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Swimming Safari Swim School, Jacksonville:
Swimming Safari Swim School is a dedicated Swimming School with several first-rate locations in Jacksonville, and the surrounding North Florida area. Swimming Safari Swim School offers children and adults swimming lessons aimed at allowing them to enjoy the water and ultimately learn to swim. With many years of experience, and an enjoyable gentle way in an unhurried atmosphere, we will teach all to stay safe, appreciate the water and gain confidence in swimming. All Swimming Safari Guides are Red Cross CPR & First Aid certified.

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Photo of Swim Classes in Jacksonville, FLSplish-Splash Babies (children under the age of 3):
This fun and foundational class focuses on a positive learning experience leading to harmony and safety in the water. Parents and babies will participate in: water exploration, breath control, water movement and safety skills in a fun and loving atmosphere with songs, games and colorful toys. Starting with water orientation and floating skills, babies will gradually move on to gentle underwater submersions and roll-overs from their tummies into a survival float on their back. Both parents are welcome to participate in the 30 minute class. A great beginning to loving the water for life! (at least one parent is required to be in the water)

Semi-private Swimming lessons:
Semi-private lessons are one instructor and two students (1:2 ratio). These lessons are offered to parents with two children around the same age and skill level. Friends and neighbors are more than welcome to also participate, but it is required that you provide your own partner; Swimming Safari will not match you with another student if you chose this option.

Private Swimming lessons:
Private lessons are one instructor and one student (1:1 ratio). These are a great option for children who may have any apprehension or fear of the water and also for parents who are looking for quick progress. Private lessons are also available for children under the age of 3 in lieu of a Baby and Me class.

Adult Swim Lessons:
At Swimming Safari we believe it’s never too early nor too late to learn to enjoy the water! We usually schedule adults for private lessons and require a 6 lesson minimum to ensure lessons are thoroughly covered. Would you and your child like to learn together? How about you and a friend or two? Feel free to participate in our semi-private or group options as well!

Children's Group Swim lessons:

Group lessons are one instructor and 3-4 students (1:3-4 ratio).
- Happy Hippos: For non-swimmers and nervous swimmers who are uneasy putting their face in the water.
- Mighty Monkeys: Child is comfortable putting face in the water, will kick to the instructor without help or hesitation, and allows the instructor to hold child in back float position.
- Terrific Tigers: For swimmers comfortable in the water, able to float on back and glide.
- Amazing Alligators: (swim team preparation) Able to swim 2 laps using correct form and side breathing on freestyle, will swim the other 3 strokes without hesitation, child is comfortable in the deep end, and must be 6 years or older.

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Address: 11702 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville, Florida , USA
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We use the nationwide state of the art swim lessons model, SwimAmerica. This program was designed by the experts in swimming, America’s Olympic Swim Coaches. Your child will progress independent of classmates at their own pace through all of the safety and swim levels!
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Students can stay for up to 5 weeks, with day and residential (overnight) camps available.

Fun adventure and sporting activities include golf, tennis, kayaking, horse riding, scubadiving, surfing, wakeboarding, and more.

Run by a group of highly-experienced teachers from the French state educational system, French Summer Camps guarantees top-quality holiday programs for your children, in a wholly safe environment.

We maintain higher mentoring ratios than those set down by law (one responsible adult to 6 children, instead of 1 to 12).
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Aikido Florida Aikikai is a martial arts training center in Fort Lauderdale, FL, where students of all levels and all ages can learn the ancient art of Aikido from our location in the heart of the city. Aikido is a Japanese martial art based on self-defense that is performed by blending with the motion of the attacker and redirecting the force of the attack rather than opposing it head-on. At Aikido Florida Aikikai, we teach this ancient tradition to adults, kids and teens of all ages and levels. As well as learning Aikido, our students experience Japanese culture through language classes, meditation, traditional crafts, games, calligraphy, films, food and more.

The benefits of Aikido training go far beyond simple self defense. Aikido teaches you how to focus your mind, body and spirit into powerful unified action, creating a vital, perceptive and engaging personality. Daily practice improves your physical conditioning - strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and also your mental conditioning - self-confidence, concentration, alertness, intuitiveness and concern for others.
Adult Aikido Classes
- Basic level
- Mixed level
- Advanced

Kids Aikido Classes
- Little Samurai (Ages 2-4)
- Juniors (Ages 5-7)
- Seniors (Ages 8-11)
- Teens (Ages 12+)

The benefits of Aikido include:

- Self Defense
- Fitness
- Flexibility
- Relaxation
- Stamina
- Weight Loss
- Confidence
- Concentration