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Wine Courses in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscan Wine School:
Tuscan Wine School, located in Siena, Italy, offer wine tasting classes in Tuscany. The classes are "crash-courses" and are insured to give you some great background information and take you through high quality wines with a down-to-earth approach. Learn to read the label, learn about the appellations (locally, denominations) and the uniqueness of terroir, learn about native grape varietals, and how to taste... All of this in only a few hours... So, see you soon over a glass of good Italian wine!

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Photo of Wine Courses in Tuscany, ItalyThe Tuscan Wines:
This tasting class focuses on the Tuscan appellations that you will get to know well! You will taste a wonderful variety of Tuscan wines: from Chianti, Montepulciano and Montalcino, from San Gimignano to Bolgheri... With the help of the wine prof, you will get a clear idea of the Tuscan wine making history, its appellations and traditions. You will also learn about wine making techniques, about the climate and terroir of the different areas. Finally you will get to know the most important grapes to the area, and how they can express themselves differently in each territory.

The Italian Wines:
Whether you are a wine novice or a connoisseur, this tasting is perfect for you! You will taste a wonderful variety of Italian wines: from Piedmont in the North and all the way down to Sicily... This is a 2 hour approach to the Italian wine regions, a tasty tour of Italy. In a unique and refreshing way, your Italian wine prof will teach you how to read an Italian label and how to navigate a wine list. You will also learn about wine techniques for appreciation and strategies for pairing food and wine! We’ll go through the major Italian wine regions, appellations and grape varietals. All in all, a great introductory course to Italian wines.

Winery Courses:

Hang out with the vintners, follow them around the winery, give them a hand in their work, learn from their experience and their wine making skills.

Other Classes include:
- Private Classes
- Wine Classes in English, German, French, Dutch
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