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1. Adirondack Learning Academy
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Are you searching for an accredited homeschool for your child or teenager in Tennessee? Based in New York State, Adirondack Learning Academy (ALA) offers high-quality, NCAA-approved online homeschooling programs for K-12 students living in Tennessee and nationwide.

At ALA, we are committed to providing a positive learning environment for homeschool students. We recognize that each child is an individual.

Therefore, we provide customized instruction for students at all levels, with course content tailored to suit their learning style, interests, and educational goals.

In addition to our comprehensive K-12 curriculum, we offer Advance Placement (AP) classes, college entrance assistance, and summer classes. Students are also welcome to take single classes. Access to our online courses is available 24/7.

We welcome students with special needs, and they will have the opportunity to receive physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy through our school.

ALA is accredited by the National Independent Study Accreditation Council (NISAC).

On graduation, high school seniors are awarded a homeschool diploma and an official transcript stating they have completed the requirements for graduation in their state.
Online Homeschool Programs:
- For students in Kindergarten through Grade 12

• College preparatory academic diploma awarded to high school seniors on successful graduation
• Advance Placement (AP) classes
• College preparation assistance
• Individualized instruction with each student assigned their own personal learning coach
• Extra-curricular clubs and special events that are held live online
• Single classes and summer classes are also available
Updated: 2016-08-13
Updated: 2016-08-13
2. Gateway Christian Schools
Courses / Programs
Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Gateway Christian Schools is a church-related school offering three different programs: a campus school, an Extension Program for Grades 2-12, and a Total Home-Education Program for Grades K-12. Home education allows parents to spend quality, one-on-one time with their children. Gateway Curriculum Center has thousands of titles for home-educating parents to choose from and helpful staff to answer your questions.

As a church school we recognize the exclusive authority and jurisdiction of parents over their own children. Each family is responsible for its own "school." As parent-teachers, you have as much freedom and flexibility as possible to administer your own "school," choose and obtain your own curriculum, and evaluate your own progress. Home education should be a pleasant experience, free of much "red tape." We hope to continue to provide service without hassle.
K-12 Total Home Education Homeschool Program:

- Parent/Guardian plans the lessons, teaches the lessons and evaluates the student's work
- Parent/Guardian chooses and obtains curriculum
- Grade reports required twice per year
- Phone counseling by experienced home educators
- Maintenance of cumulative school records for college entrance
- Assistance with transfers
- Diplomas for qualifying seniors
- Assistance with college entrance
- Registering families in Tennessee and Mississippi
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