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Position wanted:psychology consultant
Job Categories selected:
  • Consulting
  • Doctor/Physician
  • HR/Recruitment
  • Research/Development
  • Healthcare
  • Teaching
  • Freelance
  • Language/Multilingual
  • Education
  • Translation
Employment wanted:
  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • Contract
Language Skills:
  • German - A little
  • English - Very good
  • Spanish - Very good
  • French - A little
  • Portuguese - Good
Currently Living in:Venezuela
Country of Citizenship:Venezuela
Available from:Immediately
Able to Relocate:Yes
Objective and Resume Summary
Develop a line of work that breaks the established paradigms of the institution, optimizing process, effectiveness and outcomes.

Work offer
My knowledge’s of psychology, philosophy and politics let me develop creative projects and my teaching and coordination experience me makes easier for me the transmission, persuasion and leadership of this projects, fast and efficiently. I also have good proficiency in the English and Spanish languages, and working knowledge on French and Portuguese

Analytical, perseverance, critic n inefficient models, humanitarian and social worker.
My Key Skills:Psychotherapy, teaching, research, bilingual, psychoanalyst, psychologist, consultant, recruitment.
Education History, Qualifications & other additional information
Level of Education:Masters
1980- 1993 Private College St. Tomas Aquinas. Caracas.
Sciences bachelor
    1993-1999      Private Catholic University Andres Bello. Caracas.
    2000– 2002   Private Catholic University Andrés Bello. Caracas
    Master degree on Philosophy: Argumentation Theory
                          (not finished dissertation)

1993 – 1996 Seminaries Sigmund Freud
1996-1997 Seminaries of the Freudian Field School in the USB:
1996 Psychology Ethics
1997 Seminaries of the Freudian Field School: The Psychoanalysis against the Violence and Segregation.
1997-1998 Seminaries: Introduction to the Psychoanalytical Theory.
1997-1998 Seminaries: The Psychoses
1999 Seminaries: Therapy for neurotics
2004 Strengthening the liaisons between government and society
Work History & Experience
Years of Work Experience:10 to 15 Years
January – Actual
           2009 ODOMED. Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Psychoanalyst.
                   Consultant. Chacao, Caracas Venezuela. Telephone 2664629
January - Actual
2006 PSIEVAL. Human Resources and Human and Social
                    Development Projects. Consultant manager  (Entry removed to protect privacy)

2005- 2008      Universidad Nacional Experimental de las Fuerzas Armadas
                     UNEFA. (National Experimental University of the
                     Army). Chuao. Teacher of Self Knowledge, General
                     Psychology, language and communications and self care.
2004    Dirección Ejecutiva de la Magistratura (DEM). Dirección de
Bienestar Social. Preescolar Edúcame. Executive Direction    of the Magistracy. Social Health Department nursery school Psychologist. 4619974

2004 - 2005     Instituto Universitario de Tecnologías en Administración
                     Industrial (IUTA) Universitary Institute of
                      Administration Technologies Teacher of General Psychology,
                       Human Development and Counselor.
April - October
2004                Ministerio de Comunicación e Información (MCI).(State
                      Department of communications and information)
                      Recruitment and Development Officer. 5053209
2003 – 2006    N.J. Selección. Development of a competencies recruitment
                              and diagnostic test. EDRPCPM Registered Trademark
2003 – 2004     Cervantes School. Psychology Teacher. Caracas. 7936183
2003 – 2004     Dispensario Médico “San José”. Antimano. Psychologist -
                       Psychoanalyst. Antímano. (Entry removed to protect privacy)
2002          Metropolitan University. Terrazas del Avila, Caracas.
      Invited Teacher during Summer period
                      Enterprises management
2001 D.I.S.I.P. Department of Intelligence and Prevention Services. Research for the project “Amigos de la D.I.S.I.P” with the Vineland Social Behavior test.    Telephone. 603 – 68 – 98
2000 – 2002 Educative Unit  Monte Sacro Institute
                      La California Caracas. Psychology, Philosophy and Sociology
                      Teacher Telephone 272 – 47 – 96.

2000               College St. Tomas Aquinas. Campo Alegre, Caracas.
Psychology Teacher.
1999-2002      Asunción Clinic. Psychologist – Psychoanalyst.
                      Telephone: 763-45-  84/85
1998-1999   Freudian Field School of Caracas.
1997-1998 Department of Defense, Department of the Army. Department of psychology. Application of psychological tests, research of the Human Behavior on the Army Environment.
1997 – 1998 Institute of Social and Economical Investigations. UCAB.