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1. Theatre Arts Program, Rocky Mountain College, Calgary
Courses / Programs
Located in Calgary, Alberta, western Canada, the Rocky Mountain College Theatre program (formerly known as Playhouse North), provides a full-time conservatory experience that concentrates on the artistic growth of the actor. It is an experientially-based performance training program that features acting training from two of Canada's foremost acting teachers, Val Lieske and Barrett Hileman. As Co-Directors they have designed the program to include dance, movement, stage combat, singing, voice and speech, as well as a range of other class offerings in a Christ centered faith-based environment.

The Rocky Mountain College Theatre program is one of the only Christian conservatory-style training programs in Canada, and the unique combination of integrating ones faith in acting training provides a solid foundation for a successful career in the arts.

Starting Fall 2011, we are now offering courses in Theatre Studies to the community at large. Please e-mail us for more information via our Contact Page.
- Diploma in Theatre Arts (2 years)
- Bachelor degree in Theatre Arts (4 years)
- Courses available to the community at large
- Classes include acting, singing, dance and spiritual formation
- Our programs provide students with a solid foundation to grow as confident and gifted artists
- Continuing education courses from theatre history, to technical theatre, for members of the community at large
2. Numa International Institute of Makeup and Design, Calgary
Courses / Programs
The Numa International Institute of Makeup and Design (NiiMD) is located in Calgary, Alberta. We offer comprehensive makeup, hairstyling and fashion courses that provide our students with the necessary skills to excel in the makeup and fashion industries. Numa is an institute of higher education, creativity and expression. We also have a training school in Edmonton.

It is our mission to empower our students with confidence, skill and creativity. We believe in a well rounded program with a strong emphasis on hands on application. As an artist, you are entitled to express yourself in accordance with your own personal flair; however a grounding in the fundamentals of your trade is what will ensure your success. Using quality brand name products is a standard of NiiMD.
- Essential Makeup
- Advanced Fashion Makeup
- Studio Hairstyling
- Airbrush
- Special Effects Makeup
- Teen Fashion Fridays
- Styling and Image Consulting
3. Rosebud School Of The Arts, Calgary
Courses / Programs
Are you ready to discover your talents, risk a career in professional theatre, start your own theatre company, or serve in one of the many areas of drama ministry? Define your passions at Rosebud School of the Arts located in Rosebud, Alberta in Canada just 100 km northeast of Calgary. Rosebud develops honest, caring, and talented theatre artists who have the skills and desire to make a difference in the world – a world that desperately yearns to be transported in heart, mind, and soul.

By exploring the intimate connection between your spiritual gifts and your creative gifts, you will discover greater authenticity in faith and on stage. Welcome to a school, a theatre, a place, where the secular meets the Divine, where the disenfranchised find their niche, and where theatre artists are born. Every year thousands of Rosebud Theatre patrons discover the artists who have trained at Rosebud School of Arts. Rosebud Theatre exists to uncover and polish the creative gifts that the Spirit has placed in each of us.
Acting Classes and Programs; Certificate in Theatre Foundations; Mentorship Training; Music and Open Studies Internship Programs; Study acting, art, speech, movement, choir, dance, script analysis, music theory, spiritual formation, Christianity and the arts, drama ministry, and technical theatre with us. We also organise theatre study trips to major cities. We welcome international students.
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