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Spanish Lessons in San Jose Area, California

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Habla Language Services, San Jose:
Habla Language Services in the city of Campbell near San Jose, Santa Clara County, California was designed for all your Spanish and English Language needs. Learn Spanish in the San Francisco Bay Area now. We go to your site and travel to additional areas on request. Learn with our patent-pending, picture-based system which is interactive and fun. We also use the immersion model. That means you'll be hearing and learning Spanish instantly.

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Spanish for Specific Industries
We offer streamlined workshops in only 3 hours!
* Spanish for Medical Professionals (Chiropractors, Dental Hygienists, Physical Therapists)
* Construction Managers
* Bankers or Financial Experts
* Homeowners (housekeeper/gardener)
* Missionaries (at home or abroad)

Basic Spanish Workshop
This 3-hour dynamic workshop prepares you for our conversational series or for one of the industry specific courses. We cover:

1. Numbers
2. Days of the Week
3. Months of the Year
4. Colors
5. Greetings and Niceties
6. Pronouns
7. Question words

Conversational Series
We offer semi-private lesson in the San Jose, CA area with 2-6 students. We have lessons available for beginners, advanced beginners, and could develop a class according to your level if there is at least one other person to sign up.

We emphasise conversation and speaking now! We teach proper grammar but encourage you to speak even if it's not 100% correct. We show you how to manipulate the language to get your message across. Ms. Covello knows how adults learn and she applies best practices in her methodology.

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Address: Campbell area, San Jose, California , USA