no upper age limit, and mature students are very welcome.

While some of our students are interested in trying new techniques and ways of working, others come to mature their artistic discourse, spending their time on in-depth studio investigation.

University Credit:
Many universities worldwide (mostly American) recognise a stay on the International Workshop as credits for their students on a BFA or similar. It is an individual process in every university which leads to the decision of recognising a stay on the course as credits. 

Studio Arts / Art Therapy Courses:
- The International Workshop - a full-time studio-arts course taught in English, and designed for young artists & students of Fine Art or Design. A stay on the International Workshop can range from 5 weeks to 2 years, depending on your individual goals and ambitions.
- Metàfora's Initial Diploma in Art Therapy can be taken as an integrated part of The International Workshop.
- One-year Postgraduate Diploma in Art Therapy (taught in English). This course combines quality online training with two intensive modules of classes in Barcelona, held in November and April.
- Intensive summer course in art therapy (taught in English)
- Short-term stays of 5-8 weeks: Students are completely integrated with the student-group on the International Workshop and can participate in all scheduled classes and activities. 
- Artist-in-Residence program

The International Workshop Course Structure:

The course structure varies for each student, depending on the individual needs and expectations. Students can choose between a large range of classes, such as Drawing; Painting; Sculpture, Installation and Object-making; Photography; Portfolio-making; Basic Marketing Ideas for Artists and many others.

During free studio time each student works on individual projects, choosing materials and techniques according to their own interest. Teaching is in English. Our team of professional artists are available for continuous support and individual  tutorials.

Student Testimonials:

Photos of Metàfora, Barcelona" . . . On the International Workshop I was taught to think wildly and explore freely while being surrounded by professional artists who were more than willing to help me achieve projects that we technically complex and time consuming . . ." 
- Lauren Carly Shaw, 2008-2009

" . . . Working with people from all over the world is probably the greatest aspect of Metàfora.  The connections you build with the peers are not only beneficial for the development of your practice, but also for your individual growth . . ."
- Fatema Abdoolcarim, Hong Kong, 2009-2010

" . . . The international workshop gives you a safe but also critical framework in which to explore your work conceptually.  Compared to the large institutions Metàfora gives you a "edgier vibe", where creativity and ingenuity are key to success . . ."
- Paul Chisholm, UK, 2010-2011

" . . . Invited speakers every week gave a first hand experience with the art scene of Barcelona and ideas of how to start working on ones own artistic career. This linked well to the fact that students had the option to participate in several exhibitions organised in and around Barcelona throughout the year. All of them were really sucessful and we learned how to develop a show in a professional way.”
-  Evelina Jagminaite, Lithuania, 2010-2011

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