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Learn Turkish in Turkey

1. The Language House Courses / Programs
The Language House is a cross cultural program that offers Turkish language holidays and Turkish immersion programs for adults and teenagers in Istanbul and Antalya, Turkey. Our clients also take advantage of immersing themselves for several months with our Multi-Country Adventure Program where you can combine language training in more than one country as well as include our TESOL course and/or a short-term internship. The Language House one on one homestay program is available at any time of year and is suitable for all ages starting at 16 years old as well as any language level (beginner to advanced). Our programs are ideal for individuals, business, travel or examination revision purposes. All tutors are fully-qualified teachers and native speakers, experienced in teaching their mother tongue as a foreign language. Istanbul
- General Turkish Course - Eight Weeks
- Intensive Turkish Course - Four Weeks

- Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Turkish

- Multi-Country Adventure Program
- Homestay Immersion Program

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2. Dilmer Dil Ogretim Merkezi, Istanbul Courses / Programs
Dilmer is Istanbul's first and foremost Turkish Language Teaching School, located in the heart of Istanbul, Taksim, Turkey. At Dilmer, lessons are conducted by FULLY QUALIFIED, experienced, specialist teachers who have been teaching Turkish to foreigners since 1988. Dilmer is accredited by the Ministry of National Education. You can arrive at Dilmer from all areas of İstanbul very easily.

The classrooms at DİLMER are spacious and equipped to a high standard as you would expect from such a school. Our teachers aim to provide "communicative" lessons as well as grammar and they are chosen for their ability to provide a stimulating and creative learning experience. The aim is to enable the students to achieve the four basic language skills, which are the listening comprehension, reading comprehension, oral and writing, without neglecting the grammar. In this way we ensure the students are able to learn equally the six basic skills of language, grammar, reading, listening, dictation, writing and speaking. In our courses, the students who complete Elementary, Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels achieve certificates approved by the Ministry of Education.
7 levels: A) Elementary Turkish 1, B) Elementary Turkish 2, C) Intermediate Turkish 1, D) Intermediate Turkish 2, E) Upper-Intermediate Turkish 1, F) Upper-Intermediate Turkish 2 G) Advanced Turkish. When a student completes one level successfully, he/she automatically gains the right to continue to the next level. Our students who complete the Advanced Turkish Course successfully receive diplomas given by Ministry of National Education.
3. Turkish Language Center, Izmir Courses / Programs
Turkish Language Center is a Turkish language school located in Izmir, on the western coast of Turkey. We offer Turkish language courses to students from all over the world as well as offering foreign language courses to Turkish students. The Turkish as a Foreign Language courses are held from Monday to Friday in the morning or afternoon. We provide standard language courses and tailormade individual training designed to meet the individual needs of the student. We are the only school in Turkey that offer special Summer Intensive Courses (30 hours per Week)

All our Turkish-language courses generally focus on 3 areas of particular importance: Turkish grammar and vocabulary; Reading, comprehension, listening and writing; Conversation.

Some of our Turkish students also want to gain experience abroad mainly to practise their skills in the foreign language and to learn more about the culture, the people and the education of the particular country. The foreign language classes are held on the weekends.
- Summer Intensive Courses (30 hours per Week)
- Standard Language Courses (20 hours per Week)
- Tailormade Individual Training
4. KediCat - Turkish Language School, Istanbul Courses / Programs
KediCat in Taksim and Beyoglu in the heart of Istanbul is a Turkish Language School offering beginner to advanced language classes to adults of all ages and abilities. Our courses are aimed at speaking and understanding the spoken language. We know what you need and we teach the language fast and easily.

As adults you don't need to go over grammer the same way as you did when you learnt your native language, we will show you shortcuts. You will see how easy Turkish grammar is.
- Group Turkish Classes (3 - 10 students)

- Intensive Turkish Courses

- Remedial Turkish Courses

- Private Turkish Lessons
5. EFINST Turkish Centre, Istanbul Courses / Programs
Based in Istanbul, EFINST Turkish Centre is one of the most professional and successful private Turkish language schools for foreigners in Turkey. We teach students how to speak the language accurately and fluently from the first lesson, and have over 12 years experience in meeting the needs of those who wish to study and improve their Turkish, in-class or online.

Turkish lessons in our school consist of General Turkish, Business Turkish & Survival Turkish. The lessons are shaped to help students at every level and aim to help students succeed in all fields of Turkish. Our programs are comparative to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) and the course consists of 6 levels.

With over 2,000 students a year, we are dedicated to promoting international understanding through education and raising the standards of language learning. We teach students of all levels - beginner, intermediate & advanced.

We also offer 'Live Turkish' a web-based live teaching-learning system which allows you to learn Turkish as if you are in a real classroom environment. Live Turkish gives you the opportunity to practice what you learn in a safe, comfortable environment. Many teaching methods can be used through the system, so it’s just like being in a physical classroom.

Student Testimonial:
“I could not speak Turkish before but now I have made a big progress. Now I can speak Turkish and my understanding is better. Nowadays, I feel myself much more confident in Turkey’’. 
- Peter, Hungary
Classroom-based Turkish Courses - Beginner to Advanced:

- General Turkish Classes: Based on the European Language Criteria. Lessons are mostly speaking focused.

- General Business Turkish: Enables professionals to be able to communicate in business life, in accordance with the General Turkish programs.

- Survival Turkish: Special courses which meet students’ general communication needs in the shortest time possible.

Online Turkish Lessons: 
- 'Live Turkish' web-based Turkish classes

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6. Royal Turkish Education Center Courses / Programs
Royal Turkish Education Center is found in the centre of Izmir, a large city on the Aegean Sea coast, in the İzmir Province in western Turkey. With our friendly team, irreplaceable services and office, we provide support to all foreign students. We provide services such as offering a language course for students desiring to learn Turkish, university consultancy services, meeting and greeting at the airport and arrangement of accommodation.

Our goal is to combine education with Turkey’s developing political, economical and cultural aspects and introduce Turkish language and culture to our students even more closely. Being one of the most popular tourism centers of Turkey, Izmir and its neighboring cities are going to give you the opportunity to experience a unique education period and vacation at the same time.
- Standard Turkish language course:
We teach Turkish language for 5 days a week starting from the beginners’ level continuing onto the most advanced level.

- Private Turkish language course:
Learn Turkish easier and faster together with our specially selected Turkish Instructors for students wanting to take 1-1 private lessons.

- Homestay Program with a local Turkish speaking family: Full or half-boarding choices are available.
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