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Fun Bike Racing Game Free Online

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Dexter Laboratory Race is a funny and colorful bike-racing game (based on the American animated television series). It’s simple and fun to play – perfect for younger kids (and Big Kids/ adults too!). You are Dexter, an eight-year-old boy genius and your mission is to finish in first place (without crashing) against Dee-Dee (your cheeky sister). Remember, you are the family genius. Don’t let her get past you! Vroom Vroom!

Background: Dexter has built some brand new high-speed racers in his “laboratory” (or as he says – luh-BOAR-uh-tor-ee). He wants to test them out on his specially created racetrack. Help him defeat his sister in this funky little racer game!

How To Play: Use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to ride the bike: (UP) Forward, (LEFT) Lean Left, (RIGHT) Lean Right. Press the “P” key to Pause the game. You can see the Level and Time at the top of the game screen. You can also see where you and Dee Dee are in the race in the top right corner. Happy racing!

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