Turkish Language Courses in Istanbul, Turkey

EFINST Turkish Centre, Istanbul:
EFINST Turkish Centre Istanbul is a professional private Turkish language school for foreigners in Turkey that provides a wide range of beginner to advanced level Turkish language classes to students from around the globe. We have over 12 years of experience in meeting the language and training needs of those who wish to study and improve their Turkish. In addition to our in-class courses, we also offer 'Live Turkish', a web-based live teaching-learning system which allows students to learn Turkish as if they are in a real classroom environment.

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Turkish Language Courses in Istanbul: 
Photo of Turkish Language Courses in Istanbul, TurkeyThe lessons are shaped to help students at every level and aim to help students succeed in all fields of Turkish. Our programs are comparative to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) and the course consists of 6 levels.

General Turkish Classes:
Based on the European Language Criteria. Lessons are mostly speaking focused.

General Business Turkish:
Enables professionals to be able to communicate in business life, in accordance with the General Turkish programs.

Survival Turkish:
Special courses which meet students’ general communication needs in the shortest time possible.

Online Turkish Lessons:
Image of Turkish Language Courses in Istanbul, TurkeyLive Turkish is a web-based live teaching-learning system which allows students to learn Turkish as if they are in a real traditional-style classroom. Live Turkish gives students the opportunity to learn and practice what they learn in a safe, comfortable environment.  Many varied teaching methods can be used through the system, so it’s just like being in a physical classrooms.

All students can see and hear the teacher while they can also hear each other as they participate in the class. This system is as enjoyable and effective as the real class experience while also offering the comfort and elasticity of being at home or in your own office.

Our Methodology: 

Courses focus on integrating all the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. The emphasis is on building confidence in speaking Turkish and developing fluency in a lively and authentic language context. Our approach is student-centred and communicative, which means that teachers will focus on student’s aims and interests to help you use Turkish in an effective and practical way.

We are very careful about the standards of teachers teaching all our classes, and we follow not only the local standards but also the international ones because of our connection to the international market.

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