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Anaheim University Akio Morita School of Business:
Anaheim University\'s Akio Morita School of Business in Minato-ku, Tokyo is named in honor of the late Sony founder and has the largest and fastest growing American MBA program in Japan offering cutting-edge online learning for professionals. Through discussion boards and online forums, students can interact with professionals from all over the world. Courses are taught on an accelerated semester format meaning students can earn an MBA in just fifteen months. Each term is 6 weeks in duration and students may enroll in new courses every 6 weeks with the option of enrolling in one course, several courses or the entire MBA program.

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In the Anaheim University Akio Morita School of Business Online Global Track Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program, you will take 10 courses. Courses are taught in an accelerated semester format. Each term is 6 weeks in length, and you may enroll in new courses every 6 weeks. You have the option of enrolling in 1 course, several courses, or the entire MBA program. Students completing the 10 courses will be conferred the Master of Business Administration degree by Anaheim University. 

MBA Course Descriptions

Data Analysis (4 units)
In this information age where utilizing data is essential, methods of analyzing data are a necessity for those in managerial positions. The emphasis of this course is on managerial applications and on letting the data tell the story.

Global Economics (4 units)
Economics is an important subject that affects the way we live. The aim of this coursPhoto of Online MBA Programs in Japane is to help students understand the nature and organization of our society, the arguments underlying many of the great public issues of the day, and the operation and behavior of business firms and other decision-making entities by dealing with the principles of economics useful to MBA students.

Human Resource Management (4 units)
This course focuses on the philosophy, tone and culture that is generic to the function of human resource management within a modern business setting. The course covers compliance issues, personnel, selection process, motivation of employees and the importance of orientation. Performance and evaluation will also be studied, along with training development, labor relations and issues regarding safety, health and wellness.

Managerial Accounting (4 units)
Given that the increased globalization of business practices, the expansion of international financial markets, and the emergence of electronic commerce together have contributed to the growth of international business, focus in this course is on the basics of international accounting and financial reporting including regulatory requirements, analysis of accounting for multinationals, area studies of accounting and financial reporting standards, and an evaluation of the international accounting harmonization effort.

Marketing (4 units)
Marketing frequently requires major changes in how organizations conduct business in a global marketplace. It is a necessity for today's business leader to be aware of the implications of marketing strategies and how they are employed in different countries with different cultures. This course focuses on identifying and meeting the needs of specific target markets through close interaction with managers from other areas, such as promotion, finance, accounting and human resources.

Organizational Behavior (4 units)
A conceptual understanding of the complexities of human behavior is essenImage of Online MBA Programs in Japantial for the success of any manager. This important shift in management selection looks toward individuals with a global view of their organization's efforts and potential. Emphasizing the tools 21st century managers need, this course covers the topics of learning, perception, job attitudes, work motivation, leadership, decision making and various group dynamics and processes.

Strategic Planning & Management (4 units)
Crafting, implementing and executing organizational strategies are core management functions requiring a cohesive pattern of methodology and approaches. Taught from a global strategic manager's perspective, this course focuses on problem diagnosis and solution implementation.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship (4 units)
The foundation of business enterprise still rests with the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the individual or small groups of individuals who complement the global marketplace with ideas, innovation and drive. This course focuses on the creation, development and management of a new enterprise and the challenges of entrepreneurship, as well as the implementation of new and innovative ideas within existing business entities. Additionally, there will be great emphasis on the creative and innovative side of entrepreneurism.

IT Management (4 units)
The Internet and its associated technologies are allowing companies and entire industries to re-engineer the way in which business is conducted. Designed to help students understand the changes that are coming about and apply the knowledge learned to specific situations, this course focuses on the benefits of e-commerce and the methods in which a product or service can be marketed using the Internet and its technological resources.

Managerial Finance (4 units)
This course covers material essential to a comprehensive understanding of financial management for effective managerial decision making. Topics will include, but not be limited to, concepts and principles underlying financial statement analysis, time value of money, the cost of capital, risk and return, and stock and bond valuation.

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In our Global Citizenship course, you learn about meeting the needs of others — from Nepalese villagers to Tokyo’s homeless. During Knowledge Week, you look inward to better understand your values, and relate career to your life’s purpose.

In teamwork activities, you learn first-hand how to manage cultural differences in values, work practices, expectations, and incentives in order to create greater synergy.

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