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Casino Training Courses in Singapore

ICG School of Casino and Hospitality Management:
ICG School of Casino and Hospitality Management (previously known as International Club Games Training Centre) is the world's premier casino school. Located in Singapore, it is a specialist provider of casino vocational training for the public and casino operators and registered with the Ministry of Education in 2009. It is the operator of the first and largest casino training centre in South East Asia and is a luxuriously styled learning environment offering 5 star services and education for global students. In partnership with the Leeds Metropolitan University of UK, ICG offers programmes in Hospitality, Tourism and Casino Management. Its curriculums are designed to bridge the gap between the culture of schooling and the culture of the world outside. ICG¹s courses and disciplines of learning place emphasis on the changing demands of hospitality and tourism in the Asia Pacific region.

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Photo of Casino Training Courses in SingaporeCertificate in Dealing Casino Games
In this comprehensive professional casino croupier certification course, students will be trained to deal the major games Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack plus two of the most common secondary games, Tai Sai and Casino War. Students will be learning and completing practical sessions in ICGTC’s unique CASINOLAB®. Apart from hard-skills, the course includes the STAR DEALER® course which will train students in Grooming & Etiquette, Casino Customer Service and Inter-personal Skills.

Certificate in Table Games Supervision
This course provides comprehensive training in gaming supervision and pit management. It is suitable for those aspiring to become an Inspector, Pit Supervisor or Pit Boss. It includes ICGTC’s unique CASINOLAB® simulator course which allow students get practical experience of table games supervision and pit operations management. Students will get practical experience of using the Casino Pit Management system similar to systems used by large casinos to track gaming table activities.

Certificate in Casino Management (Floor Operations)
This course prepares participants for supervisory and pit operations management positions. It places emphasis on the vocational aspect of casino floor management. The course follows the natural order of learning casino job skills; students will learn the croupier skills first as foundation followed by table supervision before completing the pit management lessons. ICG TC’s unique CASINOLAB® siImage of Casino Training Courses in Singaporemulator programme provides practical experience of casino operations.

Diploma in Casino Management (Table Games Operations)
This programme is jointly developed by Nanyang and International Club Games Training Centre in Singapore to cater to the demands of the growing leisure and hospitality industry. The combination of tourism and hospitality management modules, casino floor management and vocational casino games dealing skills sets up the graduates to be perfect candidates for employment in casinos. This is one of the leading diplomas in Singapore with a critical component of 8 months Industrial Attachment in Singapore.

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