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Spring College International:
Are you searching for English language classes or English enrichment courses in Singapore for your child or teenager? With two conveniently-situated locations in Singapore, Spring College International (SCI) is a leading English language school. We provide a range of English courses for students at kindergarten, primary school and secondary school level. All of our English classes for young learners are held once a week for 1.5 hours.

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English Language Courses for Children & Teenagers:
Photo of English Classes / Enrichment Programs in SingaporeAll of our English classes for young learners are held once a week for 1.5 hours.

- English preparatory course for pre-primary children in K1/K2 level:
(4-6 years at Preschool / Kindergarten age)
This course will introduce the basics of the English language in a fun and engaging way to build up the child's foundation for future learning.

- English enrichment / tuition course for primary school students in years 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6:
These courses are specially designed for primary students in local schools. Our classes will guide the students in accordance with the MOE syllabus and help to lay a strong foundation for them, so as to enable them to perform well in the examinations. 

Integrated teaching techniques and student-centered themes ensure that our learning materials are meaningful, easy to follow, and stimulating.

- English comprehension & writing course for secondary school students in years 1 / 2 / 3:
Image of English Classes / Enrichment Programs in SingaporeThese courses are specially designed for secondary students studying under the MOE syllabus. Effective comprehension, summary, language and writing skills, together with vocabulary enrichment, will be the focus of this course. 

The aim is to continue to strengthen the basics acquired by the student at primary level, consolidate basic knowledge and completely improve the student’s comprehension and writing skills, placing emphasis on enhancing students’ English writing and reading abilities.

- English GCE 'O' Level course For secondary school students in year 4:  
Designed for Secondary 4 students sitting for the GCE ‘O’ Level examination, it aims to guide them in accordance with the MOE syllabus and help to lay a strong foundation for them, so as to enable them to perform well in the GCE ‘O’ level examination. 

It will help to familiarize the students with the exam format, build up their confidence in sitting for the exams, assist them in coping with stress, and help them identify common mistakes made so that they can avoid them.

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Address: Block 135, Jurong Gateway Road #03-329, Singapore, Singapore
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British Council Singapore
Courses / Programs
Located on Napier Road, the British Council Singapore is an English language and culture education centre for adults and children.

We provide a range of English as a Second Language (ESL) and English as a Foreign Language (EFL) courses for local and international students from around the globe.

We offer beginner to advanced level, full and part-time General English courses, Business English, a range of professional and academic exam preparation classes (IELTS, Cambridge, Edexcel), English for children / academic purposes, English teacher training, and more.

We have been teaching English in Singapore for more than 60 years, and we understand how to help you to learn successfully. Our mission is to build mutually beneficial relationships between people in the UK and Singapore and to increase Singaporeans' appreciation of the UK's creative ideas and achievements.

We have created an environment that is interesting, social and fun. Enrol in one of many courses based on your needs and learn from professional teachers who are all native English speakers with years of training and experience.

Student Feedback:
"The teachers are well-trained, professional and know how to teach Asian students. They know our problems. I have made big progress in my time here."  - Sun

"The course has encouraged me to speak and write proper English."  - Neo
English Courses at Beginner to Advanced Levels:

- General English Full-Time courses (Certificate in General English: Elementary, Foundation & Academic / Advanced levels)

- English for Business Professionals
- English Exam Preparation courses (IELTS, Cambridge FCE & CAE, Edexcel)
- English for children / academic purposes
- Part-time English courses
- "myClass" - Flexible English courses for adults (that suit your interests, needs and schedule)
- Corporate training (customer service, written communication, etc)
- English teacher training (TEFL / CELTA)
JE Educational College
Courses / Programs
If your child or teenager requires quality English language tuition, JE Educational College has the ideal solution for you!

Conveniently situated in the Jurong East area of Singapore, JE is an internationally-accredited career training school.

We provide a range of English language courses for children and teenagers from Singapore and around the world, including the Government School Preparatory Programme for primary school and secondary school children, and GCE exam preparation courses for secondary school students.

Founded in 1986, JE is an internationally recognized institution. We are an ISO and EduTrust certified college, so you can be assured of quality education.

We have been awarded the CaseTrust for Education accreditation for providing good student welfare and exhibiting sound business practices. We have also recently been approved by the Singapore Council for Private Education (CPE).

Our student-teacher ratio is 15:1, ensuring students get enough required individual attention.

Our quality policy ensures that by integrity and continual improvement, JE Educational College is focused and committed in providing quality language and education courses for its students within the environmental, legal and regulatory framework.
English courses for children & teenagers at primary school & secondary school level:

Government School Preparatory Programme:
- Primary 2 - 5 
- Secondary 1 - 3

Full-time GCE (General Certificate of Education) Exam Preparation:
- Preparatory Course for GCE N Level
- Preparatory Course for GCE O Level
- Preparatory Course for GCE A Level

English Tuition:
- Primary 1 - 6
- Secondary 1 - 4
- JC/ 'A' Levels
- Preparatory Course for GCE N Level / O Level / A Level
- Preparatory Course for Government Schools
Yago Languages
Courses / Programs
The world will be a better place if we can appreciate other people and their cultures. Learning a new language helps doing just that. That's why we promote language learning.

If you are looking to take a language course in the North, North East, Central, West, or East of Singapore, do stop by. We will be glad to advise you on whatever course will be the best fit for you.
English (full-time & part-time)
Mandarin (full-time & part-time)
Korean (part-time)
Japanese (part-time)
French (part-time)
German (part-time)
Spanish (part-time)
Russian (part-time)
Arabic (part-time)
Thai (part-time)
Malay (part-time)
Indonesian (part-time)
Vietnamese (part-time)
Spring College International
Courses / Programs
With two easily-accessible campuses in Singapore, Spring College International (SCI) provide full-time and part-time Chinese language courses for children and adults from total beginner to advanced levels.

Courses include Chinese Kindergarten prep, Enrichment/Tuition courses for primary school students, Comprehension & Writing courses for secondary school students, and more.

Our dedicated teachers are very experienced in teaching Mandarin classes and will help to improve our students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Our vision is to become an internationally distinguished education provider, and our mission is to provide high quality courses, teachers, service and learning environment.

Our college aims to promote the notion of lifelong learning and to provide an avenue for children to improve their language skills or even learn a new language. Spring College International is registered with Council for Private Education, and has been awarded Edutrust Provisional Certificate.
Beginner to Advanced Level Chinese Courses for Children:

- Chinese Preparation Course for K1/K2
- Chinese Enrichment/Tuition Course for Primary Students (Primary 1-5)
- Chinese Tuition for Primary 6
- Chinese Comprehension & Writing Course for Secondary Students (Secondary 1-3)
- Chinese GCE 'O' Level Course for Secondary 4
- P2 to P6 Chinese Tuition Course (Creative Composition)
- P1 to P2 Chinese Tuition Course (Hanyupinyin Course)
- S1 to S4 Chinese Tuition Course (Comprehension & Writing Course)
English Level Test
Courses / Programs
There are many reasons why you may need to improve your English language skills. English is the global language of business and commerce. Improving your English may enhance your employment opportunities in your home country or abroad. Better English may result a higher salary or promotion.

Perhaps you wish to study abroad in an English-speaking college or university, and need to achieve a high score on the TOEFL or IELTS exam. Or you might simply want to learn English as a hobby or for travel.

Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your English, you first need to know what your current level is. Learn4Good.com provides a quick English language level test that you can take online for free.

Take the English Test HERE: English Level Test.

Each week, this online English test is taken by thousands of English language students throughout the world.

As well as assessing your English grammar, the test requires a good general knowledge of English vocabulary to help you to understand your level and what you need to do to achieve your language learning goals.

When you complete the test, you will be told what your current level is - from Level 1 to Level 8 (beginner to advanced).
- Online English Level Test which evaluates your English grammar as well as some vocabulary.

On completion of the test, you will be told what your current level is - from beginner to advanced.