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Spanish Language Schools in Mexico

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1. CICU Spanish School
Courses / Programs
Centro de Idiomas & Culturas (CICU) is a leading language center dedicated to the teaching of Spanish language to Foreigners from all over the globe and English as a Second Language to Mexican people. We are well recognized for our teaching methods. With us you will not be only an spectator, you will be the performer! Our goal is to make you speak Spanish in the shortest possible time and keep you busy in our amusing and practical programs such as: painting, exchange conversation and tours. Intensive Spanish Courses for families, college students and professionals.
- Adult Spanish Course
- Teens Intensive Spanish course AP Test
- Children Program
2. Centro De Lenguas Y Ecoturismo De Patzcuaro
Courses / Programs
The school is located at Navarrete # 50 Centro Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico C.P. 61600, in the center of one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico. Patzcuaro, a colonial city, is surrounded by many indigenous communities where you can find a lot of handcrafts, there are also several archaeological sites & beautiful lakes. Besides the Spanish classes, we also offer work shops and cultural activities.
Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced. For adults, teenagers, kids, travellers, professionals.
3. Spanish Center Merida SCP
Courses / Programs
Spanish Centre Merida is a Spanish school in the beautiful city of Merida in the heart of the state of Yucatan, situated in the north-west of the Yucatan Peninsula in south-east Mexico. Its privileged geographical location, its history, the rich cultural life and an authentic Mexican atmosphere make Mérida a great place to learn Spanish.

Our Spanish courses are available year-round at six levels that range from absolute beginner to advanced. The small number of students per class (max. group size = 5) ensures effective teaching with the flexibility to meet the students' individual needs. During the first session all students do a written and spoken placement test to determine the appropriate level and class.

All our courses are designed to help students improve their Spanish focusing on the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. As we believe that communication is the key and the main reason for learning languages, our highly experienced and professional teaching staff concentrates on practical communication using innovative methodologies and technologies as well as meaningful materials related to real life situations.
- Standard Minigroup Spanish language course: 20 lessons / week

- Semi Intensive Minigroup Spanish language course: 25 lessons / week

- Intensive Minigroup Spanish language course: 30 lessons / per week

- Homestay Program with a local family

- Combi Spanish language course:
25 lessons / week (20 lessons Standard Minigroup Course + 5 private lessons)

- Combi Spanish language course:
30 lessons / week (20 lessons Standard Minigroup Course + 10 private lessons)

- Private Spanish language course
4. Cancun Fun And Cultural Center, Tulum
Courses / Programs
The school is run by Mexicans who have years of experience in language schools. All our Spanish teachers have a degree in Spanish languages and have been teaching for more than three years. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Groups are small and classes are personalized to guarantee an adequate student and teacher relationship. Our Spanish Language center in Mexico and Playa del Carmen is proud to be recognized as one of the top Spanish centers in Mexico and the satisfaction rate is higher than in most language schools.
Standard Spanish Courses; Intensive Spanish Lessons; Super Intensive Spanish Courses; Customized Group Classes; Private Spanish Lessons.
5. The Language Immersion School, Veracruz
Courses / Programs
The Language Immersion School offers Spanish immersion programs in Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. We are an American owned and operated school. We also offer English language courses.

Spanish immersion using our highly successful, non-traditional approach gets you using your Spanish within a day or two of beginning class. If you’ve had no prior Spanish, you’ll be carrying on survival conversation in days. If you’re at a medium or advanced level, your functional conversational level will skyrocket. You’ll automatically begin adding tenses and complexity to your speaking.

Our school's study approach is non-traditional. All study plans are individualized. Classroom study, absolutely very important in its proper place, is a support service to speaking.

Our teaching staff is experienced and academically well prepared. We, the owners, hold U.S. master's degrees as well as secondary and community college teaching credentials.
Our Spanish immersion programs include:
- Intensive Business Spanish Immersion
- Intensive Conversational Spanish Immersion
- Cultural Tourism and Spanish Immersion
- Subjunctive Intensive Spanish Immersion
- Mexican Cooking and Spanish Immersion
- Adventure & Ecotourism and Spanish Immersion

We also offer English language courses for Spanish speakers.

Specific contact pages
6. Plateros Spanish School, Guanajuato City
Courses / Programs
Plateros Spanish School provides year-round Spanish language courses for all levels from beginners to advanced. We are conveniently located in the historic down-town area (Centro Histórico) of Guanajuato City in Central Mexico. Our school was developed with modern and innovative approaches to teaching Spanish. Plateros Spanish School and its experienced instructors will take charge of your learning experience while immersing you in Mexican culture.

Our Spanish programs mainly focus on the area of communicative competence, and have been designed to support students and to eliminate the barriers involved in learning the Spanish language. We strive to help students feel comfortable in their surroundings. For that reason, our objective is that on the very first day you will learn to communicate in everyday situations.

Our instructors are highly qualified. They have many years of experience in teaching Spanish as a second language. Our instructors have been teaching for a long time to thousands of students from many different countries. They demonstrate their passion for teaching while striving to make each student feel as comfortable as possible as they learn a second language.
Year-round Spanish language courses for foreign students and professionals including all levels from beginners to advanced:

- Spanish language intensive and super intensive standard courses

- Spanish language intensive and super intensive PLUS courses

- One-to-one private Spanish language tuition

- Spanish professional programs for specific purposes (business, travelling, medical Spanish and more)

- Homestay programs with a local family

- Spanish cultural exchange program

- Online Spanish classes
7. Encuentros
Courses / Programs
We arelocated in Cuernavaca, 60 minutes south of Mexico City and within easy reach of other points of interest (Taxco, Acapulco, pyramids). We use a fun, functional communicative approach to language acquisition that guarantees quick results. Another important part of our program is introducing our students to the culture while teaching them the language.
Grammar, conversation, pronunciation, "Survival" and "Traveler's Spanish" for beginners, "Charlas" about Mexico for intermediate & advanced. Professional courses for work-related needs.
8. Learn Spanish in Paradise with SpeakMexico
Courses / Programs
SpeakMexico is a young multicultural company that provides high-quality and affordable Spanish language courses that are delivered in the Mexican Caribbean. Our mission is to offer amazing language learning experiences unlike anything already on the market. We offer packages that are truly accessible to everyone. We always offer a complete experience, including Spanish lessons, accommodation and the option to to include flights in the package at great prices.

We provide our Spanish courses on the breathtaking island of Cozumel, Mexico to students all over the world. Cozumel is a magnificent island in the Mexican Maya Riviera, approximately 18km from Playa del Carmen and 45km from Cancún. It has some of the best beaches in the world!

SpeakMexico was founded under the philosophy of the Erasmus exchange program. The initial members of the team, who themselves spent many months abroad, enjoyed their time so much, they endeavored to provide a similar experience to others who may not have this opportunity, or who would simply like to have a new experience in their life.
We offer 3 types of programs, that differ in duration:

- Part-Time Spanish course (10 lessons per week)
- Intensive Spanish course (20 lessons per week)
- Intensive+ Spanish course (20 lessons per week PLUS 5 individual lessons)

Each program will completely immerse you in the language and culture of Mexico. Classes are taught Monday to Friday, from 9:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

To ensure a more personalized learning experience, we offer small classes based on your level of Spanish (max. 8 people).
9. Spanish Institute of Merida
Courses / Programs
The Spanish Institute of Mérida is a well established Spanish Language School with a proven methodology and a great atmosphere for learning Spanish in the beautiful colonial city of Merida, in the northwest of the state of Yucatán, Mexico. Live in with a local host family and become fluent in just weeks. We offer individual or group immersion programs. You will live the Spanish language and culture up to 16 hours a day. All our professors have college degrees and a vast teaching experience. We have 25 years of experience and have served 15,000 students from all over the world. Enjoy the best that Mexico has to offer.
- Individual Spanish classes
- Group Spanish courses
- Medical Spanish
- Spanish for children
- Winter Program

Specific contact pages
10. Spanish Institute of Puebla
Courses / Programs
If you are serious about learning Spanish... The Spanish Institute is a highly regarded Spanish Language School, specialized in teaching the Spanish language and its culture through a 4-week Intensive Immersion program in Puebla, Mexico.
Our students learn from the outset to think and express themselves in Spanish as they participate in our exceptional Award Winning Academic Curriculum and wide variety of extra curriculum activities.
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