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Starfish Swim School, Denver:
Starfish Swim School, in the Greenwood Village suburb of Denver is an established, full-time, dedicated swim school for Adults and Children. Since 2003, Starfish has given hundreds of thousands of swim lessons to students from all over the metro-Denver area. We take pride in teaching adults and children how to swim and safely enjoy the water while building aquatic skills and developing each student’s swimming confidence in a warm, safe and caring environment.

Photo of Swim Classes in Denver, COAdult Swim Lessons:
These classes provide adults who did not have the opportunity to learn how to swim as a child, the chance to become more comfortable in the water. You will learn the basic skills, thus increasing your confidence in and around the water. An advanced class is also available for those who just want to refine their strokes or implement a swimming workout into their routine. Although our adult group lessons are more individualized based on the needs and past experiences of our students, we follow our swim school curriculum progression. We modify the activities for each skill to make it more age appropriate and include more information on the reasoning behind the use of each activity.

Private Swim Lessons:
Private lessons are for the ages 14 months to 4 years, the children are required to attend two lessons per week on either a Monday, Wednesday schedule or a Tuesday, Thursday schedule. This is to provide consistency in their learning.

Note: Private lessons are recommended for families that own a pool, hot-tub or boat, or who vacation on or around water often.

Semi-Private Lessons:
Semi-private lessons require you to provide two students of the same ability. We do not match students up for this class.

Swim Classes for Children with Special Needs:
- All ages
Class size is one instructor to 3 students, maximum. We welcome the opportunity to work with children with special needs. We limit the class size to give the child added attention.

Tiny Bubbles (Parent and Tot Classes) - 6 mos to 3 yrs:
- Tiny Bubbles I - 6 months to 18 month olds. Max. 6 students per class.
- Tiny Bubbles II - 18 months to 36 month olds. Max. 6 students per class.
Tiny Bubbles I and II are the ideal classes for babies and toddlers. This class is an opportunity for parents and or caregivers to spend quality time with their children as they acquaint them with the water. Parents immerse themselves and their little ones in a lesson through a series of skills and songs as children gain confidence in the pool. Adults and child will work with their instructor on submersions, rollover breathing, back floats, and water play in a safe, fun, and loving environment.

Please Note: A Parent or Care Giver is required to be in the water with their child for this class.

Group Classes - (Beginner to Advanced):
- Level I: 3 and 4 years of age
- Level II: 5 and 6 years of age
- Level III: 7+ years of age
- 30 minute classes for children 3 years and up. 4 students per class, maximum.
The core, basic, safety skills are taught at our beginner levels. These core skills are to gain comfort and safety in the water through learning that if they were fall into a body of water they would have the ability to swim to a wall or ledge, or if they are too far from a wall or ledge, they’ll have the ability to roll on their back and independently back-float. We then teach them to have a combination of swimming and floating skills to independently move across the water.

All children must possess these skills before they move on to our Angelfish and Higher Level classes.

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Address: 6040 Greenwood Plaza Blvd., Greenwood Village, Denver, Colorado , USA
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ID Tech Camps, Colorado
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iD Tech Camps provide computer science and tech-related summer courses on campus at Colorado State University (in Fort Collins), and the University of Denver (in Denver County). Colorado course options include week-long day camps for ages 7-17 (iD Tech Camps), and 2-week, pre-college programs for ages 13-18 (iD Academies).

Choose from a wide variety of exciting course topics - Game Design, Web Design, Coding, Programming Modding, and Robotics among others. Students get the opportunity to build STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills in our state of the art tech labs.

Courses are designed so that you can register for one or multiple weeks (further camps). Many students choose to sign up for multi-week packages to build on their skills and learn new subjects. Students often stretch their skills for 3, 4, and even 5 consecutive weeks.

“Simply amazing counselors who deserve the highest recommendation! My son’s expression of enthusiasm is most welcome as he’s not the easily impressed. He loved it! Thanks for a creative, positive weekend.”
- Barbara R., Parent, University of Denver
Summer Tech Camps for Kids & Teens ages 7-18:

iD Tech Camp:
- Week-long day camps for ages 7-17

- Week-long overnight camps for ages 10-17

iD Programming Academy:
- 2-week, pre-college programs for ages 13-18

iD Game Design & Development Academy:
- 2-week, pre-college programs for ages 13-18

Accredited Continuing Education Units are available from all of our iD Academy locations.
CodaKid, Phoenix Metro Area
Courses / Programs
Situated in Old Town Scottsdale AZ, and convenient for students throughout the Phoenix Metro Area, CodaKid is a leading computer science and game design academy. We provide a range of one-week summer tech camps for kids and teens (6 to 14 year olds).

In our fun and engaging summer camps, elementary school and middle school students learn computer programming and video game design through the use of cutting edge tools such as Minecraft Forge, Blender, Eclipse, and more.

CodaKid also offers after-school programs and weekend classes in 3D Modeling and Animation, and Minecraft Modding. Our after-school programs are held in Old Town Scottsdale and North Scottsdale.

In these dynamic classes, kids and teens learn Java programming and video game design in an entertaining way. 

Our knowledgeable and personable instructors are experts in their fields. They are experienced coders, technologists and game designers from leading universities and companies.

All of our classes are taught in small groups, with an 8:1 Student Instructor Ratio. This ensures that each child get the individual attention they need, whatever their level.

Parent Testimonial:
"My husband and I are so thankful for this awesome place and it's incredible staff! Ask my 11-year-old daughter where her favorite place to "hang out" is...she'll tell you CodaKid!"
- Kathy
Summer Computer Camps:
- Minecraft Modding with Java Coding Camp (ages 7-14)
- Minecraft 3D Game Design Camp (ages 6-10)
- 3D Modeling and Animation Camp (ages 10-14)

Year-Round After-School Programs - ages 6-14: 

Minecraft Modding Classes
- Foundations of Modding
- Foundations of Game Design
- Modding with Enemies
- Modding with Tools & Weapons

3D Modeling and Animation Classes
- 3D Modeling
- 3D Animation with Blender

Weekend Classes:
CodaKid regularly offers Modding for Minecraft Code-a-thons on Friday and Saturday evenings.
International Summer School for Teens
Courses / Programs
Swing into action or shoot straight for an ace in summer 2016!

Situated on the campus of University of Stirling in Central Scotland (just 40 minutes north-west of the capital city, Edinburgh), International Summer School for Teens provides exclusive Golf and Tennis summer camps for UK and international students ages 12-17.

Students choose a 3-week Golf or Tennis-based summer camp, and combine it with one of three academic courses: English Language (ESL), Global Entrepreneurship, or Pre-IB / Pre GCSE Study Skills.

Over their 3 week stay students will have access to world class teaching and sporting facilities, all within a safe and supervised environment.

Participants in our summer school program stay on campus at Stirling University - which is regularly referred to as one of the most beautiful campuses in the world.

Parent Testimonials:

"Our son really enjoyed the golf, leadership, and adventure activities. Thank you to all the staff for being so easy to work with and for providing such a lovely experience!”
- Anita, USA

“My son radiates with pleasure when he thinks back  about his fantastic experience of last summer at  the International Summer School for Teens. The whole setting was more than he had expected and experienced before. A big thank you to all of you!”
- Saskia, Belgium
3-week Residential Summer Sports Camps - for boys & girls ages 12-17

- Camp options include Golf & Tennis

- Experienced teachers work in small groups to enhance each of our students skills

Sports camps must be combined with one of three academic courses:

- English Language (ESL)
- Global Entrepreneurship
- Pre-IB / Pre GCSE Study Skills
Updated: 2015-10-15
Updated: 2015-10-15
Hubbard Family Swim School, Phoenix
Courses / Programs
Hubbard Family Swim School located in north Phoenix, Arizona, is an award winning, year-round swim school that provides instruction to children ages 6 months to 12 years. We love the advantages of being indoors. We love teaching and working with every student that enters our doors. Everyday there is a new success story, a new smile, a frightened child that begins to understand the aquatic world. We work to build smiles, confidence and success.

We also offer indoor lessons in the Mesa and Peoria areas. Summer outdoor lessons are offered in Biltmore.
Year-round Swim Classes for Children:
- Little Snappers Baby Swim classes
- Semi Private Classes (26 to 36 months)
- Group Classes
- Hammerhead Squads (perfect all four competitive strokes)
- Blitz/Drop-In Swim Lessons
- STARFSCH (Splash Therapy And Recreation For Special Children)
- STA After School
- Summer Sports Camp
Manchester United Soccer Schools, Chelsea FC Foundation Soccer Schools, City Football Language School & Liverpool FC International Academy
Courses / Programs
Founded in 1999, Soccer Camps International is a global leader in providing the best services and information on famous soccer football camps in the UK and Europe.

Our prestigious UK soccer camps include intensive spring and summer programs with Manchester United Soccer Schools (MUSS), Manchester City Football Language School Soccer Camps, Liverpool FC International Academy & Educational Camps and Chelsea FC Foundation Soccer Schools.

Soccer Camps International also works in association with Arsenal Soccer Schools, and Bobby Charlton Soccer and Sports Academy.

MUSS offers 6-day residential football camps in Manchester for boys ages 8-17 as well as a "Girls Only" camp for ages 8-17.

In addition, MUSS offers a 2-week English Language & Soccer camp for boys ages 8-17 where young players can develop their soccer skills and improve their understanding of the English language at the same time.

Manchester City Soccer Camps provide intensive on-pitch soccer training and English language classes to boys ages 9-17 at the world-class City Football Academy facility.

Chelsea FC Foundation Soccer Schools offers 2-week soccer camps in London for boys ages 10-17 which can be combined with optional quality English language classes.

Liverpool FC provide two camps for boys ages 12-17 - a Sports Leadership program, and an English Language + football camp. Participants get the chance to play the Liverpool way, whilst having the unique opportunity to interact with children from across the globe.
Manchester United Soccer Schools:
- 6-day summer soccer camps for boys & girls ages 8-17
- Goalkeeper camp for boys (11-17) and girls (11-14)
- 2-week English language + Soccer camp for boys ages 8-17

Manchester City Football Language School Soccer Camps:
- 2-week soccer program for boys ages 9-17

Chelsea FC Foundation Soccer Schools:
- 2-week summer soccer camps for boys ages 10-17

Liverpool FC International Academy & Educational Camps:
- Sports Leadership & Football Camp (for boys ages 12-17)
- English Language & Football Camp (for boys ages 12-17)