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Music Lessons & Audio Production Schools in New Jersey

1. Bergen Community College
Courses / Programs
Bergen Community College is a public two-year co-educational college in Bergen County, New Jersey. We offer associate of arts degree programs and certificate courses in music technology, music business, recording and electronic music as well as a General Music Arts associate degree program.

Our two-year associate degree programs are designed to follow a course of study that corresponds to freshman and sophomore offerings at most colleges and universities, and are designed for students planning to transfer into baccalaureate degree programs.

Our one-year certificate programs are designed for professional development and to prepare you for a career in the music industry. Courses in digital recording, MIDI production, and electronic music are taught by experienced professionals in state of the art production facilities.

The College has three campuses - in Paramus (main campus), Hackensack (Ciarco Learning Center) and Lyndhurst (Bergen Community College at the Meadowlands) which serve more than 32,000 students in degree, continuing education and adult education programs.
- General Music Arts Associate Degree
- Music Business Associate Degree
- Computer Based Recording Associate Degree
- Electronic Music Associate Degree
- Music Business Certificate Program
- Music Technology Certificate Program
2. Itec Audio Studios LLC, Clifton
Courses / Programs
Itec Audio Studios has built a reputation as one of the premier Audio Production schools in the NY and NJ area. Offering challenging courses with a realistic approach to learning and encouraging students to explore their own creativity and artistic passion. Itec Audio Studios is the future of Music Technology Education deeply rooted in the community.

Itec Audio Studios in Clifton, Passaic County, is the best school for music production in the New York / New Jersey area offering Pro Tools HD certification, MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), Logic Studio, Ableton Live, mixing, and mastering courses to adults who wish to pursue careers in music production, hip-hop, and the arts. We also offer online classes, and a producers summer camp for teens ages 14-19 years.

Itec Audio Studios LLC also has a full-blown state-of-the-art recording studio where you can book recording session or bring your music to get mixed and mastered. Itec Audio provides all of these services at a very affordable price.
Music and Audio technology education courses for adults and teens:

- Fundamentals of Music Production
- Pro Tools 101: Introduction to Pro Tools Software
- Pro Tools 110: Pro Tools Production I
- Pro Tools 130: Pro Tools for Game Audio
- Intro to Mixing and Mastering
- Pro Tools Certification Courses
- Introduction to Celemony Melodyne
- Producers Summer Camp (ages 14-19)
- Online Classes

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