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Pauline Fraisse Art & Culture, Paris:
Pauline Fraisse Art & Culture offers customized year-round and summer drawing and painting classes & workshops in Paris for adults, artists, art students and children at beginner to advanced levels. We teach you how to make your own "travel sketchbooks", how to illustrate stories, how to develop painting and creative skills in a fun and pleasant way.

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Our classes are taught in English and French. 3-hour and 4-hour workshops are organized throughout the year, and held regularly in Paris. In 2016, we also offer international workshops outside of Paris - in Italy, the French Alps and NYC. Please contact us for specific dates.

Class Locations:

Our studio is located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, a trendy and artistic neighborhood on the Right Bank (North Side) of the River Seine, close to the metro stations Parmentier (Métro Line 3), Goncourt (Line 11) and Oberkampf (serving Line 5 and Line 9). 

Some classes take place at the studio, while most workshops are outdoors, taking place in different areas of the city each time.

It is a good way to explore Paris, discovering places that one wouldn't necessarily have gone to using a guidebook or following regular tours.

Art Classes / Workshops for Adults, Artists, Students:

Photo of Art Classes / Workshops in Paris, FranceMediums include drawing with pens/ pencil/ ink, sketching with pencil, watercolor painting, acrylic painting and mixed media; oil painting, and more. 

- 4-hour workshops in Paris, throughout the year
- 3-hour workshops in-class and throughout Paris
- Private classes at the Louvre (Workshops at the Louvre are unavailable in July & August)
- Corporate / Team Building Workshops 
- Regular 1-day "Drawing and Writing around Paris" workshops
- Customized courses for adults, professional artists, art students: For groups of 1-4 people. (Fixed dates - extra courses available on request)
- Customized courses for 5+ people: Contact Pauline to discuss arrangements
- Painting day-trips in Giverny (the location in northern France of the famous gardens and home of impressionist painter Claude Monet)

Customized Art Classes for Kids & Teens: 
For groups of 1 to 3 children ages 4-18 years old. The program is determined according to the child's age and taste. 

Subjects and themes include architecture, figures, imaginary characters, animals, Paris or other cities, real and imaginary landscape, and more.

The courses aim at developing creativity, accuracy of drawing, and pleasure of using one’s imagination.

Location Drawing (Travel Sketchbooking):

Image of Art Classes / Workshops in Paris, FranceLocation drawing (or "travel sketchbooking", as it is usually called in France) is very popular with French people. It is a way to visit places in a fun, new and personal way, while developing art skills.

Our classes aim at teaching drawing and painting techniques (perspective, color, values, composition, etc.) while developing creativity and a greater sense of observation.

Learning to realize a travel sketchbook, one gets the best souvenir from the trip, but also learns how to enjoy everyday life differently, how to nourish oneself from observation and detail, and to express one's feelings in a personal and creative way!

Ten Reasons for Travel Sketchbooking:
- To see one's daily life in a different way.
- To prepare for a trip.
- To renew one's drawing techniques.
- To improve one's quick sketching.
- To create a unique encounter with the population and environment of the places one goes to.
- To explore an artistic domain where one can vary approaches, and let one's creativity flow.
- To spend a good weekend, good holidays.
- To share with other location drawing lovers, exchange and travel around a common center of interest.
- To bring back a unique souvenir, share one's experience, and contribute to the ethnographic documentation on a country, a region or a lifestyle.
- To enjoy oneself, and have an activity to offer one's children, partner, or friends, to share while travelling together.

Pauline Fraisse - Condensed Biography:

Photos of Pauline Fraisse Art & Culture, ParisPauline Fraisse is a Parisian artist who has been teaching live drawing and Travel sketchbook through workshops, private courses and corporate training since 2010.

Her students include beginners, non-professional and professional artists, who wish to practice quick sketching, refresh their eye, and enjoy drawing in a different way.

A writer and a painter, she enjoys travel sketchbooks because they combine words and images, observation and creativity, and because they show various visions of places and people.

After a curriculum in Literature and a round-the-world trip, Pauline trained in drawing and painting. She continued her training in China for three years, completing travel sketchbooks about Yunnan, Tibet and South-East Asia (Autour du Yunnan, Reflets d’Ailleurs publishers, 2009).

Her work was exhibited by the French Museum of Postal Services (Musée de la Poste) during its six months exhibition on travel sketchbooks in 2010.

Student Testimonials:

"Pauline is lovely and fresh and efficient. I learnt so much from her, in such a short time, and in such a fun and interesting way. I felt inspired for weeks in a row by what I learnt from her."
 - Anna

"Pauline has been the best drawing instructor I have had in my 30 years of drawing. She is great at taking every student at their skill level and working with them. Pauline is very clear with her instructions and takes us to great places to draw. Of course we often stop at a cafe for coffee. She made my experience in Paris unforgettable and I am hoping to return next fall to take more instruction from her. Thank you."
- Patty

"In the freezing weather in early January, and I spent an afternoon that I will never forget! As soon as the beginning of the workshop, Pauline gave us very useful basics for our drawings (value ranges, notions of perspective, figures…), she explained how we were going to feed and construct our drawings (themes to choose, text…).

After a few warming up exercises aimed at putting us at ease with our drawings, we started our report. Pauline was available to each of us, adapting to the different needs, and above all, giving her students much confidence.

I have now followed several of her workshops in Paris. I also took part in a one week workshop in Marrakech. One week of drawing happiness, on the streets as much as during the evening classes, where we were reviewing specific themes.

Last but not least, Pauline’s organization was perfect, which allowed us to be perfectly relaxed and to only think about drawing! I can never thank Pauline enough; Thanks to her I have been drawing and I still draw, and I will not stop!"

- Juliette

"When I asked each of our children about what they enjoyed most on the 7 weeks in Europe, Hannah thought before saying "sketching, in the studio and especially in the Louvre". You topped Disneyland Pauline, well done!

Thank you for your helpful, gentle guidance. It has been inspirational and the source of happy memories. Some time I will email you a few images of how we have progressed!"

- Diana, Adelaide, Hannah

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