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Company/Business: Global Medical Recruiting
Job Title:Communications Director for Health Insurance Company
Job Location: Doha - Qatar
Employment Areas:
  • Healthcare (Health Communications, Healthcare Compliance)
  • Insurance (Health Insurance, Insurance Claims)
Employment Type:Contract
Job Description & How to Apply Below
Communications Directors are invited to apply for the COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR positions available at a new Health Insurance Company of the Supreme Council of Health Qatar. Candidates (Male or Female) 30-45 years of age will be considered. Arabic language skills are distinct advantage but not essential. Interested candidates are strongly encouraged to submit CV’s as soon as possible as we have limited time to fill the positions.

The SCH is seeking to appoint a Communications Director who will help to develop and build the SCH’s Health Insurance Company (SCH-HIC).
The role will involve:
Developing policies and procedures for the Communications department to ensure successful information flow to various stakeholders, in order to impact public perception, overall performance and market recognition. Organising Press Conferences for SCH-HIC SMT staff. Ensuring the effectiveness of SCH-HIC as an organisation through clear, concise and timely communication of SCH-HIC’s policies and procedures. Establishing and continuing a dialogue between SCH-HIC and the external market based on the principles of interactive, purposeful and objective communication. Managing the four divisions falling under Communications namely, Media Relations, Public Relations, Provider Communications and Content Distribution. Overseeing the development of latest events articles and handling of general media enquiries. Reviewing and approving the articles for release in order to inform the media and public on current affairs related to SCH-HIC. Ensuring that the questions from media are being answered regularly and by the relevant personnel at SCH-HIC. Ensuring interaction with key stakeholders to engage and facilitate them in communication and handling of general queries. Guiding the Communications department in identifying the key stakeholders, creating a stakeholder communication plan and development of stakeholder communication materials such as status updates. Leading the Provider Communications department to identify objectives and audiences, type of information to be released, format/medium to be used to release the information and how to assess the quality and effectiveness of a message. Guiding the Content Distribution department to ensure communications are correctly, efficiently and effectively presented and packaged. Establishing the guidelines for content distribution such as electronic distribution, addressing and submission; printing, copying and mailing preparation; researching & recording the effectiveness of the distributed message. Leading the department towards anticipating new mediums that will be useful to SCH-HIC in the future. Preparing the annual budget in terms of manpower requirements for the Communications department.   

A lucrative recruitment package will be offered to successful candidates. The salary will be according to experience and discussed during interview. Package will include various other benefits.

The SCH is the steward of the health of Qatar’s people.  It has the dual mandate to develop policies and programs to improve the people’s health so that they may enjoy longer and more productive lives, and to lay the foundation for a vibrant country for decades to come. The SCH believe that Qatar has an opportunity to create a health care system that will provide the most effective and advanced health care to its people and to become a model for the world to follow. The heart of Qatar’s strategic vision for the future is helping people achieve their full potential, thereby benefiting the individuals, their families, the community and the nation. A healthy people served by an outstanding well-managed, health care system are essential to success and to achieving His and Her Highness’s vision for Qatar’s future. Currently, the SCH is embarking on an ambitious program to enhance the wellness of the people of Qatar so that a vibrant, healthy, and productive society can be established for today and for the future.  The essence of that program is ’Caring for the Future’. Caring for the Future means promoting public health, encouraging healthy lifestyles, providing community-based primary care, and ensuring that, when needed, some of the world’s most advanced and highest quality care is available in tertiary(which is) medical facilities.  These tertiary facilities will not only provide quality care but also are expected to be research leaders on the frontiers of science. The SCH will oversee and regulate the medical marketplace, promoting high quality care through use of the latest information technology and support of a health care financing program that provides access to all while establishing incentives for good resource stewardship.  The SCH will promote evidence- based policies that seek to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and their families, and will measure change against established objectives to be certain progress is being achieved. Under the guidance of his Highness the Emir of Qatar, the SCH was established in 2009 and given the responsibility to guide reform in Qatar in order to establish one of the world’s most admired and renowned health systems.  The SCH’s role is to create a clear vision for the nation’s health direction, set goals and objectives for the country, design policies to achieve the vision, regulate the medical landscape, protect the public’s health, set the health research agenda, and monitor and evaluate progress towards achieving those objectives. Another key SCH function is oversight of the quality and effectiveness of service delivered by primary care and hospital and other public and private sector health service providers to ensure that standards are met and performance targets achieved. The SCH has a special role to play in ensuring that the public health of the country receives adequate attention. It oversees public health programs related to the control of infectious diseases, and coordinates with other agencies on environmental and public safety promotion. It is also our responsibility to ensure that the nation is prepared for any public health emergency. The SCH does not provide clinical services.  Instead our goal is to vest responsibility for care in the hands of public institutions such as Hamad Medical Corporation and the private sector while regulating, monitoring, and evaluating this care against agreed upon outcomes to ensure that acceptable quality of care is provided.   The SCH is committed to establishing an environment that promotes quality and wellness through wise policies in such areas as health insurance, information technology, licensure and credentialing and continuing medical education.

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Position Requirements
Skills / Industry Qualifications Required:
Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Finance, Health Sciences or any related discipline.   
Must possess strong understanding of branding, target market strategy, channelling, strategic communication, client interface etc.

Eight (8) years’ experience in communications management in health insurance industry or similar setting of which at least 3 years’ were in a leadership role.
The successful candidate will need to possess:
The ability to build pride and belief in the organisation by communicating a compelling vision. Promote a culture of open communication throughout the organisation, acting as a role model to colleagues. Establish monitoring and review mechanisms, demonstrate an ability to reassess priorities and develop contingency plans to achieve successful results. Manage relationship with national and or international target key stakeholders. Develop key communication strategies and objectives as well as take appropriate actions to resolve any conflicts on a regular basis.
The following are the desired competencies expected from this profile:
Distinguished leadership skills and experience in working within a multi-disciplinary and a cross-cultural environment. Strong internal consulting skills and ability to champion change and drive organisation improvement required. Strong analytical abilities and process improvement skills preferred. Strong service orientation; ability to influence others and collaborate cross functionally. Project management through planning, organising, and coordinating tasks required. Proficient in Arabic and English, both written and verbal.
Education Level Required: Bachelor
Experience Required to qualify for consideration: 7 to 8 Years
Contact Information
Contact Name:Global Medical Recruiting
Preferred method of contact:E-mail via Apply Online Box (below when logged in)
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