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Study Spanish in Mexico - Zacatecas Language School

Fenix Language Institute Zacatecas:
The Fenix Language Institute offers intensive Spanish programs in Zacatecas city & the village of Chalchihuites, both in northern Mexico, two traditional Mexican settings, far removed from the beaten track of international tourism in northern Mexico. Learn to use your own natural ability to discover a language and make it work for you outside the classroom, using it in real situations in the home of your host family, during extracurricular activities, and in the context of special courses on the culture and history of Mexico as well as courses tailored to special professional and/or technical needs. Fenix Language Institute is recognized by New Mexico State University as Intensive Language Option for non-New Mexico students to receive credits via its Distant Education Program.

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A Spanish program tailored to your needs. Materials are designed especially to bring Hispanic culture into every class hour. Also seminars & minicourses which cover political, social, and artistic issues in ancient & contemporary Latin America.

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