French Language, Wine & Cooking School near Montpellier, France

Gastronomicom International French Culinary Academy:
Improve your French language skills and experience high-quality culinary arts career training with Gastronomicom International French Culinary Academy in the south of France! Gastronomicom is a leading culinary arts institute that offers certificate and diploma programs (taught in English) in French Cooking and French Pastry that are combined with intensive French language lessons.

Gastronomicom is located in the beautiful resort town of Cap d’Agde, on the Mediterranean seaside between Montpellier & Perpignan. Cap d’Agde is located close to Beziers Airport, about 120 km from the Spanish border. It is set in a wonderful landscape, with beautiful beaches, palm-trees, excellent Mediterranean food and the most important vineyard in Europe. The climate is extremely pleasant and very sunny year round.

Our Certificate Courses are conducted in English:

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Gourmet Program (4 weeks)
This program consists of 30 hands-on classes per week (15 hours per week of French Pastry classes and 15 hours of French Cooking classes). All of your weekends are free.

Gastronomic Programs (8 or 12 weeks)
Our Gastronomic programs consist of 8 weeks or 12 weeks with 30 hours of lessons per week. Each student will take 15 hours per week of intensive French classes and 15 hours per week of "hands-on" training in their chosen subject. All of your weekends are free and you have a 1-week mid-term break to travel around France.

- French Pastry + Intensive French
- French Cooking + Intensive French

Full Programs
The full program consists of a 3-month Gastronomic course + 4-month internship (work experience placement) in a luxury Hotel restaurant in France.

One-Year Diploma Programs
Diploma in Gastronomic Cooking; Diploma in Gastronomic Pastry

Two-Year Diploma in Gastronomic Food and Beverage Management
This program has 2 options: a) Cooking & Pastry or b) Restaurant Management & Wines

Intensive French Language Lessons:

Image of French Language, Wine & Cooking School near Montpellier, FranceOur objective is to teach you to speak French as a professional language (kitchen, food & beverage, hospitality) as well as a general language for daily use (transports, shopping, tourism). We also intend to introduce France to you and to impart to you something about French culture, French civilisation and the French “way of life”.

The program depends on the average level of the different groups after evaluation (initiation, improvement, conversation) and their specialisation and can be conducted in English (for beginners) or in French.

All programs include specific vocabulary, dialogs and typical expressions according to your specialisation as well as general vocabulary, texts and debates and also information about professional reality and daily life in France. 3 hours of French lessons per day are included in all our programs except the Gourmet Program.

You will learn or improve your French language with our intensive French lessons and at the same time you will learn a lot about French cooking or French pastry.

Entry Requirements:

Photos of Gastronomicom International French Culinary AcademyYou are between 18 and 60 years old, and very motivated by food and beverage and Gastronomy. You want also to learn the French language or improve your French language skills. European students do not need any visa!

For non-native speakers of English: Your level of English is minimum 600 points in TOEIC or 550 points in TOEFL.

International Students: 
You will be together with students from other nationalities and you will have the chance to discover other cultures. Our students in the past have come from the USA, Canada, France, UK, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Nepal, South Africa, Kenya, Tunisia, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Kyrgyzstan and many other countries.

If you have a student visa, you will be able to practice for 4 months in the kitchen or in the dining-room of a luxury Hotel-restaurant in France.

Students are accommodated in apartments for 4 persons, with 2 twin bedrooms, living-room, kitchen, bathroom, separate toilet and a terrace to sit or eat outside.

The city center, the shops and the beach are about 6 minutes walking from the Resort. A bus ligne (bus stop in front of the entrance of the Resort) brings you every day to Agde Railway station if you want to visit the cities nearby!)

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Address: Avenue des Soldats, Cap d’Agde, France