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Mandarin Chinese Programs in Beijing, China

Hutong School, Beijing:
The Hutong School is a Mandarin Chinese language school located in Central Beijing and Shanghai. It was founded in April 2005 in response to the growing demand of Western students, graduates and young professionals for internships and Chinese language courses in China. It is committed to creating new opportunities for young talented students by linking them with both Chinese and international companies in Beijing. We offer intensive Chinese courses as well as internships and volunteer programs. We can also provide tailor-made programs to meet your individual requirements. Through our programmes, we aim to enhance our students’ understanding and knowledge about Chinese language and Chinese culture.

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Educational Excellence:

Photo of Mandarin Chinese Programs in Beijing, ChinaWe attach great importance to the quality of our Chinese classes and internships, enabling students to acquire both linguistic and professional knowledge about China. Our teachers are all highly motivated and talented college graduates with a passion for teaching Chinese to foreigners. Our partner companies are equally passionate about training young talented people and sharing their professional insight with them.

With students and representatives from more than 30 countries worldwide, the Hutong School not only aims to introduce Chinese culture, but also to give students a chance to get a global perspective by exchanging views and ideas with fellow students from many different countries. The city of Beijing is rapidly becoming a true metropolis, continuing to attract people from all over the world.

Programs in Beijing:
-Intensive Chinese Program: Intensive focus on learning Chinese
-Internship Program: Combination of Internship Placement and Chinese Classes
-Volunteer Program: Combination of NGO Placement and Chinese Classes
-Tailor Made Programs: Chinese programs specifically tailored to your needs.

Cultural Immersion:

Image of Mandarin Chinese Programs in Beijing, ChinaThrough our programs, we aim to enhance our students’ understanding and knowledge about Chinese language and culture. We allow them to discover the heart of Beijing by offering them the chance to live in modern apartments in genuine Chinese neighborhoods, rather than living on a campus in the outskirts of town. We fully immerse our students in Chinese culture by organizing daily Chinese classes and weekly cultural events: activities range from Cooking Classes to Business Seminars to Tai Chi lessons and Kungfu shows.

At the Hutong School, we also encourage our students to get involved in different philanthropic activities around Beijing. Whether it is teaching English at a school for migrant workers' children, planting a tree, or visiting an NGO, we hope students learn more about the Beijing culture and want to become involved with the people.


Our apartments are right in the centre of the Beijing. All of the apartments are very close to the school. If you have an internship we will try to place you as close to your company and the school as possible.

As well as being in the middle of everything, our apartments place you within characteristic Beijing communities that blend the traditional and modern elements of today’s China. On one side of the street you might have an ancient Confucian temple; on the other side you will be faced by China’s future, a multi-storey shopping centre or high rise international hotel. The land of contrasts supplies you with an ever-changing city.

Student Testimonials::

Photos of Hutong School, Beijing"I will never forget my time at Hutong School. I enjoyed almost every day at work and the people around me. During my time at Hutong School I found lots of new friends and I’m still in touch with many of them. Thanks to Hutong School I decided to stay in China, Beijing." - Kristoffer Anderson, Sweden

"On my first day I really didn’t know what to expect from my stay in China. There were many questions and just a few answers. But soon I found out that the decision to go to China for an internship was the best ever. Beijing has so many faces and almost everyday you can see a different one.

After two months out of six I really can say that I’m enjoying China pretty much. One reason for that is the good organisation of the Hutong School and another is the people from all over the world. After a while you get to know different points of view, you see how Chinese companies work and what China is really about. So stop doubting about coming to China and gain your own experiences here."
- Olga Hoffart, Germany

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