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Position wanted:Plastic, Rreconstructive, Aesthetic Surgery
Job Categories selected:
  • Healthcare
  • Doctor/Physician
Employment wanted:
  • Contract
Minimum Yearly Salary expected:20 EUR
Preferred Job Location:Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
Currently Living in:Slovakia
Country of Citizenship:Slovakia
Available from:3 months
Able to Relocate:Yes
Objective and Resume Summary
I am a Medical Doctor  with 23 year exepriences. I was specialized for hand, breast, nerves etc reconstruction. Now I am mostly focused to Aesthetic surgery.
I am focused to Facelift, breast surgery and breast reconstruction using owen fat. Breast mastopexy with owen tisssue sec. Graf- Ribero, using also owen fat. Cooperation with Cytori Company, tommy tuck, Body Tite Liposuction, Body contouring.
My Key Skills:Surgical procedures I am performing

•        Blepharoplasty
•        Lower blepharoplasty with cantopexy, cantoplasty
•        Mid face lift sec. Botti / Ceravolo / Richter
•        Endoscopic Brow and Temporal lift, with or without Endotines
•        Tranblepfaro – browlift
•        Neck lift – Ribbon,
•        Midfacelift – Endotine, Ribbon
•        Facelift
•        MACS lift
•        Rinoplasty
•        Functional septorinoplasty
•        Open rinoplasty
•        Otoplasty
(Entry removed to protect privacy) , M.D. - Resume                                                                Page 11

•        Microlipografting to the face, Face lipostructuring
•        Lips augmentation by microlipografting
•        Double chin by Neck Tite, radiofrequency assisted liposuction
•        Face Tite, radiofrequency assisted liposuction
•        Brest reduction Hall/Findlay, McKissock, Marchac
•        Breast mastopexy with autologous tissue implantat sec. Ribbeiro, Graf
•        Breast mastopexy with submuscular augmentation with silicone implants sec.        Hall/Findlay, Hamdi
•        Periareolar mastopexy sec. Bennelli with submuscular silicone implants
•        Breast augmentation with silicone implants submuscular, subglandular
•        Breast augmentation with lipotransfer PureGraft, Cytori
•        Breast augmentation with lipotransfer Celution, Cytori
•        Breast periareolar mastopexy with lipotrasnfer
•        Breast mastopexy sec. Graf comb.with lipotrasnfer
•        Breast reconstruction with lipotransfre, Pure Graft and Celution, Cytori
•        Breast reconstruction with Becker implants
•        Breast reconstruction TRAM, Latissimus dorsi
•        Abdominoplasty, miniabdominoplasty
•        Abdominoplasty + Liposuction sec.
•        BodyTite, tummy, flanks, back, arms, inner and outer thighs, knees, calves,
•        Celulite Tite, radiofrequency assisted liposuction
•        Brachioplasty
•        Thighs lift
•        PRP, PRP Angel
•        Facial palsy reconstruction
•        Reconstruction of face and eyelids defects after tumor resection
•        Reconstruction of the nose
•        Reconstruction of the Chest Wall after Cardiac Surgery Procedures
•        Reconstruction of the anterior abdominal wall after Large Hernias
•        Peripheral Nerves Reconstruction
•        Reconstruction of the Defects of Lower Extremity
•        Dupuytren´s Contracture
•        Pollex and digitus saltans
•        Reconstruction of the Hand Tendons
•        Reconstruction of the Hand
•        Microsurgery of the Hand
•        Replantation of the Fingers and Hand
•        Tumor´s of the Skin
•        Congenital defects of the Hand
•        Carpal tunnel syndrom
•        Cubital canal syndrom
•        Guyon´s syndrom
•        Tarsal syndrom
•        Reconstruction of the Foot and Heel
•        Fat Injections        
•        Botox injections
•        Filler injections
•        Basalcell Carcinoma Surgery
•        Milgnant Melanoma Surgery


Membership in Professional Societies ISAPS
                                                            Rinoplasty Society of Europe
                                                        Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
                                                        of Slovak Medical Society
                                                        Society of ENT, Head and Surgery of Slovak                                                          Medical Society
Society of the Hand Surgery of Slovak
Medical Society
                                                        Society of Corective Dermatology of Slovak                                                          Medical Society
                                                        Slovak Association of One Day Surgery

                                                       Slovak Medical Chamber
                                                       Czech Medical Chamber

Patients I opereted on         Czech and Slovak republic, Germany, Great Britain, USA, Russia, Switzerland, Saudi  Arabia
Education History, Qualifications & other additional information
Level of Education:Doctorate
Experience and training

5th-7th         Dec        2013                                        Cutting Edges, AstonBaker Symposium, NY                                                        USA                                                

July19th – 20th                                        Khouri Course of fat transfer and breast
reconstruction, Miami, FL. USA

July 16th        Master Coursce MicroAir, Endotine Dissectional Course, Charlestvill, USA

June 22nd        Cadaver Master Course, Botulinum toxine and Fillers in Head and Neck. Lecturer,
Ist.  Charles University, Prague, The Czech republic

June 7th – 9th                 CATFAS IV Meeting,  Controversier, Art in Facial Aesthetic Surgery, Gent, Belgium

May  16th – 17 th                                          International Congress of Plastic Surgery,
                                                       X. Demjen´s  day, Presentor
•        Our philosophy in lipotransfer
•        Body Tite, technique which really Works
•        Lipotransfer and carcinoma risk
Nitra, The Slovak republic

May 9th – 13th                                                Face, Eyes, Nose Cadaver Course
                                                       Theory and Dissection Based Aesthetic
                                                       Facial and  Rinoplasty
                                                       ( Gubisch, Hamra, Robotti  et all)
University Hospital Coventry and
Warwickshire, UK        

April 27th                Pollytech Plastic Surgery Expert meeting, Dr. Del Yerro, Dr. Constantin Stan, Dr. Tom Biggs

January 31st – February 3rd. 2013                        IMCAS, Paris, France
                                                       Extra  courses:
•        Lipotransfer to the breasts and buttocks
•        Breast mastopexy and IMF management
•        New trends in Rinoplasty

December 13th – 15th,  2012        International Conference of Regenerative Surgery , Rome, Italy
       Paper and slides presentation „ Our Results in Breast Aesthetic Lipotransfer Augmentation“

November 30th – December 1st,  2012        International Symposium  for Plastic Surgeons  FACIAL REJUVINATION
       Prof. Feller, Munich,  Germany

November 9th – 11th, 2012        Vienna Hands on Course , Advanced Aesthetic Surgery of the Face . Master Class Course. Hands on Dissection Course
       Anatomy Training Center, Medical University  of Vienna, prof. Botti, prof .Ceravolo, prof. Traxler, Dr. Fock
(Entry removed to protect privacy) , M.D. - Resume                                                Page  6

October  12th – 13th, 2012        2nd EASAPS Course in Face and Breast Surgery, Budapest, Hungary

October  4th – 5th, 2012        Modern concepts: Body Sculpturing and Trunk Reconstruction
       Master Class on Body Sculpting
       Birmingham, UK

September 15th, 2012        Coleman  Structural fat Grafting,
Practical Course in Fat Transfer to term results. Prague, Czech Republic

September 4th – 8th, 2012                                21st  Congress of ISAPS
                                                       Geneva, Switzerland  

June  1st – 3rd, 2012                ISAPS Postgraduate Course. „ Beauty on the  Lake: Advances in Facial Rejuvenation“
       Cernobio – Como, Italy

May  25th- 27th, 2012                 7th International Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Course MASTOPLASTIES, Salo, Lago Di Garda, Prof. Giovanni Botti, Italy

May 17th, 20212                 Polytech Advanced Course with Polyurethane implants, NH Hotel  Gent, Belgium

05/18 – 05/20, 2012         CATBAS I, Controversies, Art and Technology in Breast and Body Contouring Surgery , Gent, Belgium

05/04  2012                 Gluteoplasty. J. Horácio ABOUDIB, M.D., President of  Půastic and Aesthetic Surgery of Brazil,   Milano, Italy

03/01 – 03/03, 2012                Third Bergamo Open Rinoplasty Course, From Fundametals to Finesse, Bergamo, Italy

02/9, 2012                Radio- Freaquency Assisted Liposuction  Training Course, Prague, Czech Republic

01/20,  2012                 Septum Based Mammaplasty, Moustapha Hamdi, Prof. , Univ of Brussels, Belgium
               Milano, Italy

12/17,  2011                 Advanced  MACS lift Course, Varpeale, Tonnard,  Ghent, Belgium

12/03, 2011                XVII. Vzělávací sympózium Plastické, Rekonstrukční a Estetické chirurgie, IPVZ, Prague, Czech Republic

10/13 – 10/14, 2011        Live Surgery Course with Celution 800/CRS System in Lipotransfer to the Breasts, Milano, Italy

October 1th – 2nd, 2011                ISAPS Instructional Course, Prague, Czech Republic

07/14 – 0/15, 2011        Live Workshop on Autologous Fat Grafting with Celution 800/CRS System in Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomies, prof. Rezai, Dusseldorf, Germany

06/24 – 06/26, 2011                Hands on workshop : Breast, Body, Face, Klagenfurt, Austria

September 23rd – 26th, 2010                                IQUAM Consensus                                                                                         Conference, Bratislava,
               Slovak republic

December 9th  – 12th, 2009                                Oncoplastic and                                                                                         Reconstructive Breast                                                                                 Surgery Workshop
Milano, Italy

October 17th , 2009                                        Allergan National Breast
                                                       Academy Course, Prague
                                                       Czech republic
January 28th – 30th, 2009                                X. Workshop of                                                                                         Rinoplasty and Endonasal                                                                                 Surgery, Ružomberok
                                                       Slovak republic

December 10th  – 12th, 2008                                Aesthetic Breast Surgery                                                                                 and Minimal Invasive                                                                                 Surgery Workshop
                                                       Milano, Italy        

November 8th, 2008                                        Injectible Material                                                                                         Workshop, Restylan
                                                       Bratislava, Slovakr epublic

September 12th, 2008                                        Dysport aplication                                                                                         Hands on Workshop
                                                       Bojnice, Slovak republic

January 30th  – February 1st, 2008                        Rinoplasty and Endonasal                                                                                 Surgery Workshop,                                                                                         Ružomberok, Slovak                                                                                         republic

November 23th  – 24th, 2007                                Aesthetic Plastic Surgery                                                                                 and Laser Medicine                                                                                         Workshop, Brno
                                                       Czech republic

January 29th, 2007                                        Liposuction with WAL                                                                                 Technology – Workshop
                                                       Bratislava, Slovak                                                                                         republic

May 18th  – 20th, 2006                                European Workshop in                                                                                 Aethetic Plastic Surgery
                                                       Prague, Czech republic

March 25th,  2006                                        Inamed Academy
                                                       Per Heden´s Workshop
                                                       Aesthetic Surgery of the          
Breasts, Prague, Czech republic

February 23rd – 24th, 2006                7th International Workshop of                         Rinoplasty, Ružomberok, The Slovak Republic

December 12th  – 14th , 2005                                     Advanced course on Surgical Techniques
with fresh cadaver workshop,
               Paris, France

February 29th – March 20th, 2005                              Fellowship Department of Plastic Surgery,
                                                                                  UnivesityHospital, Aachen, Germany

February 27th – 28th, 2005                                          Workshop – Injury of Brachial Plexus in
Neonates,  Herleen, Holland

October 15th -20th , 2004                                            Management of Brachial Plexus Injuries
Brescia, Italy

December 3rd  – 4th ,  2004                                         Becker´s Workshop
Breast Reconstruction
Wien, Austria

October 28th – December 6th, 2002                           Fellowship
Department of PlasticReconstructive and Aesthetic SurgeryMicrosurgical Unit
Chung Gung Hospital,Tayouan, Tai Pei, Taiwan
(prof. David Chuang,         F.Ch. Wei)

November 1st – 15th, 1997                                         Visitnig Doctor
Department of Neurosurgery, Detroit
Medical Center, MI, USA

October 25th – 30th, 1997                                           Annual Meeting of Society for Neurosurgical
Research, New Orleans, USA

January – May , 1997                                        Fellowship Department of                                                                                 Neurosurgery Cleveland Clinic                                                                         Foundation, Cleveland
                                                       OH, USA

New techniques developed  in Czech Repu        Breast augmentation with lipotrasnfer to the
blic                breasts
Breast mastopexy with lipotrasnfer augmentation
Breast mastopexy with owen breast tissue augmentation

Breast measurements to decide for technique of surgery  using Per  Heden  technique
( Mathematics and Plastic Surgery)

MACS lift  ( Minimal Access of Cranial Suspension Facelift) new type of facelift

Complete Endoscopic Brow and Temporal lift with Ultratines

Radiofrequency assisted liposuction Body  Tite

Microlipografting and lipostructuring to the Face

Open Rinoplasty, HLH osteotomies, Cerkes nose surgery, Spreader flap
Work History & Experience
Years of Work Experience:More than 15 Years

09/2013 – to present                        Consultant Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery
                                                       Dorow Clinic, Waldshut, German
04/2011 to  08/2013        Head of the Department of  Plastic and  Aesthetic Surgery
                                   Asklepion Institute of  Aesthetic Medicine
Prague, Czech republic

Head of the Department of Fat Tissue         Workplace, Asklepion Institute of  Aesthetic         Medicine Prague, Czech republic
International Trainer of Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction BodyTite
04/10 – 04/2011                Life – Med Clinic, Ltd
               Head Plastic Surgeon
               Kollárova 1
               902 01 Pezinok
               The Slovak republic

09/08 – 12/10        Asistent Professor
Department of Plastic, Reconstructive
and Aesthetic Surgery
               School of Medicine
               Komenius University
               University Hospital
               Bratislava, Slovak republic
               PhD – Rinoplasty -                 osteotomies, types and         functional aspects

               Member of Catalogue         Board, Slovak Ministry of         Health, responsible for         Plastic, Reconstructive         and Burn  Surgery

Member of Slovak Association for One Day Surgery responsibile for Plastic Surgery

       Board Exam: Specialization in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
       June 24th , 2005

05/00 – 09/08        Resident
Department of Plastic,  Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
       Komenius University Hospital, Bratislava
       Slovak republic

05/00 – 09/08        Neurosurgeon
       Department of Neurosurgery
       Slovak Health University
       F.D.Roosevelt Hospital
       Banská Bystrica
       Slovak republic

Board Exam: Specialization in Neurosurgery
            November 15th , 1999

10/93 – 03/99        Resident
       Department of
F.D. Roosevelt Hospital
       Banská Bystrica
       Slovak republic

Borad Exam: General Surgery 1st Grade        
October 13th ,  1993

07/91 – 10/93        Resident
Department of General Surgery, F.D.Roosevelt
Hospital, Banská Bystrica
       Slovak republic

09/90 – 07/91        Rotating Internship

Univ. Hosp. F.D.Roosevelt Hospital
       Banská Bystrica
       Slovak republic