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Learn Spanish in Ecuador - Spanish Schools in Quito, Manta..

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1. Academia de Espanol Surpacifico, Quito & Manta
Courses / Programs
Enjoy learning Spanish in a relaxing, fun, and professional atmosphere.
Learn Spanish in Ecuador!
Our teachers are professionals with years of creative teaching experience. Our Spanish Immersion Program is approved by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education and has Bildungsurlaub recognitions for German students. Study Spanish with us in one of the more renown Spanish schools in Ecuador, located in Quito and Manta, the capital of Ecuador and a coastal town 30 minutes by plane and 8 hours by bus from Quito.
-Spanish intensive program
-Group classes
-Spanish and volunteering
-Medical Spanish
-Spanish and Surfing
-Spanish and kitesurfing
2. Yanapuma Spanish School, Quito
Courses / Programs
Yanapuma Spanish School is a unique non-profit Spanish school offering professional Spanish language instruction in Quito, Ecuador at the most reasonable prices. We welcome international students to our comfortable school, located in a historical colonial building on the edge of the main tourist area of Quito.

Our highly qualified and experienced Spanish teachers are trained in our unique methodology based on the best communication theories. We focus not only on learning Spanish grammar from a textbook, but also on learning based on real world experiences and Ecuadorian life and culture.

All profits from the school benefit the sustainable development work of the Foundation, so your presence as a student directly helps our efforts. And if you would like to become more involved, through visiting or studying Spanish in an indigenous community, volunteering with us, or donating or fundraising, we will be happy to discuss the options with you.
Individual Spanish classes; Beginner Group classes and packages; Quito Cultural Package; Quito Volunteer Package; “Study and Travel” options in the Amazon, Andes, Pacific coast; Intensive Spanish Study in Ecuadorian Communities; Professional Medical Spanish Program; Weekly Medical Spanish Program; Online Spanish Classes; Volunteer Opportunities in Quito and around Ecuador

Specific contact pages
3. Elemental
Courses / Programs
Elemental Courses & Travel is a Spanish language organization that was established to help people to improve their Spanish language skills in Ecuador. A range of Spanish courses are available throughout the country - in the city, coast or jungle. These courses include Intensive Spanish, Spanish for Travellers, private Spanish lessons and cultural activities.

We offer visitors to Ecuador a different way to experience this beautiful country and its culture by providing housing with an Ecuadorian family where the traveler can learn the language the natural way and at the same time enjoy different activities such as visits to museums, hiking trips, and others, in a comfortable atmosphere.

We welcome people of all ages and nationalities who want to visit Ecuador.
- Intensive Spanish learning courses at six levels
- Private Spanish lessons
- Mini-group Spanish lessons
- Spanish for travellers
- Spanish lessons combined with city and ecotours
- Cultural activities
4. Spanish School Vidaverde, Quito
Courses / Programs
Spanish School Vidaverde in Quito, Ecuador offers intensive one-to-one, group and online Spanish immersion programs for students at all levels. Our teachers have a university degree and at least 10 years of teaching experience and they prepare our students for the D.E.L.E. exam. We offer homestay with pre-screened Ecuadorian host families, as well as, environmentally and culturally educational excursions to complement your study program.

Exciting Study in the Jungle and on the Coast programs as well as volunteer and Internship opportunities are available. A portion of profits go to support local conservation and community development projects. Learn Spanish with a conscience.
One-to-One Spanish Lessons, Small Group Spanish Lessons for all levels; D.E.L.E. Exam Preparation.
5. Academia de Español Ruta Del Sol, Quito
Courses / Programs
Come to our beautiful country to learn Spanish! Learn and use your Spanish to travel through this diverse and stunning land. Climb its volcanoes. Explore the jungle. Relax on the coast. Go scuba-diving in the Galápagos. You will never forget your visit to Ecuador. We are a small, friendly school, offering courses to all levels of students in one-to-one classes. We are located in the central tourist area, footsteps away from all your required services. Moreover, our school is never dull as all our teachers are qualified professionals in such diverse and interesting subjects as literature, politics, business, and cultura andina.
Courses to all levels of students in one-to-one classes. We offer classes in three diverse locations: in the capital Quito, on the coast or in the jungle. Discounts for volunteers.
6. Ecuador Study Spanish and Surf, Manta
Courses / Programs
Do you want to learn Spanish in a relaxing and pleasant, yet professional atmosphere, and surf some of the best waves on the planet? Come to our Spanish and Surf School in Manta, Ecuador. We are situated in the city of Manta on one of the worlds most beautiful city beaches only 30 minutes by plane from the capital of Quito. The combination of tropical beaches, climate, and people who are warm and friendly by nature will make your stay unforgettable.
Spanish & Surfing, Intensive Spanish, Group Spanish Classes, Manta Activo (combining Spanish classes with daily visits within and outside of the city), Ecological Volunteer Program (minimum 6 weeks)
7. Apu Inty, Quito
Courses / Programs
Welcome to Apu Inty Spanish School in Quito, northern Ecuador. We educate our students in many ways, from Spanish language training to lessons about Ecuadorian tradition and cultural understanding.

Our personalized, student-centered methodology is based on individual interests, needs and learning styles. The school' s emphasis is on conversation, although our classes also include grammar, audio, writing and reading materials. Our school is recognised by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education, (Reg.287 DINNEPP).
Full Immersion Spanish Program; General Spanish Courses; Intensive Spanish Courses; Group Spanish Lessons; Individual Spanish Tuition; Business Spanish Classes.
8. Escuela De Español Pichincha, Quito
Courses / Programs
Our Quito Spanish school was established in May 1988. Due to many years of experience, we have been recognized as one of the best Spanish Schools in Quito. We have a capacity for about 50 students. We welcome students from all over the world and presently we are one of the best known Quito language schools for foreigners. All materials that we use for our lessons are included in the prices.The school is located about 5 walking minutes away from the park El Ejido and about 15 minutes from the colonial part of Quito. We also offer homestay lodging with a family.
One to one courses individually designed for each student. Text/workbook, designed and published by our school, is free for students that book at least 6 weeks. If you book less you may buy the book for 12 US$. All the other materials provided by the school are free. Homestay Program.
9. Intensive Spanish Ecuador, Quito
Courses / Programs
Intensive Spanish Ecuador is a new Spanish school in Quito, with a long tradition of more than 15 years of teaching the Spanish language. Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced professionals in areas related to language teaching. They have attended Instituto Cervantes’ training seminars, courses and workshops on how to teach Spanish as a foreign language and prepare candidates for DELE examinations.

The teaching staff is composed of 4 part-time teachers. Our Spanish language courses put emphasis on conversation and how to communicate in everyday situations. Students learn to use Spanish in meaningful contexts right from the start. We focus in developing the students’ ability to understand, speak, read and write in Spanish. Grammar is the tool used to reinforce these skills and produce correct oral and written texts.

In our one-to-one and small group classes, we offer the Spanish used by most Spanish speaking countries. We teach the language in regular courses, DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) exam preparation, or directed to students’ specific purposes such as business, medical or law professionals, artists, conversation or literature.
- General Spanish courses: The four basic skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking, are covered through a grammar and communication program. Structures of the language and practical vocabulary are presented in real every-day situations through videos and cassettes, debates and interviews.

- DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language): Individual course designed to prepare DELE applicants to the exam. Takes place prior to the examination dates and focuses on the five language skills.
10. Ana's Home Studies in Quito, Cuenca & Manta
Courses / Programs
AH Studies is located in Quito, Ecuador; between the old and modern city, on a beautiful hill where the Incas built the moon's temple, San Juan. Stunning views of Quito and the surrounding mountains, Cotopaxi, Antisana, Cayambe...We offer specialized Spanish programs in Quito, Cuenca, Manta, in the jungle, on the coast and on-line. Outings to the cultural highlights of the country as well as volunteer and internship opportunities.

Our lessons are orientated to help students improve their knowledge of Spanish in a way that is tailored to their individual needs and skill levels, from basic (A1) to advanced (C2). We specialize in D.E.L.E Training, Business Spanish, Medical Spanish, Spanish for traveling and Conversation.

In conjunction with Spanish studies, we organize outings to the cultural highlights of the country as well as volunteer and internship opportunities, as required.

We help those who might not have the inclination to attend one of the many traditional Spanish language schools in Quito, but would rather spend time with a local family. 6.25%, of our total profits, is donated to social organizations involving children, youth and the elderly as well as ecological projects.
- Intensive Spanish Courses
- Professional Spanish (Business / Medical Spanish Classes)
- DELE Exam Preparation
- Travel & Business Spanish
- Spanish for holidays
- Official Certificate of Ecuador
- Cultural Spanish Program
- Online Spanish Classes
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